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Glad I had what you're looking for :) I needed some early Metfield baptisms myself a year back and luckily they are all online at FamilySearch family history centres. I don't know about it being online anywhere else though.

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: Betts in Metfield or Mendham baptism 1785/6
« on: Sunday 11 November 18 07:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jenny, happy to say I've found what you're looking for, although I think it's the second wife. All of these are in Metfield:

20 November 1788 - Matilda dau of Robert Betts and Judith his wife, late Judith Butcher widow

Also earlier in the PRs:

5 December 1784 - Sarah dau of Robert Betts and Hannah his wife, late Scarl spinster
26 June 1787 - Hannah illeg dau of Judith Butcher widow, late Godbolt spinster
7 April 1786 - Daniel son of Robert Betts and Hannah his wife, late Scarl spinster

Findmypast has now joined in
Free access to everything this weekend, including (unusually) newspapers.


Dumfriesshire / Re: Hunting the correct Thomas Ross of Dumfries
« on: Wednesday 15 August 18 16:41 BST (UK)  »
Thomas and Janet both have wills on ScotlandsPeople and the names of the inns were both mentioned. The ostler occupation was his occupation on his first child's baptism. Thomas' Mary can't be yours I'm afraid. Her death is in 1928 in Scotland and names husband William Coupland and parents Thomas Ross and Janet McLaughlan. I learnt of William through Janet's will as well as she named Mary the wife of William Coupland.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Hunting the correct Thomas Ross of Dumfries
« on: Wednesday 15 August 18 14:07 BST (UK)  »
Some things I found were Thomas was an Ostler in Dumfries in 1846; Thomas' inn in Dumfries was called the Nithsdale Inn, and when his wife Janet died in 1884 she had the News Inn in Annan; and by the time wife Janet had died their daughter Jessie had married a John Graham and their daughter Mary had married a William Coupland.. Mary's having taken place in 1883 in Annan, which is concerning if your connection to this family was a Mary Ross marrying a Robinson Strong in Whitehaven in 1881.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Hunting the correct Thomas Ross of Dumfries
« on: Wednesday 15 August 18 10:54 BST (UK)  »
I am sure that you will find that on the original image they are one and the same. Scottish women never loose their maiden name. Not unusual to find them written up on censuses (and other documents) as Janet McLaughlan or Ross.

Thanks for the info and you're 100% correct, the image says "Janet McLaughlan or Ross"

It's just that on one census (1871) in the "Ancestry" transcription, he seems to have his wife, Jane, under her name of Jane McLauchlan, and another, a Jane Ross of the same age, with him at the same address. I was told she was sister or sister in law, and certainly the name "Jane" was used again in later generations several times. But I've nothing further than that.
Thanks, lanercost, it's not really worth you bothering, or, I understand, the expense to you. Many thanks for your efforts, I really appreciate it. Just trying to tie up tangled loose ends, really.

The Ancestry transcription seems very confusing as the name in that census is actually written "Janet McLaughlan or Ross" so no chance of this one being a sister. With his parent's names we should be able to find his baptism easily and then other siblings but no such luck, I couldn't find a baptism when searching. I'm happy to help, just a bit slow at the moment. I'll continue to brainstorm.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Hunting the correct Thomas Ross of Dumfries
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 09:54 BST (UK)  »
Could Janet Martin have been William's second wife? I'm finding it difficult to sort out dates. I'm pretty sure "my" Thomas Ross had a sister or sister in law Jane (Ross), as well as a wife Jane.

I've had a search but I can't find anything. What info do you have for believing he has a sister Jane? If you have an approx death date/district or married name for her I could hopefully find her death with the same valuable information.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Hunting the correct Thomas Ross of Dumfries
« on: Sunday 12 August 18 15:30 BST (UK)  »
Thomas Ross, Inn-keeper, married to Janet Mclauchlan, died 17 December 1872 at 7 pm, of 28 Bridge Street, Dumfries, 57 years old, parents William Ross and Janet Ross (maiden name Martin) both deceased, died of cancer of the tongue, informant was ___ Cartney, nephew in law.

Info from death cert at ScotlandsPeople. Gotta love Scottish ancestry!

Image is available on FindMyPast - no further information, other than botp.

That's a shame. Thank you BumbleB

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