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Technical Help / Re: Change File type
« on: Today at 01:35 »
How can i change file name GIF to PNG
i don't have experience in photoshop
please someone tell me the easy way  เว็บแทงบอลฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ

If it's Photoshop you're using then in the menu buttons on the top left, go to Image > Mode and check that RGB colour is selected (gifs are often "indexed colour" which stop them being saved as some other formats).

Just to also add in my experience with LDS family history centres, I've been going for two years and it's been nothing but amazing. Religion is never mentioned other than when the volunteers say a little prayer as they have their lunch or when I joke to them about how some researchers are worried about coming in due to fear of conversion attempts! My local centre only has two microfilm readers left for the film they still keep in the building (that they've been told to toss in the garbage but refuse). Access to Ancestry, Findmypast and everything else from the computers without charge but the beauty is looking through the Bishop's transcripts, parish registers and other miscellaneous record sets with ease from their computers - something I thought I wouldn't be able to do without a holiday to the UK or ordering a film one at a time (I live in Australia and Cumberland parish images have never been on subscription sites). The only time I've left some money is from printing but most of the time I'll download to USB which is free. I've never been asked to donate. It's a wonderful place.

I haven't checked all these baptisms but at least three of them (Ann, Violet and Fanny) were baptised at the Scotch Church in Longtown, and the baptisms and birthdates were recorded there.

Ann, first daughter, b 1820
Violet, second daughter,b 1823
Fanny, third daughter, b 1825

There is a transcript by Mike Jackson at the RO in Carlisle, or I believe the originals are held in Edinburgh.
there is also a gravestone at Kirkandrews on Esk which I believe is theirs - for a William and Ann Johnstone of Shadwell Crook and their children, I can give you the details if you haven't seen them?
best wishes

Hi robbiesmum! I appreciate that so much! Mind has been blown.. I've just now had a look to read about this church and I see these baptisms are online on FamilySearch! It seems those baptised don't have their surnames entered (only their father's surname) so I never found these because I would always enter the subject's surname which comes up with nothing (so silly). But you've helped me find them and I know you've helped me in the past as well, thank you :)

I have the details for the headstone and I can remember you telling me how it were laying face down but you were still able to raise it enough to get the details. You're a champ :)

Not my area but
George Johnston s of William and Ann bapt at Carlisle 10.10.1819
Can't see the rest of the children though


Thanks for looking and although the record does look promising, I've checked this record and the residence and occupation are both very different so I've been able to rule it out.

William Johnston(e) and Ann Corrie were married in Kirkandrews on Esk in 1818. She were also born here but William from Scotland, likely in Canonbie.

William, Ann and their two unmarried children would all be buried in Kirkandrews as well, but no baptisms for any of their children here:

George born Oct 1819, buried Kirkandrews 15 Dec 1819 (aged 7 weeks)
Ann: born abt. 1821, buried Kirkandrews 1846
Violet: born abt. 1823
Frances: born abt. 1825
Elizabeth: born abt. 1827

Residence remained Kirkandrews all while the children grew up and parents passed away. Son George's burial pinpoints his birth to the month but still no baptism. I've looked all over ScotlandsPeople for a Scottish baptism but nothing. Have also looked all over Arthuret and other CofE churches nearby, looking at the images from my local family history centre.

Can anyone advise where I might find these baptisms?

Dumfriesshire / Re: BDM Eskdalemuir - Confused!
« on: Sunday 27 January 19 03:21 GMT (UK)  »
Did Jannet Park get married in Eskdalemuir or are you just assuming that's her baptism because the age fits? We're talking early 1700s Scottish parish records here - many Dumfriesshire parish records weren't even recorded until after this time. See:

no problem
What is his "last remaining mystery?"

Just how he ended up living in Gravesend with his Aunty by age 11 and never looked back to his family in Norfolk. I've learnt his mother died when he was 6 and his father remarried when he was 9 so that's probably all the light I'll shed on that situation.

Elizabeth Saunders Domestic servant b 1880
James Saunders her child.

Ah damn.. not my family. Thank you for taking the time to look it up!

Could anybody please let me know any other info from the image for James Saunders. I think it's my great grandfather and this could solve his last remaining mystery but I'm unable to view the image on Ancestry.

Name: James Saunders
Admission Age: 1
Birth Date: 1900
Admission Date: 7 Aug 1902
Admission Place: Medway, Kent, England
From Whence Admitted: St Nicholas
Record Type: Admission
Parish or Poor Law Union: Medway Union
Register: Admission and Discharge (1901-1903)

Thank you

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