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Technical Help / Re: Sky channels on Now TV stick
« on: Yesterday at 12:29 »
I agree, as I have had a bad experience with Now TV vouchers. 

I have bought several voucher codes from ebay sellers.  I didn't worry about this because feedback from previous customers reported no problems, and if the voucher codes hadn't worked, ebay would have refunded me.  The vouchers were accepted by Now TV every time.  I only wish I had made screenshots of that, because later I found that Now TV had charged my card for some (not all) of those periods.  They refused to refund me when I complained, and said that vouchers should only be bought from official sellers.  Fine, but in that case why were the codes accepted?  If they were not valid, they should have been refused. 

So be sure to check how much money they take from you, and take screenshots when you enter voucher codes.  I don't trust them an inch now. 

The Common Room / Re: Disappearing act - Grace or Gertrude Sanderson
« on: Monday 05 November 18 16:48 GMT (UK)  »
No, I came to the conclusion that it was either outside England & Wales, or one of those clerical error ones that got lost between the church/register office and the GRO.  The Kent Sandersons were Methodist (don't know about the Moxons) and I haven't been able to get at the Methodist registers yet. 

I've got other missing marriages where I'm quite prepared to believe that they never bothered to tie the knot officially  :) but it seems out of character for these people.

The Common Room / Re: Disappearing act - Grace or Gertrude Sanderson
« on: Monday 05 November 18 15:03 GMT (UK)  »
A bonus is the confirmation of foreign travel, since I've never found a record of William's marriage to Alice Gertrude Moxon.  In 1911 they say they've been  married for four years.  The families were neighbours in Sheerness and connected through the dockyard, and both seem to have been very respectable.  I've been told that William was a Methodist lay preacher.  No trace of earlier marriages, and they don't seem the type not to bother with marriage.  I had considered the possibility that they married abroad, but had no reason till now to think that they left England.

There is also a record for William Sanderson age 56 (inspector ) they had also been in Gibraltar
Alice Sanderson age 51
Winifred Sanderson age 21
Port of Departure Bombay India
Arrival date 23 May 1930 London
Ship Viceroy of India
Address going to 119.Alma Road Sheerness Kent

The Common Room / Re: Disappearing act - Grace or Gertrude Sanderson
« on: Monday 05 November 18 12:22 GMT (UK)  »
I'm very pleased to be able to fill in Grace's story at last, but sad it was a short one.  At least she got to see a bit of the world in her short life.
Thanks to everyone who helped.

The Common Room / Re: Disappearing act - Grace or Gertrude Sanderson
« on: Monday 05 November 18 11:52 GMT (UK)  »
Oh, well done you sleuths!   The Gibraltar one looks very promising - and intriguing. 

No, I haven't got her birth certificate as she's only a twig and I just started tidying up some loose ends.  If this is her she won't be on 1939 anyway  :'(

The census entry suggests that she was known as Grace, and the arrival entry "Mrs G Grace Clark" fits in with that assumption. 

ETA  That's it Rosie, you've cracked it!  Brilliant stuff, thank you!

The Common Room / Disappearing act - Grace or Gertrude Sanderson
« on: Monday 05 November 18 02:14 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for Grace or Gertrude Sanderson, born Q4 1907 in Sheerness, Kent.
I can find only two records of her her birth registration as Gertrude Grace, and her 1911 census entry, at home with her family in Sheerness, where she appears as Grace Gertrude.

She had one sibling, Winifred, who is on the 1939 register in Birmingham, in service with some unrelated people.  Winifred married in Kent in 1954 and died there in 1982.

Their mother Alice died in 1932 in Gillingham, and their father William married again the following year and moved to Hampshire, where he is in the 1939 register in Clanfield, but no sign of Grace/Gertrude.  He died in 1955.

I've been unable to confirm a marriage or find a death for Grace/Gertrude, and she isn't on the 1939 register as Sanderson.  I've looked at immediate family (uncles, aunts, cousins) in 1939 but again, no sign of her.

Nothing comes up in a wider search, so the likeliest answer is that she married, but it's complicated by the confusion over her forenames.  Anyone got any ideas?

I just think that somebody died, and the relatives din't bother looking to see what was there.  In every family there is the one person who likes to keep family photos.  It is so very sad, there are children who would love these as they get older.

There might not be anybody.  An old fellow I used to visit from time to time died earlier this year, and he had no family.  No siblings, never married, no children, his cousins had all died before him.  A family friend dealt with his affairs, but there was nobody who would have had any interest in the personal stuff.

I look at it differently.  They would only be of personal interest to a very limited number of people, and the chances of any of them spotting this collection is small.  But if they do, they can get it for a modest price. 
If it was my family, and I came across this item, I'd be willing to pay more and would be grateful to the seller for not overcharging.

The Common Room / Re: Ancestry suggestions - complete nonsense!!!!!
« on: Thursday 01 November 18 12:54 GMT (UK)  »
How and why are people so thick as to accept these suggestions  ::) >:( :o!!!!

Because some people just aren't very bright.

We need to accept this, and rather than getting angry with them be grateful that we have been blessed with more intelligence.

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