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US Lookup Requests / Re: Dotrice Family
« on: Today at 16:40 »
Thanks - So 1901 she was a worker, married and in 1911 living on own means and widowed.  Wonder if Jules did change his name, tried alternatives but nothing showing.  ???

Interesting to read about Roy and his daughter was an amazing actress as well - loved her.


US Lookup Requests / Re: Dotrice Family
« on: Today at 16:29 »
How did Marie describe herself in 1901  ??? Probably a daft question.  Have you checked for Guernsey death certificate ?


US Lookup Requests / Re: Dotrice Family
« on: Today at 15:23 »
Unusual name so you would think he would show - there was a death for a Victor Dotrici but much younger - born 1862 and passed aged 39 years - 13 March 1901 - New York  ???


US Lookup Requests / Re: Dotrice Family
« on: Today at 15:22 »
Hmm - Sorry not coming up with anything else so far.  ???


US Lookup Requests / Re: Dotrice Family
« on: Today at 15:12 »
Doesn't quite match your description in many ways -  ???

New York Passenger List Southampton to New York - 14 April 1894 -  for Victor Dotrice - aged 50 years - plasterer -  native country USA - US Citizen - Intended destination Staten island - Sojourne proposed.


Thanks for keeping us up dated.


You're always welcome. pleased to help.

Sandra  ;)

Just received an email from my contact at CWGC - it seems things have changed slightly now and they cannot make contact with anyone without their permission.  So that slightly changes the angle to work from.  ;) E-mail below.


Hi Sandra

Thank you for the information regarding Private John Knight.

With the new GDPR regulations we are unable to instigate contact with anyone without their permission.

Technical Administrator, Plans and Support UK

United States of America / Re: William Elbert Crawford
« on: Yesterday at 17:39 »
Have you got a problem with me -    ???  It seems you like to nit-pick   ???

I have not copied and pasted any information of yours - I referred to a US Public record on ancestry which had no year and followed it with the resident 1993 - 1996 info.

I'll leave this thread to you as well if that's what you want................


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