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Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Kulhanek
« on: Sunday 18 March 18 16:35 GMT (UK)  »
Gerd came roughly at the same era as his Cousin Roland Kulhanek (1936-2016), who arrived in the SW Chicago area (Oak Lawn, IL) sometime between 1954-1970. Roland worked in construction. He was known to be a fun and jovial man. He joked about picking the grapes in Benningen am Neckar, Germany, as a child. He was a 1st Cousin to Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess (1947-1972) and attended his funeral. Roland slipped in the driveway of his home and this is what precipitated his death. His obituary (Feb 17 2016) is found in the Chicago Tribune. Roland's birth surname may have been Assenheimer. Roland (and his two siblings) was adopted by Vaclav Kulhanek (deceased) and he was a son to Berta Freida Kaess (1915-1992).

One Name Studies: H to M / Kaess
« on: Saturday 10 March 18 16:00 GMT (UK)  »
Here is a link to the town history book for Benningen am Neckar, written in 1979:

Another Link for Benningen:

A Link to the Lutheran (Evangelische) Church of Benningen am Neckar:

A Link to the Lutheran (Evangelische) Church of Heutingsheim:

A Link to the Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart:

A Link to the Kaess Family from the Neckar Valley (2017), available at Allen County Public Library, Family Resources Database:

The Dorschke's were an allied family to the Kaess'. To gain a perspective of what the Dorschke's might have exerienced after WWII, see the following work: A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944–1950 , by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, St. Martin's Press, New York, 2006. See following Link:

See image for Coat of Arms for Benningen am Neckar, Germany, in following link:

One Name Studies: H to M / Kaess
« on: Friday 09 March 18 23:35 GMT (UK)  »
There was a slight obit/mention of Marie Ellen (Dawson) Kaess (1945-2012) in the Nov 2012 issue of the Dixon Blue Light News. On page 3. See Link:
She was also known by her married name Marie E Kaess.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Francis Aubrey Swartz (1924-1996)
« on: Thursday 08 March 18 23:16 GMT (UK)  »
Laucis Swartz is mentioned in the 1930 US Census (Maryland). His name may be a misspelling of Francis Swartz.

US Lookup Requests / David Bennett Dawson (1857-1909)
« on: Thursday 08 March 18 21:57 GMT (UK)  »
There appears to be a 5th child of David Bennett Dawson (1857?-1909?) and Alvira Mansfield. She is Margaret Mae Dawson, b. Aug 10 1885 in El Dorado, Butler, Kansas, d. Feb 3 1965 in  Sacremento, Calirfornia.  She is not to be confused with Margaret Jane Swartz or Margaret Jean  Ochiltree. She was also known as Maggie. Margaret Mae Dawson shows up in the Kansas State Census with some of her other family members.
  Can anyone help me locate/pull up any Kansas Census between 1885 and 1915 with Margaret 'Maggie' Dawson in it? She may appear with her mother Elvira.

There is a mention/slight obit for Marie Ellen Dawson Kaess (1945-2012) in the November 2012 issue of the Dixon Blue Light News, an SCV newsletter. It is on page 3. Here is a link:

Europe / Geisel /Geiselman Research
« on: Monday 26 February 18 20:26 GMT (UK)  »
The Geisel’s were ancestors to the Falkenecker’s. The surname Geisel is found in the Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames. Geisel is also found in databases at Jewish Gen. Geiselman and Geisel were variants of each other.
   There was a  Johann Michael Geiselman (August 15, 1719 in Beihingen (OA. Ludwigsburg), Württemberg, Germany - 1785 in  York, Pennsylvania).  The Geiselman clan may have been started in Southern Germany by one husband and wife. They may have been Jewish but converted to Catholism before 1600.
  One wonders about the connection between the Geiselman’s of Beihingen am Neckar and Geisel’s of Metterzimmern, Germany. The towns are nearby to each other. The latter group merged with the Falkenecker's.

World War Two / Sgt. Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002) German Army in WWII
« on: Sunday 25 February 18 15:26 GMT (UK)  »
For info on Kaess Family Genealogy, see Kaess Family from the Neckar Valley (2017) at familysearch:

One Name Studies: H to M / Kaess
« on: Saturday 24 February 18 13:22 GMT (UK)  »
For more insight on Kaess Family Genealogy, see Kaess Family from the Neckar Valley (2017) at familysearch.
Also, Kaess/Ochiltree/Swartz Family History (2017).

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