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Lancashire Lookup Requests / Lancashire Recors Office, Preston:Marriage 1842 BROWN
« on: Monday 01 October 18 06:40 BST (UK)  »
I have a wedding certificate for my great-great-grandparents from 1842, which gives only the fathers' names and occupations, but I understand the Roman Catholic Church records for the same period usually have extra information, such as the names of both parents, and occasionally their county of origin in Ireland.

If anyone is going to Preston, I would be so grateful if they could check the marriage registers for St Chads, Manchester on 22 November, 1842, where Julia Brown married Henry Hawskey. I am full bottle on Henry, but would appreciate the name of Julia's mother,and any address for her parents in Manchester, or area of origin in Cork.

Louth / Re: Searching for a gravesite - Jane Kelly, Mount Rush, Ardee
« on: Monday 04 June 18 06:57 BST (UK)  »
This link might help you (and the website is updated regularly).


Scotland / Re: Sim Builders and Architects, 19th Centry London
« on: Friday 09 March 18 09:59 GMT (UK)  »
Am overwhelmed with the responses and kindness, and having problems replying individually because unfamiliar with the database. I have all the census details re William (including the 1841, where his name was misspelt), and lots of newspaper advertisements and articles, including the entertaining one about the burglary, and bankruptcy details.I actually provided a lot of the material for the Irish architects entry.

Forfarian : are you related in some way? William married twice, the second time to my g-g-g-grandmother, Eliza Edwards. Shaun J posted the marriage entry, but it doesn't help. Robert died at 19. He may have been named after William's father, but he may also have been named after Robert Sim, with whom William shared premises at one stage. I've checked the wills of the older Sims, and they weren't close enough for a mention or a bequest. Did extensive research on the implications of Buccleugh, with hopes of a family castle, and came to the conclusion that either William or Eliza were fond of Walter Scott's novels. Huson's middle name was Walton. I have never been able to find a death for his mother - a lot of the guesses on Ancestry are absurdly wrong. Don't think William was illegitimate -just that the information wasn't recorded where we can currently find it. I've spent a fortune on Scotlands People!

Scotland / Re: Sim Builders and Architects, 19th Centry London
« on: Friday 09 March 18 09:35 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, Shaun - already have that and it doesn't help with William's father

Louth / Re: Kellys and Skellys in Ardee, Louth?
« on: Friday 09 March 18 08:55 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for answering my question, Sinann, and for the link (had checked a hard copy years ago for some possible Cork ancestors).

Scotland / Re: Sim Builders and Architects, 19th Centry London
« on: Friday 09 March 18 08:38 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, MaddyS - grateful for your hard work. That is my g-g-grandfather, and I know almost everything about him except his origins/parents in Scotland. Of his two marriages, neither recorded his father's name. For a man who used newspapers as much as he did, I haven't yet been able to find an obituary. Was hoping that some distant relative in Scotland might have heard of his case, to give me a new lead to follow.

The other Sims were builders James and Robert in the 1820s to 50's. Again, I have lots of information apart from their origins in Scotland, and hoping for a miracle.

Scotland / Sim Builders and Architects, 19th Centry London
« on: Friday 09 March 18 05:45 GMT (UK)  »
Real wild card here - does anyone with Sim ancestors, probably from Aberdeen, have any old family stories about rellies becoming builders or architects and making a name for themselves in London?

Lancashire Lookup Requests / CD-Rom of St Chad's RC Baptisms published by MLFHS?
« on: Friday 09 March 18 03:17 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone own a copy of St Chad's RC Baptisms CD-rom published by the MLFHS? It is out of stock, and I'd appreciate a couple of look-ups, if possible

Louth / Kellys and Skellys in Ardee, Louth?
« on: Friday 09 March 18 03:12 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me if there were separate Kelly and Skelly families in Ardee, Louth, in the 1820s? I found a likely baptism record for my g-g-g grandfather, transcribed as Kelly, but which actually looked like Skelly on the NLI parish records

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