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Your local library probably has access to FindMyPast, you can check on their web page

Kent / Re: Tonbridge and Maidstone burials
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The George James Crispe mentioned in the newspaper article was 36 when he died in 1859 in England (born c1823).  He married Mary Elizabeth Wyatt in Marylebone in 1849, his father named as William Crispe occ Farmer.

They don't appear to have had any children in England. 

Rosie, this was posted by you weeks ago and I'm just doing some checking and catching up.
I presume this is Olive's death notice?

Olive Annie Austen
Age   97
Birth 27 Oct 1877
Reg Dec qtr 1974
Northallerton RD
2 / 2402

I believe that these are the registration index details for her death  :)

Kent / Re: Tonbridge and Maidstone burials
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Not what you are asking for but in case you don't have it

London Evening Standard 05 December 1860
To Mary Elizabeth Crispe widow of George James Crispe, late of Linton in the County of Kent, Civil Engineer deceased, now supposed to be residing in Australia.
Take notice that a citation has been issued under the seal of Her Majesty's Court of Probate and dated 16 November 1860 whereby you the said M.E.C  are commanded, after 30 days service thereof, to cause an APPEARANCE to be entered for you in the Principal registry of the said Court of Probate, and accept or refuse Letters of Administration of the Personal Estate and Effects of the deceased, or show cause why the same should not be granted to Alicia Crispe, the natural and lawful mother of the deceased -------------------

Just adding that in 1881 family are in Whitton, Middlesex
Ellen Eliza   Fisher age 10 bn Heston, Middlesex

Could she be the Ellen Fisher buried 28 March 1884 age 14 in Addlestone Surrey, it's not far from Egham

There is an Ellen Fisher in a 'home' in Chertsey that could fit that death.  :-\
RG11/768 f84 p21

Not all births were registered that early on so it is possible it is not her.  Do you know who her father was from her marriage certificate

I will leave you to follow that lead then  ;)

Denbighshire Lookup Requests / Re: Turner and Brayne.
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Marriage image is on FindMyPast - Mary Brayne is a witness

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