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The Common Room / Re: Parentage problems!
« on: Today at 12:34 »
It's not something I have ever researched (though plenty of others have and will be able to point you in the right direction).

Maybe try a google of the county or parish and see if anything comes up?

Some general information here though there will be tons more on the internet:

The Common Room / Re: Parentage problems!
« on: Today at 12:27 »
Presumably you have checked for any bastardy documents for John?  :-\

Australia / Re: Help me find Jane's daughter
« on: Today at 11:32 »
You are without information about Jane Christina from 1855 until her marriage in 1876.

You say her mother Jane Anderson remarried in 1855 - what information do you have about Jane Christina in 1855?

If Jane Christina was born in 1847, went to Australia in 1850 and married in 1876, it is not surprising that there is nothing to be found. Is there anything in particular you are hoping to find?

There are often huge gaps in our knowledge of our ancestors whereabouts.

Added: I was going to suggest checking Trove, but see Jamjar has found mention of her.  :)

Yes. The William  Meffen I cite is my Great Uncle - my maternal grandmotherís brother. He wasnít single - it was his 2nd marriage and he murdered his step-daughter who was 38 at the time of her death-  the suggestion is that he was in love with her but it was unreciprocated....

Thanks for clarifying.  :)

Australia / Re: Help me find Jane's daughter
« on: Today at 08:33 »
Do you have the family's immigration record?

Have you located Jane Christina and other family on the Scottish censuses? Depending on when she emigrated she may be on the 51, 61 and 71.

I've heard of children being given the same name as a living sibling.

Regarding what happened to children of previous marriages ... there could be any number of scenarios - maybe the child stayed with mother and her second family, sometimes they went to grandparents or other relatives .... perhaps even sent to the workhouse, or off to school, depending on circumstances. Unless you can find some documentation it is impossible to guess.

The Common Room / Re: Parentage problems!
« on: Today at 07:03 »
I understand that SG, but as we don't know the names to look at the census entries ourselves, it makes things a little more difficult. We don't even know which "the first census" is which Robert is referring to.  :-\ (or I may have missed that)  :) Relationships given in the census are not always set in stone anyway ....

I'm sure you have already done this Robert, but have you looked to see if there are other families with the same surname (and possibly forenames) christening children in the same church at the same time? Sorting people into family groups can sometimes help - cousins, brothers, sisters, all living the the same area at the same time, same names, children given the same names, same occupations .... it can be very difficult to unravel.

One more thing - if you could trace living descendants of Amelia and Ellen or their siblings, do you think any of them may have heard family stories? It must have been a bit of a scandal for a 12 year old to have a baby. There may have been "talk" and if one claimed to be the mother when the birth was registered, and another claimed to be the mother when the baby was baptised, it might have been something they tried to cover up, though one sister would have been pregnant and the other not, so they wouldn't have fooled anyone).

What I don't understand is, why not register the birth giving the mother's name as Ellen if she was the mother? (particularly if the registrar was a stranger .... why fib?)

It is a puzzle ....

.... Was the William Meffen who died in 1944 your direct ancestor?  :-\

If he committed murder due to unrequited love, I get the impression he was a single man? If so, what is your link to him? Or was he married?  :-\

(just trying to take this back a few steps ....  :) )

The Common Room / Re: Parentage problems!
« on: Yesterday at 22:32 »
I think the ID of John as "grandson" and not "son" (of Amelia) in that first census is quite telling.

The relationship of each person to the Head of Household was supposed to be given on the census. John's relationship to the head of household was grandson, so this is correct.

It can be a bit of a grey area and exact relationships are not always given, eg "visitor" rather than "wife's sister".

I suppose anything is possible and it comes down to whether you believe the registration of birth or the record of baptism. Hopefully something more will come to light to prove it one way or another.

Kit, I'm glad you have managed to find a solution of sorts.

If Ancestry don't allow more than one one per email address that is something they should probably look at changing. Ancestry should be aware that there is often only one family member who takes care of these things and who has other relatives tested in order to compare results, and if they put hurdles in people's way they will test with another company.

And, as already mentioned, not everyone has an email address. :-\

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