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Devon / Re: Matthew Bowditch Born 1790/91 Thorncombe Devon
« on: Sunday 21 October 18 19:02 BST (UK)  »
There is no Thorncombe in Devon. It is definitely in Dorset and try as I might (and I have) I can't see where the mistake first came about.

As someone has pointed out, there were a number of Bowditch families in the area at that time and although I have no information on this particular family research strongly suggests that they were all related. I have Bowditch information dating back to Robert Bowditch (1650-1711, Thorncombe. There is far too much to post here and it may not be what you're looking for but if it is, pm me and you're welcome to what I have.


The Common Room / Re: Ancestry website constantly down
« on: Wednesday 17 October 18 17:25 BST (UK)  »
I'm also a very regular user and haven't experienced any problems at all. I can only reiterate melba's question, how are you attempting to access Ancestry?

The Lighter Side / Re: Strange coincidences in family history
« on: Tuesday 25 September 18 12:25 BST (UK)  »
When I was a child we lived in a quiet side road where many families had children of similar ages. Almost right opposite us lived a family with whose children I was friendly and we played together a lot. That was over 50 years ago and I had forgotten about them until the 1939 Register became available. Suddenly a name I recognised popped up on my tree with 1939 as a "hint". I checked it out to find that I was looking at my childhood friends' mother, who was a 4th cousin. I'm certain that neither she nor my parents were aware of the connection.

World War Two / Re: William John Lloyd, RAFVR, 909807 - What happened to him?
« on: Monday 24 September 18 15:00 BST (UK)  »
If his rank was indeed Private then he did not serve with the RAF or the RAFVR

World War Two / Re: William John Lloyd, RAFVR, 909807 - What happened to him?
« on: Saturday 22 September 18 00:51 BST (UK)  »
You already have enough information to make it worthwhile calling the RAF Museum at Hendon (020 8205 2266) and asking for the archive department, who should be be able to provide details of his death if he was aircrew, which I am also inclined to doubt.

Alternatively you might also try  the Air Historical Branch, email or tel: 020 8833 8155/8153.

I have found both organisations very helpful in the past.

The Lighter Side / Re: 'I got a golden ticket'
« on: Thursday 20 September 18 23:45 BST (UK)  »
Great news Xin. Delighted for you and looking forward to seeing the photograph.

Cornwall / Re: I have to go down there.
« on: Monday 10 September 18 23:56 BST (UK)  »
These things are sent to try us. That's what makes genealogy so interesting.

Not only genealogy. back in June I was down in the St Minver area doing some research on an ancient farmhouse currently owned by a member of the extended family. I knew from old records that it had once had its own chapel but could find no trace of it on the ground. With you having rekindled my interest in Cornwall I decided to go through my collection of old maps this evening and I found it, on an 1880 OS map. What's more, its position is so clearly defined that if I go down again, either later this year or in the spring, I will be able to walk straight to it. Records from the late 1700s suggest that the chapel was derelict by that time so I was surprised to see it clearly defined on an OS map from a hundred years or so later.

Cornwall / Re: I have to go down there.
« on: Monday 10 September 18 19:47 BST (UK)  »
A truly fascinating tale, of which I was not previously aware.

Cornwall / Re: I have to go down there.
« on: Monday 10 September 18 18:48 BST (UK)  »
Just a thought but instead of Thomas Laverton/Leverton going to Cornwall is it possible that John Hellyar lived in London for a while and that they wee married there. It's been bothering me that I can find no marriage on the Cornwall OPC.

Wow! I also have a connection, albeit somewhat tenuous, to the Iveys.

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