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Looks like a mistranscription.

Scotland / Re: 18th century writing puzzle
« on: Today at 17:58 »
I think the second one is umquhile which means former or previous or relating to a person now dead ( which may be the meaning in this context).

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Advice please.
« on: Yesterday at 18:45 »
Re. A possible link to Rhos on Sea. There is a good match for Frances in 1911 ( right age and place of birth), boarding with a family in Llandrillo yn Rhos, Colwyn Bay.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Advice please.
« on: Yesterday at 11:36 »
As I mentioned on your other thread (to which you didn't respond) you seem to be making things over complicated for yourself by ordering from the local register offices.   It's far simpler ordering direct from the GRO and all you need to quote is the details from the relevant index.

I agree with Annette that you are over- complicating things and you are also ignoring relevant information that has been given to you already on your various threads.

Away back in November we ascertained that a William Hopwood Jones is buried in the same grave as your grandfather Alfred Evan Jones. Alfred is the illegitimate son of Frances Jones. All the evidence from census, 1939 register, baptism record etc points to Frances being the daughter of William Hopwood Jones and Ellen Jones nee Tomlinson born 1891. You have been given the exact reference to purchase her birth certificate -
Frances Jones jun quarter 1891 Warrington reg district volume 8c page 222

Inverness / Re: Which Inverness parish is this?
« on: Sunday 14 January 18 19:08 GMT (UK)  »
If this a military document from 1800 can you explain why the heading in the first column refers to 1806 ?
Does that compromise his birth date ?
I'm struggling to see where you are seeing 1806!
This record can be viewed on Ancestry in a record set entitled Canada - British Regimental Registers of Service 1756- 1900. The heading on the page is Record of Non-Commissioned Officers, Trumpeters or Drummers and Privates of his Majesty. It is in alphabetical order. The entry continues to the following page, the first column of which can be seen on the extreme right of the image. This indicates Donald attested on 7/7/1800 at Cork and died 25/4/1810.
The index entry on Ancestry mentions 79th foot, Ist battalion but I can't immediately see where that info come from on the record.

From a record on Findmypast it would appear the case was held at Cumberland Assizes in Carlisle.

The BNA has an earlier report in the Carlisle Patriot dated 31/5/1889. This reports his appearance in the County Court and says the case has been committed to the Assizes.

Inverness / Re: Which Inverness parish is this?
« on: Sunday 14 January 18 14:08 GMT (UK)  »
Could be Caithness Highlanders. Just had a look on the British Newspaper Archive and there are lots of references to them around 1800.

Warwickshire / Re: Samuel & Phoebe Hawker had 15 children but I only found 7!
« on: Sunday 14 January 18 13:29 GMT (UK)  »
Can only see two children who are registered to them who do not appear in at least one census. These are-
Harriet Elizabeth born 1876 died 1879 in Aston
Alice born 1882 died 1886 in Aston


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