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Kent Lookup Requests / Lookup 1901 census Ezra Peckham
« on: Thursday 06 October 11 19:21 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to find Ezra Frank Peckham and his family in the 1901 census. Ezra was born in 1899 in Sevenoaks. I know he was alive as he died in 1920 in Dartford aged 20.

He was son of Robert and Elizabeth Harriet (nee Dunster). They were originally known as Worsley and at some point changed their name to Peckham - we do not know why and are trying to find out. It must have been between my husband's great grandfather Frederick Charles Peckham (originally Worsley on his birth certificate) born in Cranbrook in 1890 and Ezra Frank Peckham (originally Peckham) born in Sevenoaks in 1899. Both certificates give their father's first name as Robert and their mother as Elizabeth Harriett (formerly Dunster).

In 1891 they were listed as Wardsley and were living in Tenterden:
Robert 28 coachman and gardener b. Tenterden, Kent
Elizabeth h 29 wife b. Same as above
George  a 6
Arthur e 4 b. Goudhurst, Kent
Florence m 2
Frederick c 5m

In 1911 Ezra was listed as Ezrey Peckham and was living in a seperate house to his father with his older brother George Peckham and his wife Ellen.

Any help greatly appreciated as I have tried very hard but keep getting nothing!


Kent / Re: Peckham/Worsley of Cranbrook, Kent
« on: Tuesday 20 September 11 11:38 BST (UK)  »
So in 1981 census the family were worsleys
In 1899 Ezra Peckham was born - I'm yet to get a birth certificate to prove he really was Roberts son but the 1911 census indicates this
In 1908 George was married as a Worsley
In 1911 the family were in the census as peckhams

I am yet to find the 1901 census entry although the closest I have found is the one listed above of Robert and may, however the ages are very out on this.

I am yet to find a death registration for Elizabeth Harriet (new dunster) who I know was born in tenterden in 1863 and married Robert Worsley in tenterden in 1884.

I know the family were in dartford where my husbands grandfather Ronald Arthur Peckham was born to Frederick Charles Peckham in 1920.

Any more help to find out why the name was changes or more about the family would be very greatly appreciated!


Kent / Re: Peckham/Worsley of Cranbrook, Kent
« on: Tuesday 20 September 11 11:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi, i've been inspired to pick this quandary up again. I have found the family as Peckhams in the 1911 census and worsleys in the 1891 census so I think their name change occurred between these dates. This seems to rule out one of the men being a deserter.

1981 - tenterden
Robert Worsley 28 coachman and gardener b. Tenterden, Kent
Elizabeth h 29 wife b. Same as above
George  a 6
Arthur e 4 b. Goudhurst, Kent
Florence m 2
Frederick c 5m

1911 - 3 burnt house, hawley, dartford
Robert Peckham 45 widower farm labourer b. Den, Kent
Florence 20 b. Goudhurst, Kent
Frederick 21 farm labourer b. Sevenoaks, Kent
Herbert (son) 46?! Gen labourer b. Sevenoaks

More confusingly I have the older brother George married to Ellen weaver in 1908 as a Worsley and in the 1911 census as Peckhams. I have confirmed this marriage between George and ellen is correct through family sources. G and E are living with a younger brother Ezra Peckham aged 12, in dartford. So this was a new member of the family to investigate and sent me off on a new trail. Ezra Frank Peckham was born in Sevenoaks in 1899 and died in Dartford in 1920.

Kent / Re: Peckham/Worsley of Cranbrook, Kent
« on: Sunday 20 July 08 22:49 BST (UK)  »
I am told that Alice Brunger had a son Stanley Brunger, born 1918 before she married Frederick and had Reginald in 1920 and then his brother Robert in 1924.

Kent / Re: Peckham/Worsley of Cranbrook, Kent
« on: Friday 18 July 08 12:45 BST (UK)  »
The marriage certificate that you found shows the witnesses as Curtis? A.W. Brunger - possibly Alice's uncle Curtis or a brother or cousin and also F Sanderson.

I have done a search of marriages in Dartford on Free BMD and in June 1911 between Worsley/Peckham and Sanderson and an Elizabeth F Peckham married an Octavius J Sanderson, 2a, 1239. Was this Elizabeth an older sister?

