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Here's my offering. Hope you enjoy!

Another great restore DrDude - so nice to look at the photo without being distracted by all the imperfections on the original.
You have exceeded my expectations - thank you very much for your time on this image.

One from me...

Excellent restore - especially on the baby's face which has a lot of damaged. This will look great alongside the original.
Thanks very much Andy

This is a family portrait taken in Bradford, Yorkshire c1895 - this photo has seen better days so a clean up would be great.

The baby clearly didn't get the memo about not smiling  :)


She is beautiful.
A wonderful photograph.
I would place it between 1905 and 1910.

The rose theme may, of course, have nothing to do with matters of the heart, but simply relate to her name . Rose.


Hi Sue - thank you for the dating. I have found another image of Rose which has 1907 written on the back.

D'oh! there's me looking into a deep meaning behind the pose & all the time the probable answer was staring me in the face  ::)


I know you didn't request a clean up Keith but I couldn't resist a light clean ...the beauty is in it's simplicity.

It is a lovely photo & thank you for making it even more beautiful Carol. I didn't ask for a restore or any colour as I thought it couldn't really be improved but you & Pat have proved me wrong. I have just found another image of her looking up - first time I have come across two different images from the same sitting.
Thanks again for these.

My try.

That's excellent Peter - love the tint on this one & a great clean up.
Thanks so much

This is from the Edwardian era and I would agree that she is thinking of someone special to her. What beautiful photo. I am so envious of your collection Keith, I want to be in your family tree  ;D

Thanks Carol - so could this be a photo for a soldier to take to war? I do realise am lucky to have so many great photos & even luckier to have had many restored/coloured by the talented people on RC  :D

Hi Keith, Here is my interpretation, I think she looks very wistful and as she is holding a red rose she is thinking about her boyfriend, perhaps he has gone to war. I don't think she is engaged as she would be showing her ring finger.

The old romantic in me likes your interpretation of this photo - I was thinking along the same lines. Thank you so much for giving her colour - that is an unexpected bonus - you are kind Pat.

I am told this is a portrait of my great aunt Rose - can anyone help me with dating the image & I'm wondering if her downward gaze is giving a message?


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