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Australia / Re: Suspicious death
« on: Yesterday at 14:21 »
Hi Jamjar

I sometimes forget that not everyone is as familiar with my tree as I am  :-[

I've been researching my son-in-law's family now for a while as he always expressed an interest in his roots. For Christmas, I got him a DNA test with FTDNA (I've had mine done with them well before Ancestry started to test) and got back a quite surprising ethnicity map, and some direct matches with cousins whose names I am familiar with. A couple had also uploaded GEDCOM files, so I've been comparing their trees with mine. That's what has prompted my current bout of research, and led to my initial question posted a few days ago, which I think has now been answered.

However, in your research for my question, you've uncovered some resources I'd not found or thought of, and identified quite a number of people I have already in my tree, one of whom is Robert Bolivia Brown, who is my son-in-law's great grandfather. I've found Robert's parents, but not managed to get any further back, but since we now know that Samuel Brown was born in Bedfordshire, we have another handle on researching that bit of the family, and that's what I was refering to when I talked about finding out about when he came to Oz, and where he started from in Bedfordshire.

As far as Honora Hanlon, I can get no further back with here, other than she appears to have been bourn in Australia c1871 and died before 1905.

Hope that clears the confusion a bit :)

Australia / Re: Suspicious death
« on: Yesterday at 10:41 »
Hi Jamjar

Thanks for the newspaper quote for Robert Bolivia Brown's father - I've not seen that before. I knew about the origins of Robert's middle name, but hadn't known about the connection to the Bolivia Hotel. The obit has wrecked my thoughts about Scottish ancestry on that side of the family, but has at least given me a clue about where to find the family before they emmigrated. So, now to find the emmigration details, and work our where in Bedfordshire they came from.

Once again, Rootschat has come up trumps :):):)

Australia / Re: Suspicious death
« on: Wednesday 18 April 18 12:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jamjar

Thanks so much for all the information you have sent, itís hard to keep up 😀 Iíve not used google news before, itís something I clearly need to investigate more. Robert Bolivia Brown is someone of particular interest as itís proving difficult to trace him back, but I suspect he has roots back in Scotland or Northern Ireland based on some DNA results Iíve seen.

Australia / Re: Suspicious death
« on: Tuesday 17 April 18 16:15 BST (UK)  »
Just to confuse matters, there's another Gordon Kinlock Williams, born and died in 1911, to Albert Edward Williams and his wife Madelaine Blanche, nee Young!

I checked the NSW BMDs for James' son Gordon but couldn't find him :( presumably I need to wait until next year, or the year after that, ...

Australia / Re: Suspicious death
« on: Tuesday 17 April 18 16:05 BST (UK)  »

Starts to make sense - James Nepean was Gordon's brother. I've only got one child for James and Ilma, a Kevin James Nepean Williams, so I've missed their son Gordon somewhere along the line, who would likely be named after James' brother. It must be him that I've got the later records for. Gordon the younger had a son, too, James Stanley Williams, so I've some re-arranging to do :)

Australia / Suspicious death
« on: Tuesday 17 April 18 15:28 BST (UK)  »
I have a Gordon Kinlock Williams, son of Edward Thomas Williams and Barbara Jane Kinlock, born on the 22 February 1885 in Victoria, and baptised on 18 May at Moorooduc. He then appears in the electoral roll for 1949-1954 in Croydon East at at 95 Milton Street, Ashfield, NSW, and the from 1958 to 1977 he's at 20 Paton Street, Woy Woy, although Kinlock is spelled Kinloch.

So, how to explain this death index entry:

Name:          Gordon Rknlook Williams
Birth Year:       abt 1885
Age:                  9
Death Place:       Pt Nepean, Victoria
Father's name:       Edwd Thos
Mother's name:       Barbara Kinlook
Registration Year:    1894
Registration Place:    Victoria
Registration Number:    14568

There's clearly a typo in a couple of the names, but the other details seem to match. Was there possibly a second child of the same name?

Puzzled  :-\

Renfrewshire / Re: Greenock marriage location
« on: Wednesday 11 April 18 11:58 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all  :D :D

But, was it usual for marriages ro be carried out in a cafe?

Renfrewshire / Greenock marriage location
« on: Wednesday 11 April 18 10:50 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help with the location of this marriage plase. So far I have that it was in a cafe in Greenock!



Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What comes after Elizabetha?
« on: Friday 01 December 17 22:59 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please help decipher what comes after the mother's name on this baptism for 2 Sept 1686 at St Edward's in Leek (the middle line)? I'm also guessing that the baptism is for a boy whose name starts with a T.



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