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Cambridgeshire / Re: Cambridgeshire dead ends
« on: Thursday 12 July 18 20:43 BST (UK)  »
Also just found: 

St Mary's Church - John SKARR, 24 Jul 1710, Bur.

Father or son?

Goodnight All,  ;D


Cambridgeshire / Re: Cambridgeshire dead ends
« on: Thursday 12 July 18 19:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi Adam,

John and Ann Scare, christening children in Sawston in the 1690s.

St Mary's Church.

Ann d/o John & Ann Scaer, 10 Dec 1690 bap.
Isaac s/o John & Ann Scaer, 04 Sep 1692, bap.
Jane d/o John & Ann Skear, 20 May 1694 bap.
Matthew s/o John & Ann Scare, 24 Jul 1695 bap.
Matthew s/o John & Ann Scare, 30 Aug 1696 bap.
Thomas s/o John & Ann Scare, 23 Aug 1698 bap.

Ann SCAER, 12 Jan 1693/94 Bur.
Jane SCAER, 23 Aug 1694, Bur.
Matthew SCARE, 20 Dec 1695, Bur.

Are you only looking for children born in the 1690's


Cambridgeshire / Re: Chesterton lookup
« on: Tuesday 10 July 18 19:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi Adam,

I have also been looking around for the marriage of Thomas and also the nearest I can get is the same as Ciderdrinker. Cambridge St Peter 21 Mar 1751/2 Thomas Hermunt and Martha Gooden.

St Peters nr St Giles was united with St Giles at that time.


Hi River Tyne Lass,

I have ancestors from Tyneside. No poems written as far as I know.
I found Poem number 4 "Two Silent Minutes" by Mrs Robert Lockhart very moving.

Thank you for posting the link.  ;D


Cambridgeshire / Re: Old Maps of Cambridge, e.g. Baker 1830
« on: Friday 15 June 18 19:35 BST (UK)  »
Yep, as you say Selina,

Wellington Row is in fact at the top right and names have changed and it looks like Wellington Row
became Wellington Street. Along which there was a small church called St Johns.

Cambridgeshire / Re: James Scarr and Eliza Stocker
« on: Friday 15 June 18 19:28 BST (UK)  »
Yep me too MacGrigor ...... unless there is cake up for grabs.  ;D

St Andrew the Less.

The Abbey Church is a small church formerly known as St Andrew the Less, thought to have been built
in the thirteenth century and is on Newmarket Road.

The parish of St Andrews the Less has been taken over by Christchurch close by, also on Newmarket Rd.
Christ Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Ely, on 27 June 1839.

Cambridgeshire / Re: Church this wedding was at
« on: Monday 11 June 18 18:58 BST (UK)  »
Thanks John,

That sounds reasonable. It's re-assuring to 'speak' to you and get some info and
the benefit of your view beforehand.

It's on my list to do.


John Smith

Pam  ;D

Cambridgeshire / Re: Church this wedding was at
« on: Saturday 09 June 18 19:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi jonw65 & JenB, thanks.

When I try going on to Family Search these days they now ask you to sign in to an account. I am still
deliberating whether to do that, perhaps I should.


Cambridgeshire / Re: Church this wedding was at
« on: Friday 08 June 18 19:25 BST (UK)  »
It is Church of England.


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