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Was Basil born in the UK  ???  Notice a Basil A Smith - 1923 - Wandsworth London 1d 100
Mothers Maiden Name Hughes  ???  Any connection  ??? Or just coincidence  ???



Does the name Mrs Delores Smith 3410 Creston Lansing Michigan mean anything  ???  She seemed to be the applicant for a U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963.


Immigration in the United States

In the mid-1880's, some states sent agents to Europe to attract settlers. Railroad companies did the same thing. Better conditions on ships and steep declines in travel time and fares made the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean easier and more affordable....................

The third wave was from 1881 to 1920. Almost 23 Ĺ million immigrants poured into the United States from almost every area of the world. Until the 1880's, most newcomers still came from northern and western Europe. They came to be called old immigrants........................


At that time a lot of adverts were placed in UK newspapers for weavers in Massachusetts - perhaps that was the best/cheapest passenger fare William could get  ???

Massachusetts Naturalization Record - shows a William F Pashley - born 6 March 1862 Bradford York England - arriving Arrival date 1 May 1887 Philadelphia which could be the same one Maureen refers to

Petition Place Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts. William was a weaver - residing 125 Eastern Avenue Fall River.

Witnesses he summoned on the petition were Samuel Morton 125 Eastern Avenue Fall River and William Whitaker 453 Pleasant Stret Fall River in the county of Bristol MA. 

Dated 25 th November 1892


The middle initial "F" was Frederick.

Canada / Re: Samuel family in Canada mystery
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Can I suggest that in the meantime you might e-mail the cemetery to see if they can give you further information on the 1980 Helen M McIntosh.

My gut feeling is that she may have remarried to a McArthur - unless you can find another John McDonald relative called Helen  ???


I did see a border crossing in 1920 but canít be sure if itís him as there are a lot of Robert Mcintosh in the results but could well be him ,

What I know is quite brief but there is a wedding cert and a border crossing for his future wife when she crossed in may 1927 they married in November 1928

Helen Samuel was on a Canadian Passenger List not a border crossing in May 1927 -
Southhampton to Quebec on the Empress of France - arriving 7 May 1927

reply 12 - this thread -

and in reply 60 - we know that Helen McArthur was mentioned as a relative of John McDonald on his death certificate (1932) - there didn't seem to be another Helen in the family that came to light.  ???

More questions than answers but also bear in mind that although we found a marriage record for Helen Samuel to Robert McIntosh 23 November 1928 in York Ontario.  The death certificate of John McDonald in Toronto, had a relative names Helen McArthur. So did Robert Mcintosh pass away ? Did Helen and Robert divorce ?  Is Helen McArthur, Helen Samuel McIntosh


Cambridgeshire / Re: John Dorrington
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Zetland needs to answer that question - perhaps it was just an error back in October 2016


United States of America / Re: Hannah Swinnerton birth
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The only references to Samuel that I came across - was a Samuel Weld not Swinerton unfortunately.
Interesting read on the Weld family if you haven't already come across it.


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