I can't work out how to use the Medway site so it is possible for you to search this for me and see if there is another wedding certificate for this marriage that may give some more clues?

Also there isn't an Elizabeth F on the Wordsley census entry. I am assuming this isn't the remarriage of Frederick's mother as she shows on the census as Elizabeth H and I have been told her name is Elizabeth Harriet by family members so the F on the wedding certificate wouldn't stack up.

Kent / Re: Peckham/Worsley of Cranbrook, Kent
« on: Friday 18 July 08 11:42 BST (UK)  »

Thanks for your help starting me off on this one. I haven't got any further with the Worsley/Peckham part yet however the wedding certificate that you found for Frederick Peckham and Alice Mabel Brunger shows that her father was Richard Orlando Brunger. I have managed to trace him back through all the census' (he's fairly easy to find with that name!). He is son of John and Mary/Mercy and the large family were born and bred in Tenterden. He is married to Mary Ann Taylor in Tenterden in 1885 and the 1891 census shows him and Mary Ann with their daughter Alice.

This discovery perhaps helps to give a bit more credence to the Frederick Charles Worsley birth certificate from Goudhurst, Cranbrook as this is very close to where the Brunger family come from.

On the Frederick Charles Worsley birth certificate it shows the father Robert as a Groom & Gardener (Domestic Servant). Their address is Hope Mill Cottages, Goudhurst.

Kent / Peckham/Worsley of Cranbrook, Kent
« on: Thursday 17 July 08 20:04 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to research my partners family. I have been told that the family changed their name from Worsley to Peckham and no one knows why.

My partners grandfather was Ronald Arthur Peckham, born to Frederick Peckham and Alice Mabel (nee Brunger) in Dartford in 1920. I have found a wedding for Frederick Peckham and Alice M Brunger in March 1920 in Dartford. However I haven't yet sent off for the certificate.

I am told that Frederick was originally called Frederick Charles Worsely son of Robert and Elizabeth Harriet (nee Dunster), b. 3 Nov 1890, Hope Mill Cottages, Goudhurst, Cranbrook, Kent. We have a certificate showing this birth. Nobody knows why the family changed their name and Ron's birth certificate says his father was Frederick Peckham (note no middle name mentioned either). Also the marriage record for Fredk does not include a middle name of Charles.

I have searched the 1891 census where Fredk aged 0-1 years (probably near Goudhurst) should be but can not find him. I have looked under both Peckham and Worsley. I also can not find his parents Robert and Elizabeth Worsley. I have found a reference for a wedding in June 1884 for Elizabeth Harriet Dunster and Robert Worsley in Tenterden, fairly close to Cranbrook. But I am a bit doubtful about whether these are Fredk's true parents as I have only heard about the name change from hearsay at the moment.

Can anybody else help me with this mystery? I am aware that sooner or later I am going to have to purchase these certificates but I just haven't had a chance yet.



Buckinghamshire / Re: CHAPMANS of Buckinghamshire
« on: Sunday 09 March 08 22:07 GMT (UK)  »
Brilliant, thank you so much!!! I have spent about 16 years waiting to find this answer! I had a few years ago found the birth record for a James Chapman born to George and Catherine at St Leonards, Aston Clinton, 2 Jan 1803 - there were two older sisters Margaret & Phyllis. Margaret married a Thomas Horn and Phyllis a Samuel Gower. I think the fact that they are shown as witnesses cements what has always been in rough notes as a possible family for James. I have also heard that both Gower and Thorn were big travelling families in the area which would link up with some of the vague stories I have of the family being related to travellers. This is absolutely brilliant - you have just opened a whole new avenue for me. Just out of interest where did you manage to get hold of this record?

Many thanks  :D :D :D


Norfolk / Sophia Brown - b.Kings Lynn abt.1800
« on: Saturday 17 February 07 14:34 GMT (UK)  »

I have just got one line of my family back to Sophia Brown b. abt. 1800 Kings Lynn, Norfolk. She later married John Low of Laxfield, Suffolk and had a family in Cambridge. Does anyone know of any records from Kings Lynn that would help me to research her further?

Many thanks


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