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Australia / Re: Looking for a death...ORTON
« on: Wednesday 16 January 13 22:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi..the "Hanlon" family is actually Hanley and Mary Patricia Hanley married Reg Horton...Its my Hanley cousins who have been doing this side of the family and i can tell you you have got lots of rellies over here...Marys mum Florrie was my mums half sister(same mother different father)..i think Mary had 11 siblings all of whom are sadly passed now..Marys brother Joseph Hanley is the father of Steve Handley my cousin who has all the research on this side of the fam and he moved to Canada in the 1970s

If you would like tp pm me your email address i can pass it on to him and im sure he would love to talk to you


The Common Room / Re: JillJ Rest in Peace .........
« on: Monday 19 March 12 15:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

How very sad to hear of Jills death...I also knew her from the very early days of Rootschat she was a nice kind lady who liked a good laugh.

My thoughts are with her and her family at this time

Rest in Peace

Jane xx

Gloucestershire / Re: Lily Holden..1861 and 71 Cencus
« on: Friday 15 July 11 01:58 BST (UK)  »
Hi Karen..thanks for your time

I dont have a cert looks pretty much like she was was born illigit..coz i cant find out either..not even an inkling of a birth either...very strange

Thanks very much..much appreciated


Gloucestershire / Lily Holden..1861 and 71 Cencus
« on: Friday 15 July 11 01:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Ive searched till im squared eyed for Lily Holden b 1859 in Frampton Cotterill without sucess.

In 1881 she was a servant in Rastrick-Yorks

In 1882 she married Arthur Bradley in Halifax Yorks

In 1891 and 1901 she is with hubby in Rastrick

Could someone just have a look see if they can see her for me please



One Name Studies: T to Z / Re: WAGSTAFF, All
« on: Wednesday 09 February 11 22:46 GMT (UK)  »

Does anyone have any info  on a Bowler Wagstaff/e...



London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: harefield 1871-where is ann heywood?
« on: Thursday 06 January 11 23:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Poppy

If you have them in other cencus could you post a few details please



Australia / Re: Looking for a death...ORTON
« on: Thursday 06 January 11 22:25 GMT (UK)  »
Mmmmm...wonder why there is no death reg for Reg... :o...strange..


Australia / Re: Looking for a death...ORTON
« on: Monday 03 January 11 21:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

Thanks very much for the death notice of Mary and the emmigration record.

It didnt dawn on me Kris that I could be in breach of the rules....I know this chap was age 71 in 1990 and was not in the best of health at the time but it is only 21yrs ago so I suppose he could be alive still and in his 90s now

Thanks again


Australia / Looking for a death...ORTON
« on: Monday 03 January 11 00:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

Its the first time for me on here so hope its the right place

Im looking for a death of Reginald G Orten...he was born in England around 1920 and his wife Mary Patricia

Their last known whereabouts was in Tallyangalla(thats what it looks like !)-Victoria-3700 in 1990

Any info much appriciated



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