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Wiltshire / Re: Sarah Smith nee Rix.
« on: Today at 10:55 »
Thanks warncoort. That is a new tool for me. Unfortunately I still have only 3 choices, T

Wiltshire / Sarah Smith nee Rix.
« on: Yesterday at 21:09 »
Sarah Rix married Thomas Smith on 13 Jan. 1800 at Easton Royal. My target is to find her baptism and where she was born. The 1841 census is not very helpful but in 1851 she was 75 still in Easton and her birthplace is Stanton, Wilts.  St Bernard, St. Quintin and Fitzwarren come to mind but I have found nothing there. Are there other Stantons, perhaps not of parish status? I would be pleased for some guidance. Thanks, Toby.

Wiltshire / Re: New World Chandlers
« on: Friday 15 February 19 19:07 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Vimto,
I am staggered by what has been written in that link. Absolutely amazing.
It confirms my opinion that one should never brush aside family traditions no matter how unlikely things seem.

Wiltshire / New World Chandlers
« on: Friday 15 February 19 16:26 GMT (UK)  »
Wilts Notes & Queries Vol 1 published in 1894 talks of George & Jane Chandler who went to America in 1687 to escape persecution. There was the suggestion that they had come from Burbage. In volume V the subject was raised again but no more was heard and the series terminated in 1914. Can anyone add to this? Thanks, Toby.

Thanks to you all for your help.
Learn something new every day. I had not come across a female Matthew before. T

I can accept Martha especially because a Martha & John feature as parents in 1743 onwards. T

That is what the transcriber wrote. But the year was 1740 and not 2019!! T

This is one transcription that I rejected out of hand.
The original shown below reads:-
"John Chandler and XYZ Wilkens both of this parish
married November ye 2 1740."
Can anyone offer something plausible for XYZ?
Thanks, Toby.

Armed Forces / Re: Occupation - 'tasker'
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 22:28 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks ScobieDrom. Interesting that some men were  labelled 'tasker' as distinct from a 'labourer' in a group from one village. I suppose, since reaping was only done at certain times, he must have been a 'cut' above a labourer who did anything on the land without necessarily having any great skill. T

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