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Scotland / Re: covenanters imprisoned on bass rock
« on: Tuesday 12 December 17 12:15 GMT (UK)  »
Further information about the Bass Rock Prison (and several mentions of Major Learmont) can be seen in : -
The Bass Rock : its history and romance by Phillimore, R.P published in 1911 although it implies that his stay at Bass Rock was brief.
(you can freely download the book  from the Internet Archive at )

Scotland / Re: covenanters imprisoned on bass rock
« on: Tuesday 12 December 17 11:55 GMT (UK)  »
I would agree that a man named Learmont was in charge of the mounted Covenanters on the left flank - he was tentatively identified  by a letter (page 68 of Pentland Rising  published in 1904
" A letter from Edinburgh on 27 November, 1666, speaks of Learmont as
"Jos. Learmont, a foolish fellow, not worth 500/" {Cal.
State Papers, Dom. 1666-1667, P 295)

No mention of any ranks or title (through property) despite the disparaging terms used to describe him don't appear to give him much credit I suspect he must have had some means as another publication claims that several years before this he was fined 1200 (scots) under what was known as the Middleton Act. (even at the settled conversion rates of 12:1 thats quite a fine for the period)

Scotland / Re: covenanters imprisoned on bass rock
« on: Sunday 10 December 17 16:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Falkryn,

That seems odd, as Major Joseph Learmont(h) is listed in other sources as one of the Covenanters imprisoned on Bass Rock, then later released (I believe) after William of Orange took the Crown.

I have always found Dane Love's works well researched and as he is also listed as an Honorary Secretary of the Covenanter Memorial Society he may know a thing or two about the Covenanters.
My own knowledge of the times and affairs is limited.

Technical Help / Re: Family Historian 6 > Marriages
« on: Sunday 10 December 17 12:06 GMT (UK)  »
Falkyrn is/was the expert on Family Historian

You have a wicked sense of humour  :D

IF the original question concerned diagrams the easiest way to make changes to the text is
Open the Diagram (tree/chart)
Right click on an empty space
select Diagram Options
Select the Text Tab
make your choice from the standard layouts (or create your own by mixing & matching and then saving it as a new scheme)
click on Apply and then OK

The text scheme I use is a simple one "Birth Marriage Death" and gives this kind of result
(this is from the sample data provided by Calico Pie the publishers of Family Historian)

Scotland / Re: covenanters imprisoned on bass rock
« on: Sunday 10 December 17 11:34 GMT (UK)  »
According to the book "Scottish Covenanter Stories" by Dane Love - Major Joseph Learmont of Newholm was in command of the Kings troops who are alleged to have started the actual battle by firing into the Covenanters.

The Common Room / Re: Future-proofing the tagging of digital photographs.
« on: Friday 08 December 17 08:20 GMT (UK)  »
Anyone interested in this topic may find the photography section at of interest.

The IPTC standard is reputed to be the most widely used and accepted standard among professional photographers worldwide and the IPTC sets the global standards for News Media

Technical Help / Re: Custodian 4 Software
« on: Friday 01 December 17 18:13 GMT (UK)  »
Libre Office should be able to open Access files (or at least get you into them).

If you click on Base Database the resulting menu has some options including "Connect to an existing database"  - click that option and the drop down menu becomes active and amongst the selections available are Microsoft Access and Microsoft Access 2007.

Other Countries / Re: ADOPTION IN GIBRALTER 1836C
« on: Thursday 30 November 17 18:28 GMT (UK)  »
Adoption as we understand it today did not legally come into force in England until 1927 - Gibralter being an overseas territory may have been later.

It is extremely unlikely that any records of any adoption from your date exist unless the adoption was organised by an agency such as the Church.

Technical Help / Re: AoL old & new emails all disappeared - only shows last 6 days.
« on: Tuesday 28 November 17 19:26 GMT (UK)  »
Have you tried any of the "hints" given on the AOL page

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