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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Alfred William Boulton
« on: Tuesday 06 March 18 21:52 GMT (UK)  »
I wouldn't say they're interchangeable - maybe Arthur was just used by the family for some reason

OK thank you, my family seem to have used middle names rather than their first in a lot of cases, maybe it is something like that.

A little extra information on the Isaac Moyers marriage:-

Married 16 July 1849

Groom age 23, a widower and a confectioner.

Isaac's father is Benjamin MOYERS a sealing wax maker.

Bride Betsey Martin age 19, father Jacob Martin confectioner.

This is from free reg.

Fantastic, thank you, I was not aware of free.reg and it is great to get all that detail and to solve the problem as to who the father of Isaac was. Thank you very much.

From West Midlands BMD

Isaac MOYERS m. Betsey MARTIN at All Saints, West Bromwich in 1849.

(Also on FreeBMD )

Many thanks for your help, much appreciated :)


I was wondering if anyone had had any success researching Jewish ancestry in the UK prior to 1837 and if it is possible to do it on line please?

I am trying to research the ancesters of Isaac Myres born 1829 Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England and died 1905 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England (4th great-grandfather).

He married Betsy Martin* (1829-1871) Sep 1849 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England *
1) I think she was a Martin but I can't find their marriage - Do you know if you can search GRO for marriages (I have tried but can't find the page)?
Sarah Theaker nee Ryley (1824-1878) 10 Mar 1872 Walsall, Staffordshire, England
Margaret Clark (1847- ) 21 Oct 1878

With Besty he had
Betsy 1847 Worcester
Mary Ann 1851 West Bromwich
Isaac 1858 (my ancester) Wednesbury
William 1861-1862 Dudley
Rachael 1864 Dudley
Betsy 1866-1867 Dudley (perhaps the other Betsy dies or she is the daughter of Betsy jnr)
(Bestsy also had Ann Boyde b 1843 & Bortery Rogers b 1847).

I am struggling to find the mother and father of Isaac b 1829 in Bethnal Green. I think his father was Isaac as on his marriage to Maragret Clark his father is Isaac (he is married to a Margaret of the correct age on the 1881 so I assume it is him).

On the 1941 census in Whitechapel  there is an Isaac of the correct age with the following house hold members:
Catherine Myers   35
Jacob Myers   15
Aaron Myers   12
Henry Myers   6
Julia Myers   3 GRO 1838 vol 2C pg 401 mdn Meyres (was the mother married??)
Abraham Myers   6 Mo

The father is not there or may have died. On ancestry looking at other family trees Julia is refered to as Yetta bat Binyamin?? She marries Henry Barnett (Dvi ben Yosef)

2) Can someone with more knowledge about geneology than me tell me if you think I have got the right family for Isaac please? (son of Catherine)

3) Isaac's father could be Benjamine or Joseph or Isaac (as per civil reg marriage ref), I have seen both selected, but from the Dvi ben/Tetta bat, I am assuming a Jewish link. I cannot find a marriage between Cathrine and a Benjamin or Jacob Myres (Meyres) and wondered if there was a special place to look?

If anyone can help with my 3 questions I would be extreamly grateful.
Best wishes,

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Alfred William Boulton
« on: Sunday 04 March 18 22:37 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Mabel,
Thank you very much for getting back to me.
I really appreciate your time looking into this. All of those surnames  and dates fit  together nicely.
Maybe Alfred and Arthur are interchangeable like Henry and Harry?
Thanks again and best wishes Emma.

Family History Beginners Board / Alfred William Boulton
« on: Sunday 04 March 18 21:26 GMT (UK)  »

I wondered if anyone might be able to help me please? I am really stuck trying to find out who my great grandfather's parents are.

His name was Alfred William Boulton, he was born abt. 1859. On the 1881, 1891,1901 and 1911 census returns his birth place is Burghfield, Berkshire.

In 1884 he married Mary Ann Blackman in wokenham, Berkshire.

BUT I can't find him on the 1861 or 1871 census returns for any where in Berkshire.

On GRO I have found an Alfred William Boulton registered 1858 at Bradfield mother's mdn Nalder. I can't find any Boulton and Nalder Marriages which would relate to his parents so I can't find them.

I suppose it is possible that Nalder was her birth name, then she was married and widowed and then married a boulton using her married name.

If anyone can solve this mystery I would be so greatfull as this is driving me crazy!!!

Best wishes Emma

Sorry can't help. His army records seem not to have survived and there is very little information to be gleaned from the medal roll or medal index card.
OK no problem, thank you very much for getting back to me and for finding his service number. All the best.

The Royal Engineers certainly had mounted drivers (just like the Royal Horse Artillery) who would be involved in moving heavy equipment with teams of horses.
Ahh I see, thank you very much for explaining. Do you happen to know where I might be able to find details of where he went and what he did please (I have been looking but there are so many subdivisions I am not sure where to start).
Also as he was disaplined for trying to save a child by shooting a civilian would there be a record? I heard many of the documents were destroyed in ww2. Maybe I should check French newspapers but I don't know the name of the village where it happened.
Sorry to ask you so many questions but you seem to be very knowledgeable about the military.
All the best.

William T Cosby was a driver in the Royal Engineers. 209085

Wow thank you very much. He was a sand and whiting dealer but after the war worked on cars so maybe that explains the job change. He was a skilled horse man and horse dealer as well. He was 1/2 Roma. Forgive my ignorance but could anyone join the royal engineers or did you have to be an engineer if some sort? He was not hence the question. Or were people on horse back known as drivers. Sorry if these questions are a bit stupid but I don't know much about the military!
Thanks for getting in touch :)

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