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Berkshire / Re: Herbert John Belcher bapt. 1892 East Hagbourne - where now??
« on: Thursday 17 January 19 23:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi folks,
Sorry for not replying earlier but had a few technical problems.

Your findings are throwing up all sorts of scenarios.

So did Herbert John Belcher marry Ruth Esme Levett (nee Burch) sometime?.

When did  Thomas E Levett die? presumably between 1929 & 1939

Its interesting to note (assuming I have the right Michael J's birth regis) that he is recorded as
Levett, Michael J B   Newark Dist. Mar 1939 - could the  J = John & B = Belcher?

Any more info?

Thanks for all your help,


Berkshire / Re: Herbert John Belcher bapt. 1892 East Hagbourne - where now??
« on: Thursday 17 January 19 06:46 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks Kay - I had missed that fact. So it must be him after all.

I'll have to try & find a marriage and with a son  born 1939, I can only presume he married between 1911 & 1939.


Berkshire / Herbert John Belcher bapt. 1892 East Hagbourne - where now??
« on: Thursday 17 January 19 05:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

Can anyone please help in finding  what happened to Herbert John Belcher?
He was bapt. in 1892 East Hagbourne to Frederick Belcher & Emma (nee Froude). In 1907 he joined the GWR as a clerk leaving in Sep 1911. He appears in the 1911 census as a boarder in Acton, Middx but I have no idea where he went from there.

There is a 1939 Register entry for a Herbert J Belcher running the "Marquis of Granby"  pubilc house in Lincolnshire which could be him with a wife (Ruth)  & son  but somehow I have my doubts.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any more knowledge or can find more records.
I suppose if I could find marriage for him it might reveal the name of his father.

Any help will be than appreciated.
(Have tried Anc..y, F/Search, FreeReg, FreeBMD no success)


Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage John HUGHES & Mary
« on: Saturday 12 January 19 22:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi hamleseeker,

There is a marriage in Cumnor (not far from Oxford) of ;
John Hughes, bac, to
Mary Smith, sp, 13-5-1802
wits; Mary King, Mary Lucas, John Smith
By Banns

Also a choice of bapts.
9-4-1775  Mary Smith d/o Richard & Martha
4-11-1787 Mary Smith d/o John & Elizabeth

Are these of any use?


Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Re: Baptism look up - Headington
« on: Thursday 10 January 19 10:41 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jill,
Have sent a PM


Hi Sue,

Have sent an email to you. (I think your address should be removed as its a policy of R/Chat to never reveal addresses to prevent scams etc) The moderators may do this very soon.

I have found your tree on Anc..y but for some reason it won't open - I'll keep trying.


Berkshire / Re: Henry frude/Froud marriage about 1885-1895 approx
« on: Friday 04 January 19 12:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Pheno,

I have several "Froud/Frude/Froude etc" families in my tree as my g.grandmother, on my mother's side was a Froud.

No - he is not a main branch ancestor. The Henry Frude that I have is really only a twig which I was trying to fill in some details. When I came across the marriage cert. of Henry Froud to Ruth Brunsdon it lists his father as George which has given rise to my searches.

I have a CD for Compton Sts.Mary & Nicholas, from the BerksFHS and there are quite a few "Stroud" entries but nothing fits the time scale 1860-1870 when Henry was born.

On the other hand the "Harry Edward Stroud" I think is an incorrect transcription as in the Grazeley records he is listed as a "Froud" s/o George & Sarah Ann, a carpenter (source BerksFHS CD of Baptisms)

In reality, the Henry I had as the s/o Joseph seems to fit the bill in all aspects, but what is throwing a spanner in the works is his father's name of George.

Your help most appreciated.


Berkshire / Re: Henry frude/Froud marriage about 1885-1895 approx
« on: Friday 04 January 19 10:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Well - I'm a little confused to say the least.

I know I'm repeating some of the info I have but following the leads already given, I have;

Harry Edward Froud  born Grazeley, Berks 8-11-1863 (s/o George & Sarah Ann (nee Attwater), carpenter),
he goes on to marry Lucy Aldersey 4-2-1892 Wandsworth, London and lists his father as George Froud, Wheelwright. Harry  is a Butler. 
In 1901 Bognor, Sussex he is still a Butler.
In 1911 Harry is not with his family of Lucy & 3 children but appears in 1911 in St.George Hanover Sq. London as a Domestic Butler.

This family of Harry Edward, Lucy, Dorothy Lucy & Edward eventually emigrate to Canada in 1921 Agnes born1893 follows them with her husband and son.

On the other hand; Henry Frood (1871 s/o Joseph & Mary) bapt. 4-6-1865 married a Ruth Brunsdon in Aldworth 22-10-1887 lists his father as George but the registers record Joseph & Mary Ann.

Now is it possible there may be a third Henry Froud in the area? If there is I haven't found one yet.

If anyone can add to this conundrum please do.


Berkshire / Re: Henry frude/Froud marriage about 1885-1895 approx
« on: Friday 04 January 19 00:05 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Pheno & jamjar,

Many thanks for all your help;

What evidence do you have for Joseph/Mary Ann as parents of your Henry Frude/Froud?

Listed in the records for Compton St.Mary, Berks as; 4-6-1865 Henry s/o Joseph & Mary Frude, Lab.

My dilema is that the marriage cert of Henry Froude, 22, bac, Labr, of Compton s/o George to Ruth Brunsdon 22-10-1887 Aldworth.

The other Harry Froud you listed, was bapt.. 8-11-1863 Grazeley, Berks as Harry Edward Froud s/o George, Carpenter, & Sarah Ann and from the many images I've just downloaded he became a Butler, married Lucy Aldersey
in 1892 and eventually emigrated to Canada in 1921

Thanks for listing those children, I think I did have most of them before removing them from my tree.

Its a big problem!!


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