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Dumfriesshire / Re: Gretna Green marriage c.1962
« on: Friday 21 June 19 08:34 BST (UK)  »
Hello all, thank you so much for your replies; I searched the regular marriage records on the Scotlandís People website and it came up trumps. Iíve now ordered the certificate 😁

Many thanks again,


Dumfriesshire / Gretna Green marriage c.1962
« on: Thursday 20 June 19 22:43 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

Would anyone know are there any records for marriages at Gretna Green in the 1960s available to view and/or purchase certificates please? Are these classed as 'irregular marriages' and are the certificates also obtainable through the GRO or is there a separate Scottish records office? Apologies - I have had no experience with Scottish records until now :)

Many thanks in advance,


Thanks Billyblue 😄

Thank you trish1120 😄

Thank you Dorrie 😄

Hello all,

Just a quick update to say all is well and that one of my half siblings and I have now met. A DNA test was done to confirm our suspicions (based on my knowledge of events) and it was as I suspected. Consequently, he and my fatherís side of the family have been very welcoming and, for those I havenít yet met, have been kind enough to make contact with me, make available many photographs and offer to fill in any blanks as regards questions I may have. I will soon meet another of my half siblings and am very much looking forward to that. It is all early days but I feel very positive and (oddly) complete now that I know more about the wider family. I only say oddly because I have only met one of them at this stage; we are taking things slowly, understandably after this revelation!

Anyway, all told so far, I think that this experience has turned out successfully so I just wanted to let you all know.

Many thanks for all your help and your input in getting this far!

Hello again Martin,

You are right, I have certainly kept this at the forefront of my mind - I recall another post to this thread saying a similar thing before I made contact. It is such a sensitive subject but one which many of us are faced with, it seems. I suppose as more people do the test, so more incidences of this will come to light (though not with you ;)).

Many thanks. 

Hi davidft, thank you for your response.

From what I can see on the thread, seen in the round, UKWoman would be safe in her assumptions, given that the autosomal DNA results show a familial relationship thus allowing her to fill in the blanks using other methods (looking at family tree/records, etc.). Of course, to be absolutely certain, a paternity test would be necessary, however, the father would need to be living, so not much use to UKWoman (or to me, for that matter) as it could not be practically applied in this case. Also, there are other ways to establish a relationship, otherwise how did we do it before DNA testing? 

Just for clarity, please be assured, it is not ire, just incredulity. 

Welcome to Rootschat UKWoman.

If I were in your position I would initially send an email to your sisters without disclosing the relationship. Something along the lines of Ancestry DNA has shown a match and see if you get a reply and you can then take it slowly from there.

Just wanted to add: this is roughly the approach I took when messaging my (probable) half-sibling; I did mention the DNA match but did also say that we may be half siblings. It wasn't a long message but contained the salient points.

As I said, it did take me a couple of weeks to feel the time was right to make contact (gut feeling!).

Best of luck UKWoman!

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