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Warwickshire / Re: edna m harris
« on: Today at 21:08 »
She was born 27 March 1917 by the looks of it, and died as Edna May Gardiner.

Likely birth registration therefore:

Edna May Harris (no separate motherís maiden name), Jun qtr 1917 Aston 6d 906.

I just use Family Historian and attach notes, images etc to the individuals in my tree on there.

If the two middle letters are S S then could they stand for Steam Ship?

I think your decoding earlier in the thread was the right one - with "Port" being short for Porter.

Let's hope so :D

Asking again - what is the cause of death on the 1893 death certificate?

As I said, I canít see a birth registration for Eliza.  Perhaps she wasnít registered - they may have been new to the area and busy getting settled around the time of her birth.  They didnít get around to a baptism for her until 1872.

This is a decent match for both the 1881 and 1891 occupations. But is it right... ?


Looks good to me.

Could this be his marriage to the Mary in 1881 although when he marries Jane in 1884 he says he is a bachelor  :-\

Sep 1877 Brighton

Joseph Bice
Mary Blamey
Thomas Cottingham
Fanny Moseley

Interesting. The Army man was discharged at Brighton in the spring of 1878 (the various papers in the discharge documents are dated April and May 1878).

Eliza is 7mo born Lechlade in 1871, which ties in with the birthdate of 12 Aug 1870 in her baptism record.  I canít easily see a birth registration for her.

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