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Hi Diane,

Welcome to RootsChat :)

I've split your posting to form a new topic, as the original topic was meant for technichal questions.

Good luck !

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: 1895 German birth certificate
« on: Monday 21 May 18 14:40 BST (UK)  »
Slightly off-topic, but in case it comes up again:

siebzehnten / siebenzehnten ??

That was a surprise for me (even after years in Germany) so I looked it up, and it doesn*t come often, but it does (or did) come up now and then !
e.g. Christian Ludvig Ernst Stemann: Schleswigs Recht und Gerichtsverfassung im siebenzehnten Jahrhundert. T. van der Smissen, 1855, Seite 1 (zitiert nach Google Books).

It was probably shortened by common-usage" ... sechs-zehn, sieben-zehn, acht-zehn, ...".
There is something similar in english with "thir-teen (instead of three-teen, four-teen, fif-teen (instead of five-teen), six-teen, ...".

Although in english and german eleven and twelve (elf, zwölf) don't 'fit' in the "add -teen (-zehn) to 1-9 to get the "teenagers". Maybe from the french origins ?


The Common Room / Re: Family story or fairy story?
« on: Saturday 19 May 18 17:31 BST (UK)  »
Not definitely Royalty, but .... one side of our family (so the oral history goes) was related 'on the wrong side of the blanket' to the royal spanish Habsbergs. No way (at the moment) of proving or disproving it.

This remnds me of something we we used to say in our 'patter' (sales talks) as market traders, when I was younger: "As I was saying to the Duke of York the other day .... oops, sorry IN 'The Duke of York' the other day ..."

Now that was deliberately put in the 'patter' to raise a laugh, but what if someone misheard it, and started spinning family legends out of it ?

(almost Royal) regards,

The Common Room / Re: What exactly is an agricultural labourer?
« on: Sunday 06 May 18 11:39 BST (UK)  »
You can find some more topics on Agricultural Labourer in the
RootsChat Reference Library => Lexicon (click here)
(Tip: click on a category - on the right - for related topics)

These topics will give you various descriptions and links for further reading.


the first topic in that list also notes that some agricultural labourers (or sometime aka :Ag.Labs) were also known as Husbandmen

Technical Help / Re: Old hard drives
« on: Tuesday 01 May 18 07:53 BST (UK)  »
As far as using old internal hard drives as external storage goes, I wouldn't. Once out of the computer all the ones iv'e dealt with are bare metal cases. I doubt they are double insulated so an electrical risk is present. [...]

You can buy an external case for hard disks, complete with a SATA-connector inside, and a USB connector to the computer outside. I had a laptop with two 250 GB drives. When the laptop "departed this life" I bought two such cases - they cost me (I think) about 12 € each.

So I now have two extra external drives for backups (I rotate them with a third drive, so I have backups from three different dates, in case I need to retrieve an older version of something I've recently overwritten.)

Try "usb hdd external case" or similar in a search engine to find out what is available.


The Lighter Side / Re: How am I related to?
« on: Tuesday 24 April 18 14:40 BST (UK)  »
Yep !

A simple way of remembering is .....

Count the G's !

"We share the same great, great great Grandfather."

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