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I was trying to be a good "poster" by marking it as complete as sonnon as the basic question had been addressed - also there are enough links and suggestions for me to follow for quite a few months!

James and Sarah Ann are my grt grt grand parents - James was always described as being an only child so finding he was one of a much larger family has been quite a revelation to me!


Thanks for the Census links - whilst I have access to these I had not previously found them. This fills a big gap - and starts lots more trials to follow.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: where is Skelton, yorks?
« on: Saturday 19 January 08 09:35 GMT (UK)  »
Skelton is just north of York - off the a19. It has a very attarctive church and a number of old houses near the centre

Thanks  ;D

James (snr) Hirst 's wife was Mary Ann Dawson.

The Hunslet connection is James Hirst's sister Mary and her husband, Joseph Green. James Hirst died 1854. From the 1851 census the family was in Cornwall. It was from this record where I got puzzled  ??? about  the younger members of the family, and lost the older members.

I am keen to follow up on the entries in the IGI (Extracted) at Holy Trinity Church, Kingston upon Hull - where can find this?

After James (snr) died (in London) in 1854, I have lost the trail of Mary Ann (wife) and daughters Elizabeth and Hannah. The informant on his death certificate was a "H Hirst" who was present at death - I guess this was Hannah, his eldest daughter. A "Hannah Hirst" was also one of the witnesses at the wedding of  James Hirst (jnr)


I have a look up request for the children of James Hirst (Tidesurveyor) and Mary Hirst (nee Dawson) of Vincent Street, West Sculcoates who appear on various census reports (1841, 1851, 1861)

I have found two (three including one death as a child) of their children but have struggled to pin down the eldest two (pre GRO) and the youngest two (GRO records do not tie up with census)

Hannah (b 1835)
Elizabeth (b 1838)

Charlotte (b Vincent Street, W Sculcoates, 18 Sep 1839, m KAY)
James (b Vincent Street, W Sculcoates, 11 July 1843)
Frederick(b Vincent Street, W Sculcoates, 17 Aug 1841, died 4 Jun 1842)

William (b Hull ~1848)
Mary A (b Hull ~1848)

Any thoughts or assistance on where I can find further details gratefully received!!

Regards, David

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Re: Captn HG James d.1932 Jersey COMPLETED
« on: Thursday 10 January 08 21:19 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you again

The comment about "Le Marsh Hirst" was my idea of humour  I am afraid after leafing thro' my French dictionary.

I have now dug out the record of the grave in St Clements made by a relative in 1990. JGH died 14 Jul 1932 and is buried St Clements graveyard in grave 54-2 as James, H.G 6ft down age 89 18/7/1932. In the adjoining grave - 54-1 was ceded to James Mrs H.G. for the burial of "Pringle, James (2nd husband) age 80 2/6/1954 and finally "Ada Anna Pringle" (ashes) age 92 26/5/1964. The grave was in good condition when see by my relative in 1990. The inscription is to H.G James, Capt James Pringle and Ada Anna their wife.

He only returned to England after 1929 when his first wife died. I have a copy of a picture of him then, and he looks pretty happy with himself. Mind you, with Ada Anna being nearly 30 yrs his junior, then who can blame him! :) :)

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Re: Captn HG James d.1932 Jersey
« on: Monday 07 January 08 19:55 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you for your research. I believe that James G H left Leeds with Ada Anna with his tail between his legs after being caught named in divorce proceedings with another women in 1902. Maybe he did not get divorced from Sarah Ann (and mother of his 8 children) until she died in 1929. Given what you write I now wonder if they got married at all - or maybe he did get divorced and  married Ada Anna in England.

Le Marais is - I believe, a district of Paris (also possibly a swamp or marsh - the swamp Hirst perhaps??!)

Other relatives have visited Jersey and found his (and Ada Anna's and her subsequent husband's) grave - I have the plot number and photographs of the headstone. Thank you for the ref to Ada Anna death certificate - I will follow that up.

All this is making me think a trip to Jersey would be a good idea...

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Captn HG James d.1932 Jersey COMPLETED
« on: Tuesday 25 December 07 13:02 GMT (UK)  »
My Grt Grandfather James "Green" Hirst  (b 1843 Hull, captain with the Leeds Rifles) ran off to Jersey with bar maid, Ada Anna (b 1872 Leeds ?), sometime after 1901 possibly after being named in the divorce proceedings of a Alice Hannah Riscon(?) in 1902. It has been suggested he was led astray by the Vaudeville acts at Leeds City Varieties! He was recorded in the Jersey directory of 1927 as "H.G. James of  Wongonella, Grouville."

He died in Jersey 15 Jul 1932, and is buried in St Clements under the name of "Captain HG James".

I would like to find out more about James Green Hirst (or Captn HG Green) and Ada Anna's life and death on Jersey. In particular, what her surname was, whether they did get married, death certificate details, what Wongonella Grouville was (is) like, and even when they actually first appeared on Jersey.

Can anyone provide me a pointer as to what I may be able to find out?

Regards - David

Cornwall Completed Lookup Requests / Re: HURST (Hirst) 1851 census St Just In Roseland
« on: Wednesday 12 December 07 23:18 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks all - glad to be here!

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