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Have to say I didn't look too closely at the parent's names when posting the link to death certificate, though did notice that the father of Charles Hugh, had also been a Policeman (- my interest was in finding the parents of Rachael Madeline.)   ;)

But yes you are correct with the name "John" for father, although he was actually "John Eric CLIFFORD" - some indexes have "Eric" mis-spelt as "Eary" / "Airey" and "Eyre".
(The same name was given to the son known as Jack, of Charles Hugh and Annie Elizabeth CLIFFORD).   And "Lily" likewise, sometimes spelled as "Lilly" and also named as "Elizabeth" in the death notice of her husband.

Following is the Obituary for John Eric CLIFFORD.

[There was a Probate file for this man (1908), but it appears to be in a batch which has missed being photographed ??]

    ~ Lu

Hi telephonist ... just some additional information to link Rachael to the family of Charles Hugh CLIFFORD.

Following is a link to John Eric (known as Jack) CLIFFORD (s/o Charles Hugh and Annie Elizabeth) - killed in action at El Alamein, 1942.


In Memoriam notices for Jack CLIFFORD ... which mention his sister, Rachael.

[Incidentally, the BATTISON family who also inserted a notice, seem to be family of Mary Annie CLIFFORD (formerly SENIOR, nee MURPHY) the 2nd wife of Charles Hugh CLIFFORD (marr. 1930).     Iris Mavis (Mavis) SENIOR (dau of Mary Annie) m. Anville BATTISON 1925.]

   ~  Lu

Deaths of siblings :

NZ Deaths

1977 - CARR - Cymboline Gracie* - d.o.b. 30 May 1913

[Note:  Various spellings in records - "Cymbaline" / "Gracey" and " Gracie".  ]

1986 - CLIFFORD - Lloyd Charles - d.o.b.  2 October 1915

[Buried at Marsden Cemetery, Nelson (with 2nd wife ?).  Archives shows a Divorce file for an earlier marriage ??  ]

Death Notice - Annie Elizabeth CLIFFORD :


Buried at Shortland Cemetery, Thames - 21 October 1928 : Catholic  : Burial record states she was born at Auckland.

    ~  Lu

Just noting that in the engagement notice of 1939, reference is made to "younger daughter of Mr and Mrs C.H. CLIFFORD" of Naylor Street ... late of Kerepehi.
The "Mrs CLIFFORD" mentioned, will though be Rachel's step-mother, Mary Annie CLIFFORD.


Electoral :

1919 - Auckland - Grey Lynn

CLIFFORD - Charles Hugh - constable
CLIFFORD - Annie Elizabeth - married ... both residing at 6 Tennyson Street

1928 - Thames roll

CLIFFORD - Charles Hugh - Police constable at Kerepehi

    ~  Lu

Telephonist ... there's a little more info to come .... just managed to "wipe out" a post I had ready to send ... will try again.  ;D

NZ Marriage

Annie Elizabeth LLOYD - Charles CLIFFORD -- Year:  1910

NZ Death

1928 - CLIFFORD - Annie Elizabeth - 39 years

NZ Marriage

Charles Hugh CLIFFORD - Mary Annie SENIOR -- Year:  1930 
(Marriage # 2 for father of Rachael Madeline CLIFFORD)

The following Probate file contains a copy of the Death Certificate for Charles Hugh CLIFFORD (d. 1947).

   ~  Lu

Hi telephonist

The "possible" parents (and siblings) named in reply # 5 are not related to Rachael Madeline CLIFFORD.

In the following Probate file for Mary Annie CLIFFORD you will see that in her Will > at Image 252 > she makes bequests to her three step-children, namely Rachael Madeline MORRIS, Cymbaline CARR and Charles Lloyd CLIFFORD.  These were the children of Charles CLIFFORD and his first wife Annie Elizabeth (nee LLOYD).

    ~  Lu
                                                                                                more to follow >  >

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