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Suffolk / Re: Richard RUMBELOW
« on: Tuesday 19 September 17 11:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I know that John Taylor was baptised on the 4th Sep 1887 at St Marys Mildenhall, Suffolk to John and Rebecca Taylor. They also had another son William Spencer Taylor baptised on the 1st July 1888 at the same church. I also know that Rebecca Taylor was buried on the 15th Jun 1889. 2nd marriage 5th Dec 1891 at Mildenhall, John labourer a widower of Mildenhall son of Reuben deceased labourer & Hannah single woman aged 22 of Mildenhall daughter of Cowell Cooper farm labourer. Regards Judy

Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests / Re: Elijah Wells Isleham marriage
« on: Sunday 19 May 13 15:48 BST (UK)  »
A pleasure. Judy

Hertfordshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 Census - HUMAN
« on: Tuesday 14 May 13 21:56 BST (UK)  »
James Human of James & Elizabeth otp lab was baptised on the 4th March 1849 in Isleham if this helps.
His parents marriage: 8th May 1831 in Isleham
James Human (x) bac otp & Elizabeth Harvey (x) sp otp wits: Thomas (x) BROWN, George FLETCHER

Hope this helps. Judy

Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests / Re: Elijah Wells Isleham marriage
« on: Tuesday 14 May 13 21:20 BST (UK)  »
Thought this might help if not too late.

Marriage on the 16th October 1874 at Isleham.
Elijah Wells 26 bac lab of Winlay Hall [Isleham] son of Thomas Wells lab & Ann Pamment 20 sp [blank] of Victoria Cottage [Isleham] dau of Robert Pamment sawyer wits: Robert (x) Pamment, Elizabeth (x) Houghton.

Regards Judy

Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests / Re: Isleham 1718 record search
« on: Tuesday 14 May 13 21:00 BST (UK)  »
Hope this helps you. Baptisms in Isleham see note *
[*1718 - 1724 most of the page has been cut out and at least one page is missing] Prior this, the closer baptism to 1718 is 1618. So they were from another area.... possibly... maybe look at Fordham, Soham areas.... as they are close by as well... or Non conformist records...???

Francis Death (butcher) was buried on the 1st April, 1769. Francis married Amey Dunn on the 8th Feb 1738 in Isleham.

I have the following baptisms in Isleham. A daughter Amy baptised on the 26th Dec 1739, Robert the 29th Nov 1742, Amy, 9th April 1746, Ann the 25th Jan 1749, John the 2nd May 1753, Thomas the 22nd April 1756, Sarah the 25th Nov 1759.

Thomas married Mary Eves (possibly Aves) on the 12th Oct 1778 in Isleham (Thomas x bac top & Mary x sp top wits: John Wibrow, G Griggs. I can look more up on this if you would like.

Hope this has helped. Judy

Suffolk Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Herringswell Parish Records NUNN baptisms
« on: Tuesday 12 February 13 09:22 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much this is them.... I am not 100% on working the site... sorry.... you are so kind to help. Judy

Suffolk / Re: George Pearle - Transportation 1837
« on: Tuesday 12 February 13 08:42 GMT (UK)  »
Not a problem, I have a lot of original copies records for Mildenhall and plus some transcribed ones for Mildenhall and Lakenheath, so if you need anything let me know. Judy

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: Baptism - PALMER - Mildenhall Suffolk
« on: Tuesday 12 February 13 08:37 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Annette, for a minute I thought it was the one from Lakenheath.... but here is a copy of the bastardy order. I have records for Lakenheath and Mildenhall areas... Thanks Judy

Date of Order. 9th Jul 1830 Ref EL110/7/48. Entry 43. Child William PALMER. Baptised. 1st Aug 1830. Mildenhall.
Mother PALMER~Charlotte
Father BLAND~George
A male child born to Charlotte PALMER singlewoman at Mildenhall on 10th June 1830. Father George BLAND of Mildenhall. (On Baptism entry he is an Attorneys Clerk)

Suffolk / Re: George Pearle - Transportation 1837
« on: Monday 11 February 13 06:04 GMT (UK)  »
Also found in Mildenhall records that George Pevirel widr of Mildenhall and Mary Ann Grigg single woman married by banns/licence on the 8th Dec 1835.
Judy Brodie

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