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Thank you for your reply.  I'm sure you are right, It is just that other websites have been misleading  eg
Familysearch gives Albert a birth date of 1693 to Jan Lambrechts Myburgh and Anna Maria de Laar.
Rootsweb tree of life state parents as above with birth date 1690 and bap in Buiksloot, Netherlands
www.1820 settlers gives birth of an Albert to above parents avbout 1694,
C.C. de Villiers Old Cape families states that Albert first son of Jan and Anna Marai married Elsie Van der Merwe.
I have the record for Albert bap 1710 and being son of Jan and Sophia Zank - obviously not the Albeert who married Elsie Van der Merwe!!
I had not seen Alberts will before.
This means Elsie Meijburgh(Alberts Daughter) married Jan Meijburghs daughers son. N ot unusual in those days.

Thank you- yes I have that information

I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to determine who Albert's parents were. There is a lot of conflicting information around this. There is baptismal transcription in the Cape records for 1/5/1672 stating his parents as Lammert Lammerz and Aaljie. The Geslacht register der Oude Kaapsche familien states his parents as Jan Lambert Meijburgh and Anna Maria De Laar. Many other websites are just as confusing with Albert's parentage stating a birth for him around 1690 but I am unable to find any records for this.
 I wonder too where the surname Meijburgh fits in as it is not used in many documents - lammert is just called Lammert Lammerz.
I understand that Lammert Lammerz and Aaljie Albertz came from the Netherlands with Jan Lambert who was born in Buiksloot. The information I have read states that Jan did not have any sons and that Albert was the progenitor of the Myburghs at the Cape. However there is a baptismal record in 1710 in The Dutch Reformed church records for an Albert Myburgh with parents stated as Jan Myburgh and his 2nd wife Sophia Zank. This Albert did marry and have a son!
I would welcome any clarification for this.
Many thanks

Northumberland / Re: William Skipsey hunnam
« on: Thursday 10 August 17 08:47 BST (UK)  »
Thank you so much Rosie. That has solved a big question for me and confirms what I thought but could never find proof for. I am so grateful.

Northumberland / William Skipsey hunnam
« on: Wednesday 09 August 17 23:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi there
I am trying to find the parents of William Skipsey Hunnam born in North Shields around 1804. He married Eliza Thomas Lovering in 1842 in Swansea. She is in the 1851 census with her sister in the household and also in the 1861 census as a widow. William was a mariner and I have a copy of a Masters certificate of service dated 1852.
The BMDUk shows a death in 1863 for a William Skipsey Hunnam but I am pretty sure that he is the son of George and Sarah Hunnam  who was born in 1841 also in North Shields and was also a mariner.
Many thanks

Dublin / Re: Arran Quay address
« on: Wednesday 09 August 17 22:17 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks for those newspaper articles Dathai. Google Street view appears to show the gatehouse and what was the drive to Highfield House so I will be interested to go there.

Dublin / Re: Arran Quay address
« on: Wednesday 09 August 17 04:49 BST (UK)  »
Thank you so much for those replies - spot on. For your interest Joseph Tatlow was my great grandfather and Frederick Cooney my grandfather.

Dublin / Arran Quay address
« on: Tuesday 08 August 17 22:20 BST (UK)  »
I will be in Dublin in a couple of week’s time as part of a 6 week trip to the UK visiting places where some of my ancestors lived, worked and were buried. I am having a bit of difficulty with one Dublin address and wonder if anyone can help please.
In the 1901 Census the address is given as being “House 1, Highfield, North Circular Road, Arran Quay, Dublin” and in the 1911 Census it is given as being “House No 2, Highfield House & Cottage, Arran Quay, Dublin”. I am assuming that these addresses are for the same or adjoining houses back then.
I would like to see where these addresses are and hence would like to know if the houses remain today and what the actual current address is?

Durham / Re: george hunnam
« on: Wednesday 25 January 17 03:26 GMT (UK)  »
A few Hunnams also went to Australia as convicts!

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