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Wiltshire / Re: SKELTON and SKILTON of Salisbury
« on: Saturday 07 July 07 01:20 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for that Kanskar,

I have been trying to prove a direct link between the families for some time, if you want a family tree with many branches that meet up with other trees, then I can prove a very indirect link, but timewise it really doesn't explain the use of the 'Bouverie' name. To me there just has to be a better link.

Happy Hunting


Something else to always bear in mind, was he told he was born in Standon yet really born in St.Albans. I have seen many times on my tree where a relative has put down their birthplace as one place, yet they don't appear on the church registers.

Investigating further to siblings you realise they are all present and correct... look around the area and you realise that they were born a few villages away and moved when small to the other area... so for example my so many times great grandfather told all the census returns he was born in Standon as were his siblings, yet really he was born and baptised in Little Munden.

I also believe that the name is probably quite a common one.

Standon has a great church, St.Mary's all the records are held at HALS


England / Re: Where's Enfield?!!!
« on: Sunday 10 June 07 19:10 BST (UK)  »
I do have a tree on genes but it's not kept up to date, I tend to concentrate on my tribal site that is password protected. I don't know where you live, but I actually live in your tree ;De I live out in South Mimms, very close to St.Albans, North Mymms... and a sunny hot South Mimms it is today. St. Giles church in South Mimms is extremely close by... church bell practice every Thursday evening.

I'll take a peep at your ID to see if there is a way I can send you an invitation to see my Tribal Tree.


England / Re: Where's Enfield?!!!
« on: Sunday 10 June 07 13:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi again

I'd be very shocked if they didn't all get related in the end, my Latchfords at the moment seem to be coming from the Biggleswade area, I've not an idea at all as to how close that is to Dunstable.

They connect to my tree by a marriage of an Oakman who married an Archer who descends from a  Latchford, the Archer's originate in the Woburn area at the moment, that line also brings in the Hensman line, which seem to be originating at the moment from the Ampthil area.

One thing most of my tree has is a direct link to Enfield and Hertfordshire which is why I have a big interest in Enfield, having been born and lived there most of my life, but I'm out in Hertfordshire now about 10 miles away.

My Hertfordshire families are mainly based around Standon, Albury and the Pelhams which all come under the registration district of Ware. One of my Clarke lines having children in the Cheshunt and Hatfield area.


England / Re: Where's Enfield?!!!
« on: Sunday 10 June 07 12:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jo,

I'm not having a good day, thought I'd check the census to see if anything familiar came up and I couldn't even find your William, was his surname transcribed correctly in the census or am I being partiuculary dumb today (wouldn't surprise me  ;))

I have a few links with Clarkes, my earliest William was born in 1829 and the census states he was born in the Meesden area. He had a son William who was born in Enfield.

I see you also have Latchford's on your surname list, we have Latchfords in the Bedfordshire area.

I don't know if this is of any help to you or not, but prior to 1831 the main church in Enfield was St.Andrews church and if you do a search on the LDS the batch number for christenings is C067862 and for marriages batch number M067861


England / Re: Where's Enfield?!!!
« on: Sunday 10 June 07 01:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi again just checked and I've got a couple of William Clarkes on my tree... can you tell me what you've got already as I might be able to save you a journey.


England / Re: Where's Enfield?!!!
« on: Sunday 10 June 07 01:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi I've been to the Local History Unit and I'd ring them before arriving if planning to go as there really is limited space there. I think they only let two people in at any one time. The historian there is fantastic and a real expert on Enfield.

They don't hold any parish registers there, they do hold lots of other information though. I spent a wonderful afternoon there once reading all the old newspapers. I think if memory serves me right that they do have some electorial registers, but I would check first they are very helpful there.

The civic centre in Enfield hold records for the cemetries, so if you want to read through any of their books to determine if and where someone was buried etc, I think they like you to ring them first and you can go along and read their book.

I do pop along to a few cemetries when I get the chance if I can be of any help


Hi Ricky,

I thought I'd update you as you've been so kind to help.

Having pulled the certificates back out, one name jumped off the page to me thanks to your help.

George Henry Stoneman was a witness at the wedding. So I'm now wondering if Geoge might be a cousin of John White Hankin... George's wife Annie Hawkins Deeks family sadly put the married couple up ten years earlier (who knows Hawkins could be mistaken for Hankin if you squint your eyes ::) so to trace directly to the census before and know which George he is, is proving a bit difficult at the moment but I'm sure I'll get there in the end.

You were right about their being no stonemasons, I went through the whole 37 pages and didn't find one single stonemason. Funnily by 1908 his son's birth cert shows him as a general labourer but on his death certificate 1946 he is a stonemason again :-\

Thanks again

Hi Pauline,

Thanks for you link. I really begrudge sites sometimes, I'm fully paid up on Ancestry and Find my past and then for a simple thing like an occupation someone else tries to make us put our hands in our pockets, there is obviously good money to be made out of us family historians.


Wow that was fast work, thanks for that. I can't believe yet another brickwall, but at least with your help I can cross that idea off my list....

Do you know if there is a way of searching the census of 1901 by profession? I have full access to Ancestry and I think I'll go to that page and work backwards and forth to see if they are still in the area... sounds like a boarding house doesnt it.

Thanks for responding so fast as I really wasn't expecting that


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