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There is a report in the Portsmouth Evening News 14 July 1914 about William Henry Squires aged 38 charged with neglecting his wife & children.  The children are named as William aged 3 and Henry Leonard 3 months, with the address being Highbury Street, Portsmouth - the same as Henry Leonard's birth certificate.

According to the report, William Henry was a doorkeeper at various travelling shows and had been apprehended in London.  An inspector for the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children was involved and testified that William Henry had 'systematically neglected his wife and children', although his wife refused to testify against him.
Seems his age is a bit fluid!

Warwickshire / Re: Help with finding Father of my 2nd Great Grandfather
« on: Sunday 17 June 18 21:11 BST (UK)  »
There are several trees on Ancestry for George Squires and Catherine Garle which show son William marrying Emma Powell in 1907 and dying in 1934.

Warwickshire / Re: Help with finding Father of my 2nd Great Grandfather
« on: Sunday 17 June 18 20:29 BST (UK)  »
Do you know where William and Ann were in 1911? I note from the attestation in 1914 that they had a three year old son called William. The only William I can see born to a Squires mmn Hill is a William Frederick born June qutr 1911 in Reading. In the 1911 census in Reading there is a William Hy Squires and Wife Ann who have been married a year and have no children. Only problem is he is age 49 and says he was born in Nottingham. She is 25.
May be a complete red herring.

England / Re: BMD records
« on: Saturday 16 June 18 20:59 BST (UK)  »
There is an Emma Foster age 15 born Scotland working as a servant in Bewcastle district in 1871. I think this could be Emily.
Thomas Herring Forster was born in Norfolk and died in London so seems unlikely as a possible father. Also, according to the attached, he only had one son.

England / Re: BMD records
« on: Saturday 16 June 18 19:26 BST (UK)  »
I note that daughter Mary Cecilia was born in Southampton in 1842.  There is a possible 1841 census entry there. John Foster age 25, Cecile age 20 ( both showing as born Scotland) and William age 5 ( not born in county). There is also a Mary Foster age 14 ( showing as born Ireland).

England / Re: BMD records
« on: Saturday 16 June 18 17:58 BST (UK)  »
Familysearch have three baptisms which may be relevant. They are all at Arthuret, Cumberland
Jane Forster 1852 parents John and Zillah
John Forster 1849 parents John and Zilla
Celia Forrester 1862 parents John and Celia
I note that John and Cecilia had a daughter Cecilia born in 1861 and the other two baptisms also match with known children.
Sadly I can’t find any actual images online
Ps do you know where Emily was in 1871?

England / Re: BMD records
« on: Friday 15 June 18 20:52 BST (UK)  »
My John Forster was married to a Cecilia Catherine MacKay, they got married in 1833 in Gretna Green. They had several children, including my 3 times great grandmother- Embling (Emily) Mackay Forster who was born in 1856. According to the censuses, he gave differing locations as his place of birth but they all were always in Cumberland. He was born between 1814 and 1816.
I see his death is actually recorded as Foster, hence the confusion

England / Re: BMD records
« on: Friday 15 June 18 16:48 BST (UK)  »
From the Penrith Advertiser 1/10/1895. There was also a report in the Southern Reporter on 3/10/1895.

England / Re: BMD records
« on: Friday 15 June 18 14:29 BST (UK)  »
The John Forster who died in 1895 in Longtown was age 86. Following him back in the census and checking childrens’ births he appears to have been married to Elizabeth ( maiden name also Forster or Forrester). Two of their elder children (Elizabeth and Arthur) are with Forster grandparents John and Elizabeth in 1851. There is a marriage in Longtown in 1846 between John Forster son of Arthur and Elizabeth Forster daughter of John

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