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I'm not sure that your 1861 census is the correct one for our family.
Michael's brother Richard's father is listed as "Eugene" on his death certificate.  Michael's sister Ellen's death certificate also lists "Eugene."  Michael's death certificate shows "Owen," except Richard M. Connolly, son of Michael, may have recalled hearing their brother "Owen" was named for the grandfather, but maybe Richard did not know that Owen was actually baptized "Eugene" on 31 Oct 1886 at St Michael's.  Since the last post, I found the families of Richard M. Connolly and his sister Mary Ann McBride living at the same address given for the informant on Michael's death certificate.

Also, it was my understanding that there were a total of three children orphaned.  If that was the case, where are all of the other children listed on the 1861 Census?  And why didn't we here about them before? 

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