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OK so who where the parents of the Emma Stevenson/Plackett ?
And of course the Mary Jessop Mother to Elizabeth?
I don't know, I am wondering if Emma was a granddaughter? I am not sure about the Mary Jessop connection either. The connection you made about the Mary Palmer at their address is really interesting but I haven't managed to get anywhere yet (I am not very experienced with this and ancestry hints have been very helpful did the census bits I posted). I would never have found them without your suggestions. I will continue looking. :)

Hi still looking at this thread for you, it is the Robert Plackett b c 1847 Nottingham that puzzles me ( at least his birth ) ,Their is a death March qtr 1847 Nottingham aged 1 and the one I have followed 1907 Nottingham aged 60

Great results found, so who were the parents of the Robert Plackett who on GRO index dies March qtr 1847 aged 1?
OK found his baptism:-

Robert Placket 1st February 1846 St Paul, Nottingham Father Henry Mother Elizabeth address Tyler Street.

Ah, thank you, so it looks like they possibly had 2 sons called Robert, one born 1846 who died 1847 and the other born in 1848? Thanks so much for your time investigating this. Best wishes Em

Baptisms Nottingham St Mary
19 Feb 1838 George son of Elizabeth Palmer Brook Street
10 June 1839 Jane dau of Elizabeth Palmer Wood Court
2 July 1848 Robert son of Henry & Elizabeth Plackett abode Tyler Street father a labourer
2 July 1848 Elizabeth dau of Henry & Elizabeth Plackett - same details as Robert.
Marriage Nottingham St Mary
22 June 1840 Henry Plackett and Elizabeth Palmer.

Robert Plackett cordwainer and wife Elizabeth baptised 10 children at St Mary. Henry 14 June 1818 abode King Street.
Susannah 1817. Sarah 1820. Joseph 1822, Susannah 1823.William 1825. John 1827, Robert 1829, Elizabeth 1831, Robert 1833.

Marriage Nottingham St Mary
4 Feb 1816 Robert Plackett and Elizabeth Cuxton.

Hi there,

This is brilliant, thank you so much for taking the time to find all of this out and for letting me know.
Much appreciated.
Best wishes Emma

Hi again, if you use Ancestry I believe his death is shown  Robert Placett 1907
The Emma Stevenson/Emma Plackett possibly married a Richard Hollingworth/Hollingsworth 8th December 1867 St Peters, Nottinghamshire.
1871 census RG10/3512/38/33

Wow, that is fantastic thanks so much for your help :)

Hi still looking at this thread for you, it is the Robert Plackett b c 1847 Nottingham that puzzles me ( at least his birth ) ,Their is a death March qtr 1847 Nottingham aged 1 and the one I have followed 1907 Nottingham aged 60

Hi Keyboard86,
 Thank you very much for continuing to look into this. I have been looking at him too and am currently testing the following :

Henry Placket   35
Elizabeth Placket   30
George Placket   13
Elizabeth Placket   7
Robert Placket   3
Piece   2132
Folio   733
Page number   5

Henry Plackett   
Bessy Plackett   
Robert Plackett   
Emma Stevenson
Piece   2462
Folio   7
Page number   8

Elizabeth Plackett   50
Mary Jessop   70
Robert Plackett   23
Emma Plackett   13
Caroline Stacey   38
Laura Davis   14
Piece   3521
Folio   10
Page number   11

1881 - Possible
Robert Plackett   32
Elizabeth Plackett   30
Elizabeth Plackett   14 (perhaps adopted as I can find nothing on GRO).
Piece   3359
Folio   116
Page number   17

1891 - Possible
Robt Plackett   43
Elizth Plackett   43
Elizth Plackett    24
Piece   2703
Folio   121

1901 - Possible
Robert Plackett   52
Elizabeth Plackett   50
Elizabeth Plackett   33
Piece   3169
Folio   122
Page number   22
Household schedule number   151

But so far no death

I am having a similar problem placing members of my Myers family in another post!!! I wish I could go back in time and just ask them!!!

Thanks again for your help.

Hi again, could also be shown aged 14 visiting a William Flinders at 5, Carlton Row occ Labourer.
Census ref HO107/2132/505/33?

Thank you, I hadn't found this census record before, I find it hard to get out of my 21st century brain sometimes and remember that many children were workers and moved around on their own. Unfortunately I can't find the census record (mostly because I don't know how to search with William Flinder's name also to help pick it out). Did you notice where this George was born please?

George, was George Plackett aged 14 born Nottingham, William Flinders was 71 occ Coal Dealer wife Elizabeth 63, George could have been just a visiting friend of the son James Flinders 15 son?? If so he in 1851 is shown on two census returns.

PS the 1861 Mary Palmer age I would check out as could be 58 on original, who then possibly is the Mary Jessop in 1871??

Ahh OK hadn't thought of that, I will look out for this, thanks ever so much for the pointer and further detail re 1851 :)

Last one Abraham - not 100% sure this is my Abraham


Catherine & Henry -

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