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Knellie - thanks for your input

My interest is actually in the Wright family - my dh is a descendant. I'm not sure that I've got the right family here though and the Hannah I'm looking for (a sister of dh's direct line) was also born in Norfolk. I was searching around as the sisters seem to have moved to Notts together and also cos the direct line is quite difficult and I'm looking for other evidence!

Thinking hat needed on this one I think ...

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Photo dating help please
« on: Tuesday 11 November 08 11:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, a bit of an update on this one ...

I've had a look at the original which is in the hands of my mum and the board is definitely brown. The photograph itself looks a bit sepia rather than properly black and white (ifyswim).

I was having a bit of a read around and I read that ladies did wear skirts/blouses to look like a dress in the 1890's so I'm wavering on the 1903 date.

Any ideas anyone? There is another possibility for who the people could be - although I'm not sure the photo is early enough. The lady was born 1848, her elder daughter 1873 and her son in  1880.

The only other thing I can think of is to find out about the photographer, unfortunately the edges are torn but it looks like ? Brown and I think the town is probably Newport, Shropshire. Does anyone know how I could find out what photographers were working in Newport and when?

Thanks for any help - this is driving me nuts, Mum's convinced that the baby is her dad but doesn't reckon the woman 'looks like' her Granny. If I could work out when it was it might help to clear it up!

Technical Help / Re: Problems with dates - uploading to genes from FTM2009
« on: Tuesday 04 November 08 19:14 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, unfortunately it doesn't appear that there are any options to change the format of the gedcom.

Wasn't too bad a job to change the dates, I just did a search on 'BET' and deleted the bits that weren't years. It's just a bit of a pain that i'd have the same hassle next time. You'd think they'd want to encourage people to keep their trees up to date, wouldn't you?

Technical Help / Re: Problems with dates - uploading to genes from FTM2009
« on: Tuesday 04 November 08 15:58 GMT (UK)  »
Right, have gone through text file and it seems to have uploaded better.

Its made a complete pigs ear of the cousin marriage though so I'll need to try to sort that out. How on earth are you meant to delete parents of an individual?? It tells me I can't delete someone that's related to two other people - well, yes, they would be!


What a pain...

Technical Help / Problems with dates - uploading to genes from FTM2009
« on: Tuesday 04 November 08 11:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, wondered if anyone had any experience of this problem.

I've uploaded a gedcom to Genes Reunited recently and the dates have got all messed up. It doesn't put a year in the year of birth/death fields at all and where I've got a date of 'bet. Oct and Dec 1853' for example (this is the format that FTM puts it in) genes has 'Bet Oct an'.

Have emailed Genes who say that I need to change the format of my dates (no, really?) and can be of no further help. Family Tree Maker haven't bothered to answer my email yet.

Bit annoyed as my tree on genes is basically trashed.

I thought the point of gedcom was that it was a standard format!


Completed Census Requests / Re: 1851 lookup please - Kidderminster
« on: Friday 24 October 08 19:38 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, Tati - much to my surprise, Franche is an actual place in Kidderminster!

Completed Census Requests / 1851 lookup please - Kidderminster
« on: Friday 24 October 08 19:12 BST (UK)  »
Could someone please have a look on the 1851 census for William and Mary Cartwright in Broad St, Kidderminster? William is 41, Mary is 46.

I've saved the image which has William, Mary and some childrenbut I'm not sure if there are others on the next page. I need to know if there are any younger than 3 and/or any other people in the household.

Sorry, didn't make a note of the reference

Thanks, D

Worcestershire / Re: Elusive marriage - did they bother??
« on: Friday 24 October 08 14:27 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Linell - doesn't explain why they're not on FreeBMD or West Midlands BMD though.

I think I shall conclude that they got lost on the way to the church...

Worcestershire / Re: 1891 lookup please
« on: Friday 17 October 08 21:50 BST (UK)  »
Thanks very much - that seems to explain that. I'll get all the census images next time I can make it to the library.

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