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Having read another thread where several of you have praised TreeDraw, I am considering giving it a try.

I have used the charting within Rootsmagic but not totally happy with it, not as Flexible as I would like and takes ages to achieve what I want.  I have used charting in excel and Visio previously (including my old professional life) and my first trees before RM back in 2003 are in excel  :) and I still use it to rough draw a tree if Iím confused 😐

But I am in the process of writing a book and need to put in small sections of tree in each section and I would like it to be as neat and clear as possible.

Would I have to use a gedcom export as I donít have legacy or K&K?
How flexible is it to personalise?
What is possible, any known restrictions?


I think Margaret means that instead of automatically assuming the opposite gender you now have a choice. One extra little thing to remember when Iím putting data.

PC madness at its worst.

I donít have an online tree as I like to retain control over it. I do use RootsMagic which, if I chose to use the facility, synchs/updates to Ancestry trees.  I guess that would retain the correct (birth) gender. I prefer to add notes for personal details, then I can chose who I allow to see the added info, though a John marrying a George would seem pretty obvious :-X ;D

I wonder how many genealogy apps are going to follow suit? I do have a couple of same sex marriages in my tree. Quite recent though and I had no problem entering the new partner with the correct gender.

Totally ridiculous as same sex marriages have only been legal for less than 20 years, a fraction of the timescale many of us input data into our trees! And of course some countries are lagging behind with making same sex marriages legal Even in the US, there are some states which do not allow same sex marriages.

Makes you wonder how Ancestry are going to handle gender reassignment? :o

Ps Iím not anti, I just want everyone to be happy.


The Lighter Side / Re: KHForum
« on: Yesterday at 16:59 »
It could be they are making some changes and have elected to go into maintenance mode or it could be the forum hosting company having problems. I host a small closed forum elsewhere and the maintenance message comes up when the host is doing stuff or having problems.  I usually get an early message if scheduled maintenance is going to happen.
I would suggest waiting a few days.

Technical Help / Re: How to reduce and then rename images on an iPad?
« on: Saturday 17 November 18 23:36 GMT (UK)  »
Iíve also tried it earlier, you can crop but not resize... (the image stays the same size but itís zoomed in)

I cropped a photo and hit done. Went back and was able to revert back to the full image. So nothing was lost.  I didnít try to do the same with colour and lighting though. I am not sure if  you then sent the cropped image via email you would lose the original full image. :-\

Not a facility I would personally use on an iPad.

I also have international sub again, I also get the 404 error

My theory on the being taken to the .com site is...
They (Ancestry) are trying to take out more and more records from the uk only sub and making it unavailable unless you have the international sub in an attempt to get more money out of us.   Fold 3 (most military records) is only available in the most expensive package.  They give out free days on occasion which means they have to switch back on occasion, itís this process thatís getting their knickers in a twist as they have over complicated the whole ďwho can access whatĒ process.

I personally think the whole of Ancestry has got so large and cumbersome itís now at the point of becoming totally unmanageable.

Hope they realise they are biting the hand that feeds them  ::)

Technical Help / Re: Changing from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 22:14 GMT (UK)  »
I would also save a gedcom file just in case. 

No, FTM is no longer supported but i donít have it on my present PC. I did have it on my old pc which I updated to Win10 and I donít remember any issues. I always use rootsmagic as my main family tree programme and I only installed the last version of FTM as a trial.

If I remember, there are loads of old posts about the demise of FTM

Technical Help / Re: Changing from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 17:53 GMT (UK)  »
Make sure you back up ALL your files, photos etc and make backups of of your family tree maker file to another location for example: the cloud, another drive,  a flash drive or external hard drive before making any changes to your pc.

Personally, I didnít lose any files and none were corrupted but you should be doing the above action on a regular basis anyway as any windows update/ virus infection/ hardware failure can cause serious issues unexpectedly.  Many people make two sets of backups especially for very important files.

The Common Room / Re: Free Access on Ancestry UK from 8th to 12th November
« on: Sunday 11 November 18 10:25 GMT (UK)  »
I meant he wasn't found in the medal card index, pension or service records and I mean this was years ago!

As mentioned, I  later found him in the RF discharge papers under the name George CHARLES Burdett (not his birth name of George Walter Burdett) and also in later released datasets.  Regarding the pension ledgers, I was interested to see if there was "any other information"/

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