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Worth a try thank you TrelfallYorky.

I will email that Library and see what information they have on them .. thanks

Thanks I had guessed at 10 & 8 with the baby around 1 so we are not far off the ages of the children

Can anyone have a guess at the age of the 3 children on the photo please?

Yes Sarah

 I don't have it now my cousin took the photos but I copied them.  No name of the photographer just Imperial Studios!

It was a long shot.  The photo's were in the house where my Grandparents, Aunt & cousin lived who died in 2005, they could have been there from my Grandparents days.  Of course no name it identify the family.  We never thought to ask our Parents about family members when they were alive.

Thanks Gadget & Flattybasher the maps are interesting, I think we agree the date is around 1910 now just to find someone in my family with 3 children that will fit the photo!

Thanks to everyone

Thanks to everyone.

I contacted the Library at Rawtenstall to see if they had any information on Imperial Studios Main Street.  They searched Directories & Newpapers they have found nothing they told me there has never been a Main Street in Rawtenstall.

So I am still trying to find out just who those people could be in my Family Tree!

I have the Marriage & names of children I do have Ancestry UK but not World Wide so I will search on Family Search & see what else I can find.. thanks again

Thanks for the search but Pauline has found them in America!  I never thought of that

Pauline I have searched for about 15 years and you have found them! I had never thought of the family going to the USA. 
The ages & names fit but what did it for certain is the name below GEORGE CRANSHAW. I recently have been given photo's of American cousins that were found in my Aunts house years ago.

Sarah Alice Unsworth married George Cranshaw in 1887 so bingo that is where they went.  Can I ask if the next page to the film on the link has Georges wife Sarah Alice please?

P Garrard thanks for searching but we have then now.

My Unsworth family have gone missing after the 1881 Census can anyone find them please?

1881 Census 38 Square Street Tottington Lower End Lancashire

Wright Unsworth age 37
Mary Jane Unsworth age 36
Mary Ellen Inghan age 14
Sarah Alice Unsworth age 12
Elizabeth Unsworth age 9

I do have the family on previous Census's but after 1881 they have vanished.  Mary Ellen Ingham was my Grandmother and died about 1835 the others I have no idea about.
Thanks for reading this

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