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Sitting front, far right.

Argyllshire / Re: John McGougan 1871 marriage
« on: Yesterday at 22:40 »
The 1871 in Manchester does look like him and so does the one in Milton with Martha. He's down as Mate on both. 

What I think might have happened is that the census forms (schedules) were delivered a week or so before the actual census day and he was entered on both.  It happens quite often.


Argyllshire / Re: John McGougan 1871 marriage
« on: Yesterday at 21:38 »
There is an entry on SP* for the marriage of John McGougan and Martha McLay, 1900, Blythewood.


*Scotland's People -


Not sure if you are related to the Poulson mentioned in this piece about the Armstrong Trust and old Tyneside buses


Could father's name be Pharlan  :-\

Agree with Hollerin and Neillan. Could they be of  Irish origin?


Suggest you use FindMyPast for most of the BMD records as it has the Welsh records and some of the Shropshire ones, though some errors in the indexing. My parish record booklets were purchased from Clwyd FHS.

Denbighshire records would be your main source but also Shropshire (part of Llansilin was in Shropshire!) and Montgomeryshire.

Familysearch has links to many of these records on FindMyPast, so that would be a possible first search.

Wills and newspapers are online on the National Library of Wales site.

If you do have any queries, just ask  :)


It's a lovely part of the Welsh borders, Libby. I spent a lot of time there.  I hope you and your husband have a really good visit.


Hi Libby

It certainly looks as if the children were born Llangedwyn.  From Paul's posting:

Is this him Bridget? :)

Llangedwyn Feb 16 1847. by Banns.
Thomas Rogers. 35 Bachelor. Lab. Rh??las. Father, John. Farmer.
Anne Vaughan(x) 21. Spinster. Tan Y Dderwen? Father, James. Lab.
Witnesses.William Humphreys(x) & Mary Vaughan(x)

Children's Baptisms.
Aug 29 1847. Mary.
April 28 1850. Anne.
April 4 1852. Jane.
June 11 1854. Harriet.
June 21 1857. Elizabeth.
Nov 9 1862. Eleanor.
Feb 9 1868. Margaret.

Dec 29 1870 George. (Illegitimate) s/o Mary Rogers :-\


I've  just checked on the baptism of Mary, 1847. Their residence is given as Tanydderwen, Llangedwyn.


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