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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Monday 14 May 18 09:33 BST (UK)  »
ok, new info

according to my mom harry spink who married Annie hooper in 1916 was married before? it has bachelor on the wedding certificate.

my mom said harry was alot older than Annie hooper i cant work out on their wedding cert if harry is 32 or 52.

harry and his first wife definitely had 2 children, girl and boy could have been more. harry and first wife had a son called Joe( this is important).

so i dont know what happened to first wife but then Harry married Annie Hooper my great great grandmother.

Here is the skeleton in the closet and possibly why it was not talked about by my grandmother as she was probably ashamed of her mother. it seems that Annie hooper then went out with Harrys son Joe, who would have been her stepson.

i have been looking and i think we have mentioned this before but the only thing i can find on ancestry for the 1901 census is
harry spink aged 35 Hame forger
Sarah spink aged 33
frank spink aged 18 brass caster
harry spink aged 14 key driller
susan spink aged 10
nellie spink aged 9
george spink aged 2

they lived at 14 Gortons Yard, Walsall.

The only thing im struggling with is the years
so if it is this harry i am trying to find he would have been born around 1866, so for him to marry Annie in 1916 he would have been 40 not the 32 or 52?

has anyone got any ideas

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Sunday 06 May 18 20:58 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for replying Jim,
I have been through the census books and for dudley st this is what i found.

The meeting yard back of dudley st;
number 3 Bk Mr Sprink, 3 males, 2 females

Dudley St
number 26 Mr spink, 1 male, 1 female.

The only other thing i can think of is visiting our local history centre or going to St Matthews church where they were married as I live local. although i dont know what im really looking for.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Saturday 05 May 18 20:17 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I finally have my great grandmothers and grandfathers marriage certificate, this info is as follows,
Harry Spink and Annie Hooper married on 25th september 1916, harry age 32 and Annie aged 27, harry bachelor and Annie spinster, Harry was a Hame forger and they both lived at 22 Dudley st, walsall, Harrys father was also called Harry Spink Deceased at the time of marriage was also a Hame forger, Annies father I think is William Hooper and his job was waggomer/baggomer? they were married in I think its says St Matthews church, in walsall.

This cant be the Harry i was thinking of as he died in the war in July 1916 but there wedding was september so ive got to have the wrong one

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Friday 27 April 18 19:05 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for all your comments, i just got my nans wedding certificate which proves she was a Hooper. Then I have just got my nan and grandads wedding certificate. it states dad is Harry Spink and mom Annie spink formely Hooper. it has Harrys occupation as a Hame forger and born in 22 dudley st Walsall on the 18 November 1916. It was her mom who registered her.

so next I'm going to get Harry and Annie Spinks Wedding certificate the last one came in a couple days so i can update in a few days.

I have births on ancestry like i say cant be absolutely sure yet.Harry1888 in walsall and Annie 1893 west bromwich and there marriage is;
Annie Hooper
Date of Registration   1916 - Jul-Aug-Sep[1916]
Registration district   Walsall
Inferred County   Staffordshire
Spouse   Harry Spink
Volume Number   6b
Page number   1171
Hooper, Spink - 6b 1171

i just have to get the certificates to prove its them

i really appreciate the help

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Thursday 26 April 18 14:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi,  i have my nans birth certificate now. Annie Spink born 18.11.1916, father;Harry spink, Hame? forger, Mother; Annie Spink formerly Hooper, birth stated 22 Dudley St, Walsall.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Thursday 07 December 17 16:20 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jim,

Just checking Ancestry, I searched for Spink/Hooper marriage for around the time my nan was born 1916 in walsall. The only search that came up was a harry spink and Annie Hooper for 1916. I then just took 18 years off to search for his birth but only came up with

just checked Ancestry

just realised i got a James and Sarah spink for 1889, bugger, Im confusing myself now.

so i have got a the above marriage but not their births back to searching

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Thursday 07 December 17 16:03 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all for your contributions,

This is what I have so far, but not 100%, I have ordered their marriage certificate, thank you.

harry spink 1898 married Annie hooper 1898 in Walsall.

Their children Annie 1916 my nan =100%
                     Alfred E 1919 which could be Ernie but i think this one was married but I dont think
                                          the Ernie that I am looking for ever married but again not 100%
                     Mary M 1921-1922, so she died young, maybe this is why no one mentioned it.
                     John T  1923- which could be Jackie
                     George 1930-1930, again died young.
                     Joseph 1930, george's twin but cant find a death certificate. update can see a death certificate for Dec 1992 in Chichester, West Sussex, again not 100%
                     Lily 1933-1933 again never mentioned. update died at birth
My mom thought there were only 3 children, my nan never talked about her family so my mom hardly knows anything and I really want to help her.

It seems funny to me that My nan Annie had my mom in 1936 and yet her mom had a child in 1933 but my mom knows nothing about them only the two brothers.

I'm going to carry searching for the children and see where I get until the certificate comes and I know Hoopers first name, sort of hoping it is Annie as things seem to fit together, she called her first daughter(my nan) Annie too.

Thank you to all, I really appreciate you helping me.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Thursday 07 December 17 13:30 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you, cant see how to reply to you  individually.

KGarrad-Yes sorry it was 1936 they got married, my mistake. Yes I will have a look at getting their marriage certificate.

Jim1- could you possibly give me the 8 names of the children, as I only know to Annie, Ernie and Jackie, thats very interesting, thank you

Family History Beginners Board / Help with Spink family from Walsall
« on: Thursday 07 December 17 10:16 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am trying to find out about my maternal grandmothers family. My nan Annie Spink born 1916 in Walsall, West Midlands. Her mother was nee Hooper but that is all I know about my nan's family above apart from her dad being a Spink. I have researched but not sure if I am on the right route, the only marriage for Spink/Hooper was Harry Spink and Annie Hooper in 1916 for the walsall area, which I am presuming as that was where my nan was born. My nan had a brother called Ernie and Jackie but again Ernie could be a middle name? and Jackie could be Jack/John etc. My nan and Ernie were in the express and star newspaper after reuniting after being apart for years to find that they only lived a few miles apart in the 1990's?. My nan married a William Banks and they had 8 children, Shirley, Madge, Robert, James,Patricia,June,Christine and Kieth. After a couple of years of looking I am no closer to find my nan's family history. If anyone could help I would be extremely grateful.

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