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Did Thomas died in November 1822?  There was an Inquest 21 November 1822.

Something odd, but … I will type up anyway….
Sydney Burial Ground re-Interment Register of 1901. 

Thomas RUSHTON died 21 December 1822 (note I mentioned an inquest for same name but one month earlier)

C of E, transferred to Rookwood  Section AAA, Plot 554-9,
With Morgan,
Applicant for re-burial :  John B MORGAN, Flood St, Leichhardt.

I wonder if there's a headstone, and if so, if it gives age or parents' names. 



Quite a few of my ancestors were reinterred at various cemeteries from Devonshire St  :)  Australian Cemeteries Index misses some of them.  But their details have been found on headstones/footstones or even on shared headstones/footstones with others interred in same plot/double plot/vault/monument.   


It may include "son of ...... and ....."   :)

Simply start a new thread on the Australia board, asking for a LOOK UP headstone transcript ROOKWOOD Cemetery as the topic heading and then explain you are hoping the transcription would be for Thomas RUSHTON who was interred Devonshire St Cemetery November 1822, and reinterred to Rookwood and the details for Rookwood are:
Zone B   AAA   554

and mention that your request refers a search as part of the following thread

RED Post,  if you don't ask you will never know.   SAG CD may well have the transcript  :)

 :)  :)


There are several RChatters who are regulars on the Australia board with offline resources including transcripts of many of the headstones at Rookwood  :).


Hi Geoff,

Have you found a headstone for Thomas at Rookwood? 


At the following link is mention of a book written by John MORGAN and the voyage of HMS Calcutta with convicts including the famous William BUCKLEY from Macclesfield ... perhaps there's a connection with the Morgan family who funded the reinterment of Thomas at Rookwood in 1901.


 :D  :D Yes,  and elsewhere in that same edition of that newspaper, there is a report of a sermon with that text as it's theme,  :D that had been preached that very week  :) by Rev Erskine, a Wesleyan Missionary.

1821 ... Howe ...  publishers of the Gazette were staunch Wesleyans  :) he experienced a spiritual awakening and, in his own words, was 'wonderfully and mercifully visited by God and snatched from infamy in this world and Hell in the next'. He joined the group of Methodists who were working in Sydney and their influence, particularly that of Rev. Ralph Mansfield, was apparent when he published The Australian Magazine; or, Compendium of Religious, Literary, and Miscellaneous Intelligence, the first periodical to appear in Australia. The first number appeared in May 1821 and the publication continued until September 1822

It is likely that if there's any innuendo in the cutting re Thomas Rushton's death that it is editorial.  The report of the inquest out at Cumberland may not have reached the Gazette office in Sydney in time for publication on 22 November, 1822.  The usual way to reach Parramatta in 1822 was via the river rather than by the deteriorating road on horse  :)

JM  (some of my ancestors were Wesleyans in Sydney in that era).

I think the UK Chatters time difference may be influencing the locations is after 3 pm in NSW ... so may be pre dawn in the UK. 

4am London  :-[


That age at death of 78 in 1822 fits in with the 1744-45 birth date we are working on.

A woman who has done academic work on the Neptune, the "hell ship" that Elizabeth Smith came to Australia on, and is preparing a book, tells us that as well as his common-law wife Thomas had taken a mistress and he actually died at the home of the mistress. The authorities called Elizabeth to come and collect the body and she was not best pleased, and made that obvious at the inquest. The mistress claimed Thomas had just been passing and felt unwell and asked to come in and lie down but I don't think anyone believed that was the true story......

The Report of the Inquest is part of the holdings of the NSW State Archives.  It has been digitised and is available online via their partnership with some commercial family history websites. 

Here is my transcription of the Depositions of both Elizabeth Smith and Elizabeth Graham.
Elizabeth Smith Sworn deposit that the Deceased Thomas Rushton left his house between eight and nine oclock this morning in perfect health and good spirits and in about 20 minutes after a Girl came running to Deposith to say the Deceased was at the house of Mrs Graham in a Fit. Deposith who is house keeper to (not deciphered)  declined going to the House where the deceased lay but sent her Servant, Mick.  Deposith further sent the servant for Dr Bland.   
Signed by El SMITH.

Elizabeth Graham sworn deposit that the Deceased Mr Thos Rushton came to her House about ten oclock this morning and after entering into conversation some short time with her complained of a pain in his shoulder or neck and requested to be allowed to law down at her bed. He lay down and immediately after appeared to be in a fit and in a very short time after expired, Deposith sent for Dr Bland who did not arrived until the Deceased had exported.  Deposith also sent for several of her neighbours who were present at this time.
The Mark of Elizabeth Graham. 

I see nothing in any part of the Inquest document to suggest that Elizabeth SMITH was displeased, sorry.  To me, it is a typical Inquest report. 


Please read 'lay' for 'law' and 'expired' for exported  ... predicative text on kindle e reader - sorry.


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