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Baptised at Hever:

09 Sep 1838: Frances Reed, dau of Isaac and Elizabeth

The James Meager who married Elizabeth Reed in Strood 1858 was an excavator, which ties in with the navigator bit. James's father is down as William, Elizabeth's as Isaac,  as is the Frances who married Robert Burr. Free Reg have these - Strood

Ah yes :)

Frances Burr, dau of Isaac Reed, then remarried in Chatham on 14 June 1865, aged 26, to James Mansfield.

Is his birthplace ever given more specifically than Monmouthshire in the censuses?

Presumably you are aware that if he was born before the introduction of civil registration on 1 July 1837 there will not be a birth certificate.

This was the thread - a C of E marriage in England in 1882 between William Sixton and Eliza Ann Percy, where an annotation to the parish register states that the parties “left church without signing” (although the minister did sign the register, it is not signed by the parties or any witnesses):

The marriage (if it was a marriage) didn’t make it into the GRO index.

Married at the same time/place as James Meager and Elizabeth Reed (25 Dec 1858) were Robert Burr and Frances Reed - perhaps Elizabeth and Frances were related?

I agree that it is very helpful that Elizabeth jnr is listed on James’ death certificate, not just as informant but specifically as “daughter”.

James Meager was 72 at death in July 1881 so born abt 1809 - therefore significantly older than Elizabeth snr  if she was correctly 47 in 1871 (as Elizabeth Smith in Tottenham) therefore born abt 1824.

If a marriage isn’t showing, the most likely reason is that they didn’t marry.  Elizabeth was very young; perhaps parenthood took them by surprise and they didn’t make it up the aisle.  It’s not an uncommon finding.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Mccue
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Thank you all for your responses I have limited info at the moment, trying to gather as much as possible from family members! Once I know more I will be able to post dates and names of places! I do know the family name is Irish and my great x3 grandfather fought in a battle, there was mention of cork but I’m not sure if he fought there or lived there. I do know that he is buried over in Ireland, I remember seeing a picture and there are hundreds of war graves but have no idea of the location of where he is buried. In regards to areas in Newcastle my great grandfather lived unfortunately I have no idea but  I do know they moves down to the south west of England to work in the railways and the family have remained here since.

Can you be more specific about where in SW England the family settled, and approximately when?

There are several baptisms in Aylesford of children of Stephen and Margaret Samson, including:

05 Jul 1840: Essenhigh Foard Samson
01 May 1842: Ambrose Samson

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