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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Jessie
« on: Tuesday 19 June 18 22:36 BST (UK)  »
Which DNA tests did you do .?

...have you looked at distant matches from particular areas as well as connections through surnames you know ?
..maybe you could find relatives of Jessie's sisters or her maternal line .

I have a distant relatives who changed name to Bennett in 2nd world war apparently chose that name because of a street he.d lived on .

Canada / Re: Looking for info on John Bennett
« on: Tuesday 19 June 18 22:17 BST (UK)  »
Fascinating story
Just adding the link to your search for Jessie/Jeanette   

good luck

Sharing 1 grandparent makes you half first  cousins
 on Ancestry  our matches came up as "2nd cousins or nearer"

With your extra link of a set of mutual great grandparents  I would also expect that to come out as strong possibility 2nd cousins or closer .
We had one example where a grandson of half cousin came up as closer match than son of half cousin so.I'm guessing maybe there was another link on his mothers side .

England / Re: John Jones (born c.1861 Leicester)
« on: Saturday 16 June 18 23:36 BST (UK)  »
Is he a labourer on all the censuses you found ....?
Is there any evidence of any of his Leicester Jones family also moving to Kent
Was his father still living when he married
And what addresses were given for the bride and groom ?

Any information  you have may help  distinguish him from other John Jones  including children's names  ( sorry I don't know how to access the census images from the refs you gave )

Russian born people needed alien registration documents in WW1
These are available at records offices for their region .

My great grandfather had a simple one in 1914 but because he was a travelying salesman and had trouble proving his nationality at 1 police station he got 1 with his photo. town of origin and every change of address .

Lancashire / Re: Help need with name changes.
« on: Saturday 16 June 18 22:12 BST (UK)  »
I couldn't prove I wasn't a robot and open those files .good luck keep posting your finds ..

Hope you can work out if Catherine and Margaret shirtmakers are one and the same. And if William and Christopher seniors are brothers or same man .

The Lighter Side / Re: What happened to the actors after 1901 ?
« on: Saturday 16 June 18 21:53 BST (UK)  »
Taking another look at articles about Leo Selwyn I also found him performing and advertising for work as a magician .
Tom Owens published a disclaimer in 1907 that he had never worked with his Pierrots

But it looks as if leo may have kept his stage name and magician skills after prison and performed in ireland

There is a review 21st Dec 1909
Dublin daily express
Empire theatre
Capital expenditure
Ntertainment given by the Selwyn

I cant access full article but it seems to have words Leo lottie and magician

Lancashire / Re: Help need with name changes.
« on: Saturday 16 June 18 17:48 BST (UK)  »
There are several William Mcgarth to be found in  newspaper articles
Preston herald 1913 aged 37 sent down for a month for maintenance payments

A young Billy  ..age not given ... stealing lead piping in 1909

And others being victims of crime /drunken cases.or soldiers

 I don't have subs to Genes Reunited to look up the full articles for more details


Lancashire / Re: Help need with name changes.
« on: Friday 15 June 18 21:25 BST (UK)  »
That does seem quite a coincidence in names of the youngest 5 siblings .professions like shirt makers and bricklayers were quite common .

Did you cross reference and look for the Williams in 1911....and look for other Mcgarth s in same Street

1 hypothesis :
 Mary A living with her brother in law in 1901 children hers but not his .though her age is out too.

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