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Went to our local RSL Hall for the minute's silence (we only have one minute's silence here in Australia rather than two as you do in the UK). It felt a bit odd because it was at least 11:05 before they called the one minute's silence and a poor old chap collapsed in the midst of it so there was some noise with people rallying around to help him. Considering the number of people who attend our Anzac ceremonies, I thought it was a poor turnout especially for this anniversary year.

In the afternoon I went to our local cinema to see the Peter Jackson film "They Shall Not Grow Old", I was quite disappointed and surprised given the good reviews that there were only 7 people in the cinema.

All in all, a bit of a disappointment attendance wise.

I will dig the photos out a bit later Carol in case they hold any clues. (I have to sign off shortly)

Thanks.  :)

Thanks for checking Carole. Would you say it is looking like the 56338 William is more likely?

I know "my" William survived (died 1963).

Usually the bathrooms are later additions and are taken from part of a bedroom.

Yes, that is true, and the same is happening today to add extra bathrooms and ensuites. How times have changed. An indoor bathroom used to be a luxury - these days two bathrooms are expected and an ensuite per bedroom is not unheard of.  ::)

I found this William Wright:

which seems to be the only "shoeing smith" and am happy to pay the £3.50 for the record. Will it tell me anything though? Regimental number for this man is 1512.

In my notes from years ago (source not noted unfortunately) I wrote that his "regimental number may be 56338, as this one is the only Shoeing Smith of this  name in WW1. Medal Rolls index card gives little identifying information" ....

I think I have confused myself.  :( :)

My maternal grandfather was also William Wright but b 1885 Liverpool died 1935.  I sympathise with you as I know the problems with that surname.

Fingers crossed!!

That is an amazing co-incidence Carole! (this William is my OH's grandfather)

Here we are ....  :)

William Wright  :P born 21 May 1893 (birth cert)
Address: 66 Angela St, West Derby Liverpool

Married by licence Jan 9th 1918 St Catherine’s Church, Edge Hill, Liverpool (marriage certificate)
Residence: 23 Handel St, Toxteth Park
Occupation: Shoeing Smith, Royal Field Artillery

I have photos of him in uniform, but know nothing of his service.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

(Added: I have requested that a moderator split this from Rosemary's thread)  :)

I hope so Janan.  ;)

Aw, you're lovely Carole.  :-*

I will dig out the details of my soldier and get back in a few minutes.  :)

Yes Rosie, I think I was thinking of a slightly larger terrace in my suggested layout of the rooms in this house.  :)

I did look at the back of the houses across the road from 5 Cowper St (because you can't see the back of 5 Cowper St from Google Streetview). From looking at the maps we know that the houses opposite 5 Cowper were built slightly earlier than the row where No 5 is situated. I believe the houses are the same though - probably built to the same plan. Looking down the back alley you can see the backs of the houses, and what is most likely a bathroom window at the back. So I assume that was originally bathroom when the houses were built.

I would have expected to see sash windows on houses of that era however it looks like all of the houses in Cowper and surrounding streets have the 60s looking windows with the narrow bit at the top and the large fixed pane at the bottom. The windows at 5 Laurel St caught my eye - they look authentic and would explain the fact that there are no 50/50 split style sash windows (even replacement ones) on any houses in the vicinity).

Regarding the doors, I think there is an original on the house round the corner at 59 Mills Hill Road. This is the only one I have found (so far). :)

Rubymelia, if you can imagine those features on your house at No 5, I think that is how it would have looked when your relatives lived there.  :)

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