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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Two cases of cMs differing across sites
« on: Wednesday 03 April 19 19:25 BST (UK)  »
Ancestry uses something called Timber to ignore, or perhaps just play down, some segments of DNA where many people match, because these sections are considered 'too matchy'. 

Unfortunately this Timbering can mean that some legitimate matches don't show.  I've seen this at Gedmatch where a distant cousin (we're still trying to figure out HOW we're related, but we match her and several of her 3rd and 4th cousins and their common ancestors were from Northumberland/Durham) is a match with a couple of people who tested at FamilyTreeDNA, but she doesn't match the child of one of them at Ancestry even though they match at Gedmatch.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: new beta on ancestry dna results
« on: Friday 15 March 19 20:41 GMT (UK)  »
This is my first posting, so please excuse me if my query is silly.
I took dna test with Ancestry a while ago in the hope of finding out who my Grandfathers father could be, didn't have any luck until the new ThruLines showed my GtGrandfather as the man my GtGrandmother married 10 years after my Granfathers birth. I had previously dismissed him as he was only 15 at the time of my Granfathers birth, Gt Grandmother was 20. I have dna matches to descendants of this mans siblings, so could Ancestry have the right man? Any help much appreciated.

Unfortunately Rhapsody it is extremely unlikely that Ancestry have the correct man in the Thruline.  I have a similar situation with an ancestor of mine whose mother was an unmarried teenager at the time of her birth.

About six months ago, from autosomal DNA of a few of her descendants, we've worked out who her father was. However, in numerous trees she is recorded as the daughter of her mother's first husband.  This man keeps showing up as her father in Thrulines because it's in so many sloppy unresearched trees, even though I have the correct lineage in the tree attached to the DNA.

One cousin even went and 'helpfully' (eye roll) edited the tree at FamilySearch because he now thought this Thruline proved that his ancestor and my ancestor were full sisters.

The Common Room / Re: beyond a joke
« on: Friday 15 March 19 19:33 GMT (UK)  »
Clayton - click on the first ancestor up the line to see which tree this incorrect relationship has come from and give them the correct details.  Hopefully they will change it. 

If they don't and it's a public tree put add a comment to the person in their tree.  I added a transcription of the marriage announcement I'd found (including which newspaper and date, so they can easily find it themselves if they wish).  Hopefully it will also stop people adding this to other trees incorrectly, except that would involved actually READING the details on a person and not just clicking a couple of boxes.

The Common Room / Re: Unable to remove a father from a FamilySearch tree
« on: Friday 15 March 19 19:28 GMT (UK)  »
In the end I contacted FamilySearch and a couple of days later received a message to say they'd fixed it.  They also sent me the link to a tutorial on how to edit relationships (which I didn't need, because I do know how to do it, but the site wasn't working properly)

So, using MY log-in they made changes to several people which weren't changes I agree with!  They probably thought they were being helpful.

I do hope this doesn't start a storm in a teacup again with someone who is about a 5th cousin to me but not related other than my marriage to this ancestor of mine.  In October and November last year he made numerous changes to this ancestor which I repeatedly edited back, because he really believed she was the daughter of her grandparents who were in their fifties and sixties when she was born, whereas we know she was the daughter of their teenage daughter.

I have no idea why they registered her birth as their daughter, but in the end she was mostly raised by her aunt and was well into her childhood when she started to live with her mother.  Her marriage notice in the paper says she is Mrs So-and-So's daughter.  her mother, Mrs So-and-So had only married a short time earlier to a widower she'd been living with for quite a while - she's on the electoral roll as his wife a couple of years before they actually married).

Some of the changes have also been made by FamilySearch.

The Common Room / Re: beyond a joke
« on: Friday 15 March 19 19:12 GMT (UK)  »
Are you talking about Thrulines?

I can't see any rhyme nor reason why Ancestry has chosen the information in one tree over another.  I was well aware of the multitude of incorrect trees out there, but they didn't affect me.  However, now they sort of do.

I've started contacting people with incorrect details for fairly close relatives.  For example several trees have a gt-grandmother's brother incorrectly recorded as her first cousin.  He had the same four names (John, two middle names and surname) as his only uncle.  He has different name on his baptism record but his birth wasn't registered (fairly early times in a remote part of Australia that barely had roads then)

But his marriage is in newspapers on both sides of the Tasman and clearly state who his father was.  Hopefully people will change it.

The Common Room / Re: Unable to remove a father from a FamilySearch tree
« on: Friday 08 March 19 09:25 GMT (UK)  »
Normally you can edit relationships quite easily, but it's as if the relationships for my ancestor have been locked.

It's letting me make other edits for this man, such as his date of death.  Another relative had attached a BillionGraves record for someone else who was William George and not George.  But I found an obituary for the BillionGraves man and he was Irish, not English, twenty years older and a well respected pillar of the community with several married sons and daughters.  Definitely not the same man so I've removed it.  It's lets me change that but not the relationships. 

It's all very strange!

The person who made the change has since tried to change it back but he can't either.  I sent a message to say that I could see that he'd attached George again but that's incorrect because we all know George wasn't her father. 

The Common Room / Re: What's happened to Thru-lines on Ancestry?
« on: Thursday 07 March 19 19:47 GMT (UK)  »
They seem to come and go.  I couldn't see any for a while yesterday.

The Common Room / Unable to remove a father from a FamilySearch tree
« on: Thursday 07 March 19 19:33 GMT (UK)  »
I've been trying to edit an ancestor's tree at FamilySearch.  Another relative (but not a descendant) recently reattached the father of her half-siblings as her father.  I have unattached this relationship a few times as he was not her biological father, the last time only two weeks ago.  He could barely be considered her stepfather either because for most the brief time he was married to her mother my ancestor lived with an aunt. 

Have you ever struck this problem at FamilySearch?  It's as if it's somehow been locked. 

Her parentage has been frequently changed by people who think a record index is proof and don't have the certificates, or people who don't know how to use the site, or people who perhaps should focus on their own family stop inserting errors in other trees.

I contacted the relative and asked him to remove this father because this man was not her father.  He says the Thrulines at Ancestry say he was.  We actually know from DNA who the father was!

If he believes every Thruline the tree is going to be an absolute mess.  Fortunately I have hundreds of our mutual relatives on my watchlist and am notified of changes.

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