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Welcome to Rootschat.  :)

If you scroll to the end of this page you will find a brown box, listing "Surname Interests".  Click on that and follow the link to search for fellow "Cranwell" researchers.

Good Luck!

nanny jan - thank you for your kind assistance/reply which I assume advises to place queries relating to Ireland in the appropriate County...

That's it! Moderators will move it if you go wrong.....I've mis-posted a few times.  ;)

Bastawolfie the best idea is to post on the relevant area board; a moderator will move it if you get it wrong.


Welcome to Rootschat.  :)

You have mis-posted and I have asked a moderator to move it to the right board where you will get some help.

World War Two / Re: Air Force Lookups - if you need help
« on: Saturday 13 October 18 11:34 BST (UK)  »

Welcome to Rootschat.

The person who started this thread has not been active for some time but if you are looking for a service record then details of how to apply are in the link below:

They are held by the MOD and are not available on line.

Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Re: Laurence White
« on: Friday 12 October 18 14:13 BST (UK)  »

Welcome to Rootschat.  :)

You could try contacting the local newspaper for that area;  they might publish a small item.

Technical Help / Re: GEDCOM from FTM V11
« on: Friday 12 October 18 07:22 BST (UK)  »
It is FTM VII ......a very old version! Thanks for trying to help.

Technical Help / Re: GEDCOM from FTM V11
« on: Thursday 11 October 18 22:10 BST (UK)  »
Having to post a reply to a PM here because the sender has blocked a reply from me. :-\

I've not resolved the issue,  a couple of attempts resulted in " not a valid GEDCOM file" message from my basic (free) Heredis program on my iPad. Busy few days but might be able to get advice from a son who is due to call in over the weekend.

Technical Help / Re: Talktalk
« on: Thursday 11 October 18 12:26 BST (UK)  »
I tend to use Facebook or Twitter to contact them; usually works for me.

This says "issues since 6.30am":

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