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The first of the Mandel children to be registered in London seems to be Lizzie:

Lizzie Mandel, mother’s maiden name Cohen, Sep qtr 1902 Whitechapel 1c 244.

I suspect Silvan (b 19 Dec 1907, d Mar qtr 1970 Worthing) started life as Silvan Mandel in East London, son of Albert Isaac Mandel & Minnie - birth reg Mar qtr 1908 St George East, mother’s maiden name Cohen.

Both parents appear to have been born in Romania, as was their eldest child - suggesting they probably also married there.

Perhaps in due course the family’s surname Mandel was changed to Mansell in order to assimilate?

I still can’t get in to see any records.

Does “cousin” Sarah Smith from 1851 match the Sarah Smith who has a Mary Ann with her in 1861?

Have we have a thread about him before?  Oddly my iPad autofills “-Livingstone” if I type in Fenton.

In 1861 there is a John Hatcher (married), 44 b Marlesford, enumerated as nephew of John & Kezia Mayhew in Letheringham.  No wife with him.


Daughter Louisa was baptised at Marlesford on 6 Apr 1858 - daughter of Sarah (not John & Sarah) per transcription.

I can’t find a birth registration for son Thomas born c1861-2, or Edgar c1852 who may or may not be the same person as George. I wonder how many of Sarah’s children were fathered by William York?

I see that Sarah Hatcher, and several Hatcher children, are already with William York in 1861.

Sorry - duplicating what Milliepede has said.

Sarah has remarried to William York by 1871, when they are in Marlesford with her children Luke, Mark, Alice, Thomas & Louis.

William York & Sarah Hatcher marr Plomesgate Dec qtr 1870 4a 1460.

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