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US Lookup Requests / Re: teresa C Ventrice
« on: Yesterday at 21:05 »

As I mentioned above, she isn't on the New Jersey death index. 

If you want her marriage or death record, you would need to figure out what state these events occurred in.  Some states have limitations on who can order such a recent death record, so it may not be available to you unless you're a very close relative.  An obituary, if one exists, may be another way to find a burial location. 

A post above refers to a possible Minnesota marriage, so if that is the case, that record would need to be ordered from Minnesota.  However, I don't see any likely marriages on the Minnesota marriage index. 

US Lookup Requests / Re: teresa C Ventrice
« on: Yesterday at 19:03 »
Topics on same person merged. 

In the future, please provide all relevant information that you have, so people don't do research to find what you already know.


US Lookup Requests / Re: teresa C Ventrice
« on: Yesterday at 16:48 »
The Bloomfield, New Jersey public library (a town very close to Belleville) has an obituary index for some local papers from that time frame.  Unfortunately, my computer is resistant to fully downloading it, so maybe someone else will have better luck.

US Lookup Requests / Re: teresa C Ventrice
« on: Yesterday at 16:35 »
Just to clarify, according to the information on the other thread, she died 25 Jul. 2001 and her last residence was Belleville, Essex Co., New Jersey.  That doesn't necessarily mean that she died there.  She does not appear to be in the New Jersey death index -

There is also information that puts her in Florida as of 1995 -

My mother has already outlived both of her parents, both of whom died of natural causes.  With improved medical care over the years and fewer people smoking than in decades past, I imagine outliving your parents is not unusual.

United States of America / Re: William James Rice
« on: Thursday 08 November 18 13:56 GMT (UK)  »
I believe the same or much of the same information is available here for free:

United States of America / Re: Pennslyvania
« on: Tuesday 06 November 18 23:01 GMT (UK)  »
Lots of links by state/county here -

None of the states you mention required vital registration until later than the time that you're looking at, so it's likely to be hit or miss on whether such records exist. 

US Lookup Requests / Re: Advice re info available from USAF
« on: Tuesday 06 November 18 02:04 GMT (UK)  »
Maybe an obituary for the serviceman or his wife would be helpful with more recent locations of his children or names of any grandchildren or a married name if the daughter married.

Only 4 more years until the 1950 census.   :)

United States of America / Re: Betty Morrissey Movie Star!
« on: Tuesday 30 October 18 13:26 GMT (UK)  »
There are two possible options.  You can order it from the Municipal Archives using this site -

Or some NYC vital records can be viewed if you have a Family History Center near you.   I have not done this myself, but I think you would need the film number from this link:

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