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 :)  :)  :)

Don't phone,  best to write - snail or email ...  :)

The Diocese policy statement:


email enquiry often works best, and I notice there's a fee mentioned.


Yes,  :)   so there's still the chance that the original register that they signed has not yet been located by those at Bathurst....   :)  It is actually church law that those registers are never deliberately destroyed...  I will pull thinking cap down harder ...

ADD, the info on the image from Bathurst should actually give you confidence that when the original register is found that it will have all the info you seek.    :)  Jules likely was truthful.   :)


Hi there,

Was anyone else tried on that same day in that court ... if she obtained a termination, then perhaps  the person performing it ought to have been charged too. 


Dear JM,
I checked with the Archivist from Bathurst Catholic Archives who was able to provide me with a photo of the original entry for Jules and Mary in the Carcoar Marriage Register.
However, the parents were not mentioned.
The only additional information in the handwritten document was that they were married in '...private house...' and that he was born ' France...'
So, I assume that the Minister was doing his rounds of the various gold-mining settlements and, when he got back to the Rectory (? a couple of weeks later), he filled out the Registry for memory or from rough notes (probably the reason he put down Jules' birthplace as France)....

I am still wondering ... on the image you have received, how are the signatures of the bride and groom recorded ... are they in same hand writing as the rest of the document, or are they possibly the actual signatures...   If they are in same hand writing, likely they are, as you say, the  summary record that was required to be transmitted through to the diocese and to the NSW bdm.   But if they are their actual signatures then likely there's nowhere else to search of the  info given first hand by Jules about himself and his parents when he married.     


Australia / Re: Nathaniel Clarke
« on: Today at 03:01 »  The Sydney Mail 11 Oct 1884.
Sir William Wallace, barque, 968  tons, Captain T R Brown, from Burrard’s Inlet, July 26.  Passengers Dr Irving and Mr Wood ... 
Burrards Inlet ... as in Canada.  :)   Newcastle Herald 27 November 1884
Sir William Wallace, barque, 968-to load for Yokohama

So it seems he signed on after the barque arrived in Sydney from Canada and was discharged in Newcastle before the vessel left for Japan ... 

Now to find him in Sydney prior to October 1884 ... :)


Australia / Re: Nathaniel Clarke
« on: Today at 02:43 »

The crew on the Sir William Wallace in October 1884 does not include any with surname CLARKE.

ADD, Welcome to RootsChat, dr.

Here's a link to RChat's NSW Resources board, great live links there :


Hi there,

William ALLEN has an alias:  Thomas ELDRIDGE.   He was tried London.  His ticket of leave in 1849 allowed him to remain in the district of Windsor, NSW.    I have a lot of info on him.  I will dig it out and share tomorrow (it is 7:47 pm here).

ADD  a life sentence from London, plus additional colonial convictions.



Yes,  Parkes BDM commenced 1874.  Prior to that, they needed to travel to Forbes, to the Court House there.   Also, remember that the returns from these regional BDMs were prepared by part timers, and meant to be sent to Sydney quarterly, but no one in Sydney Reg Gens office was tasked with following up if no return received.   Also if the handwriting was a scribble, quite often, no follow up meant, no registration in Sydney.   These outlying regional district offices of course could issue copy certs, extracts etc  as they had the original ledgers there, in front of them.  Admin issues not sorted out until post WWI, pro forma printed forms developed then too, prior, all registrations were basically on verbal advice.  Births from a parent or family member, Marriages from clergy or official registrar, and deaths from funeral director or police.


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