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Sussex / Re: William Bodle - b 1810 in West Firle or Alfriston?
« on: Tuesday 02 August 11 03:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Clint,
Thanks for the post.  It is helpful and isn't confusing.  It is all consistent with the information that I believe that we have previously shared (and also with Sharon).  I didn't have the information about Robert Bodle.

I can answer your question about Grace Bodle.  Her full name was Mary Ann Grace Elizabeth Bodle and was born in 1862 in Templemore, Ireland.  She was George Edward Bodle's sister.  I don't know when or why she arrived in New Zealand but one can speculate that she emigrated to New Zealand since all of her siblings had emigrated to New Zealand or had died.  In 1871, whe was living with her Uncle and Aunt (William and Priscilla Bodle).  Priscilla died in 1873 and William remarried in 1874.  Perhaps those events had something to do with her ultimate emigration to New Zealand.



Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Frances Verrall Birth
« on: Saturday 12 February 11 23:47 GMT (UK)  »
Here are the children of John and Ruth Verrall

Richard Verrall (baseborn) chr 06 Jan 1764
Sarah Verrall chr 08 Dec 1765
Edward Verrall chr 01 May 1768
Ruth Verrall chr 16 Feb 1772
James Verrall chr 23 Jan 1774
Dinah Verrall chr 28 Apr 1776

Richard was christened on John and Ruth's wedding day.  All christenings at St Mary's Eastbourne

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Frances Verrall Birth
« on: Saturday 12 February 11 18:07 GMT (UK)  »
You can search the IGI from the LDS website ( but it is a case of caveat emptor.  The IGI reflects user based submissions that may, or may not, be accurate.  For example, the IGI record that was cited states that the birth was 04 May 1770.  Only occasionally does the Parish Register list the date of birth.  It should list the baptism date but many people list that date as the birth date.  Sometimes that is a cause of much confusion.  Also the Parish Register will record the make of the person being baptised and the first name of the parents.  Therefore, in this case the person that submitted the IGI record assumed the surname of the mother (most probably correct).

I would always confirm what you find in the IGI and for Sussex would recommend joining the Sussex Family History Group.  Members can search a large number of Parish Registers for Sussex.  Again, these rely on transcriptions so there can be errors. 

For the baptism of Fanny Verrall the Parish Register indicates that she was baptised on 04 Mar 1770 at St Mary's Church, Eastbourne.  Parents were John Verrall and Ruth.

Note the slightly different date (Mar not May)



Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Eastbourne 1936 ocklynge
« on: Saturday 05 February 11 00:17 GMT (UK)  »
What started out as a simple inquiry regarding Ocklynge cemetery has turned into a most fascinating story that has had an impact on the law (the definition of a widow) and an interesting insight (at least for me!) into the kind of news stories that were reported in New Zealand in the early 1900s.  The court case regarding the contested will is reported in several newspapers in New Zealand (and no doubt elsewhere but some of the New Zealand newspapers are available on-line).  The reports in the newspapers seem to have sensationalized the events. For example, the Nelson Evening Post of 15 May 1907 implies that Alfred Jalland sold his wife to Wagstaff for 25 pounds!

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Eastbourne 1936 ocklynge
« on: Saturday 05 February 11 00:06 GMT (UK)  »
More information on R.N. Limited

RN Limited is a private nominee company that administers, on behalf of HMRC, an open- ended legal mortgage or charge secured on the property until it can be sold when the taxpayer vacates or dies.

HMRC must agree to an open-ended legal mortgage or charge but once this is agreed no money changes hands and no term is stated in the mortgage agreement.

The taxpayer makes no repayments during their lifetime and the Exchequer receives no money until the property is sold, usually after the taxpayer's death.

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: elphick
« on: Thursday 03 February 11 03:01 GMT (UK)  »
I think that Ruth misspoke when she stated that Harriet Elphick was baptised in Brighton in 1845.  It was Ellen that was baptised in Brighton in 1845.

Levi Simpson Elphick seems to have been quite an interesting person.
From the Dietetic Reformer and Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), October 1885, p307:
San Francisco - About thirty-five persons (the members of the two sexes being about equally divided) assembled last night (Thursday, June 25th) at 519, Clay Street, to celebrate the first anniversary of the organisation of the Pacific Food Reform Association. The Association was founded by Mrs. Tarrant Siddons on June 25, 1884, and has for its objects the education of the masses in the knowledge and appreciation of the advantages of a purely vegetable diet as the sole source of health, wealth, long life, happiness, and physical and moral wellbeing. Naturally the celebration took the shape of a Vegetarian banquet, in which vegetables and fruits of many varieties and in various disguises furnished the entire bill of fare.

Among others present were Brother O. G. Gardner (the President of the Society); Mrs. Tarrant Siddons, its secretary and founder; Dr. Barlow J. Smith, of water-cure fame; H. C. Wilson, Principal of the Point Lobos Avenue School and President of the Society of Progressive Spiritualists; Rev. John N. Parker, an eloquent exhorter of the same society; Rev. Nicholas Boyd, who is at present engaged in preparing the catalogue of Adolph Sutro's library; Sister Stow, the President of the Social Science Sisterhood, having for its purpose the adoption of bifurcated garments for feminine wear; Mrs. Webb, Secretary of the same Society and champion lady swimmer of the Pacific coast; L. E. Kelly, paying teller of Lather & Co.'s Bank; and last, but not least, Levi Simpson Elphick, nearly 80 years of age, whose peculiar costume has recently attracted considerable attention in the streets.

Mr. Elphick, who is a remarkably well-preserved old gentleman, with a bronzed complexion, a keen eye, and long hair of silvery white, claims that for 55 years no aninmal food, or animal products with the exception of milk, has passed his lips. To such an extent does he carry his aversion to the products of animal life that his clothing even is manufactured entirely from vegetable products. Hence he roams the streets in all weathers clad in coat and trousers of linen, with his feet encased in slippers of canvas with soles of cork, so that even as to his feet he avoids contact with the objectionable hide of the forbidden cow. Mr. Elphick never wears a hat or head-covering of any description, his motto being to keep the head cool, the feet warm, and the mouth and tongue clean.



Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Eastbourne 1936 ocklynge
« on: Wednesday 02 February 11 02:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Roger and Val,
Hopefully, I'm not going to confuse you more.  Here are details of the administration of Alfred's will.

Jalland Alfred Gibson of 41 Herbert Road, Wimbledon Surrey died 7 May 1936 at 65 Leamington Avenue Morden Surrey.  Administration London 19 January (1938) to R. N. Limited.  Effects 461 pounds 4s 1d.

The probate details for Josephine are as follows:

Jalland Josephine of 11 Granville Road Eastbourne (wife of Alfred Gibson Jalland) died 2 March 1935.  Probate London 1 July to Thomas David Reeve Solicitor.  Effects 50026 pounds 14s 8d.



Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Coates of Pevensey
« on: Wednesday 19 January 11 01:49 GMT (UK)  »
Do you have any information on which Foords are linked with this family?  Which timeframe? 



Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: DEATH IN SUSSEX
« on: Tuesday 04 January 11 02:19 GMT (UK)  »
Have a look at
Not sure whether these are the people that you are looking for or not

William Hodges; d 7 May 1847; age 85 (b 1762); Iping, Sussex
Sarah Hodges; d 19 Dec 1843; age 77 (b 1766); Iping, Sussex

Iping is very close to Trotton



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