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United States of America / Re: O'Brien family
« on: Monday 18 March 19 19:10 GMT (UK)  »
Here are a couple birth records of children who died young.

William Anthony Dolan - died 20 July 1904

Birth 1904:

Pauline Margaret Dolan

Florence T. Dolan -b. 25 Feb. 1909.



James Patrick Dolan- He lived and appears in census records.



Mary's husband James is listed as an electrician in all census records.

1900 census Mary states had 2 children 2 still alive

1900 census:

1905 census:

In 1910 Mary is listed as mother of 8 with 4 still alive. This seems to match the birth/death records of the children posted above.

1910 census:

1920 census:

1930 census:

I have a happy update to this question.  I found a DNA match who has this family in their tree and descends from these Dolans.  The shared DNA matches included someone else who I know descends from Margaret O'Brien and Frederick Cowperthwaite, so that seems to fit.  The tree lists Margaret & Mary (nee O'Brien)'s parents as John O'Brien and Margaret Bastick, and the children seem to be born in the vicinity of Kinnitty.  I don't see Margaret's birth record, and I'm still looking for her marriage to Frederick, so still more to find.   :)

Do you mean 1760? 

US Lookup Requests / Re: Anna Marie O Sullivan
« on: Monday 11 March 19 23:01 GMT (UK)  »
There are some possible records for siblings here (the parents' names are common enough that it may be coincidence, but worth a look) - the unnamed female could be Anna Marie

This seems like it could be them in 1910, considering a brother-in-law John Murphy is there -

US Lookup Requests / Re: Bridget Gear Callaghan
« on: Sunday 10 March 19 15:31 GMT (UK)  »
Obituary index for Julia's daughter Alvina -

Birth record for Julia's daughter Grace -
Social Security application has info for Grace Clark Dion, daughter of Gilbert J. Clark & Julia Callahan, born 15 Aug. 1914 in Lawrence, died 21 Apr. 1996.

Julia & family in 1920 -

And 1930 -

US Lookup Requests / Re: Bridget Gear Callaghan
« on: Sunday 10 March 19 15:23 GMT (UK)  »
She also had a daughter Julia, whose marriage record is here - 

Bridget was living with Julia, her family, and daughter Ann Callahan in 1910 -

I don't know if there was any age limit involved in those things, but I suspect it was just a matter of either not knowing or not paying much attention to his exact age.  I've seen the same issue in immigrants who were naturalized and never traveled west of New York.

There is some information on obtaining naturalization records in Nebraska here -  Unfortunately, the early naturalization records don't tend to give much detail, so I wouldn't have high hopes of getting an exact date of birth from them.


Falls City Tribune, January 08, 1904

"William Scott, aged ninety-seven, died at his home in Pawnee County Saturday.  He was one of the oldest settlers of the county."

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