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Yes I'd well believe it!

Cork / Re: What newspaper is referenced as CMC
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Donegal / Re: Donegal Ancestors Mystery
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Says he was Born 1818 and Event was 1836

Always read the source document and never trust a transcription. The event was in 1836 and Daniel McCorgary was suspected, having been ejected from the house some 18 years previously.

 ;D  No problem. 

He certainly held a grudge!!

Cork / Re: What newspaper is referenced as CMC
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Hi Hallmark,
Thanks for your last two messages.

Can  you please advise the source of the image that you attached to your second message as it states: 'I cannot pretend to have added much to it' ( i.e. to GEC's Complete Peerage) as I would like to investigate how much information your source has added to GEC's work.


It seems to be notes

about the Pedigree he did

Cork / Re:Memoirs and anecdotes of Philip Thicknesse
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Memoirs and anecdotes of Philip Thicknesse, late lieutenant governor of Land Guard Fort, and unfortunately father to George Touchet, Baron Audley
by Thicknesse, Philip, 1719-1792

Cork / Re: What newspaper is referenced as CMC
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Over 5000 acres in county Cork, the propery of George Edward Thicknesse-Touchet, Barony Audley, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court in June 1852. The lands were located in the baronies of East and West Carbery. A further 1900 acres were offered for sale in November 1852. This latter sale notice includes a report by Mr. English on the Audley mines. Robert Nourragh was leasing some of this property in the parish of Ross, barony of East Carbery, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. A Landed Estates Court sale notice of November 1867 indicates that some 3000 acres of this estate had been purchased in 1852 by Thomas Saunders Cave, who was offering for sale in the 1867 notice.

Cork / Re: What newspaper is referenced as CMC
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Cork / Re: What newspaper is referenced as CMC
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Earls of Castlehaven

    George Touchet, 1st Earl of Castlehaven and Baron Audley of Orier, 11th Baron Audley of Heleigh, 8th Baron Touchet (15511617)
    Mervyn Touchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven, 12th Baron Audley of Heleigh, 9th Baron Touchet (15931631) forfeit 1631, his English Barony of Audley of Heleigh, being descendible to heirs general was forfeited, but the Irish peerages were protected.
    James Touchet, 3rd Earl of Castlehaven, 1st Baron Audley of Hely, 13th Baron Audley of Heleigh (c. 16171684) In 1678 he had the English Barony of Audley of Heleigh restored to him with remainder "to his heirs for ever".
    Mervyn Touchet, 4th Earl of Castlehaven, 14th Baron Audley of Heleigh (d. 1686)
    James Touchet, 5th Earl of Castlehaven, 15th Baron Audley of Heleigh (d. 1700)
    James Touchet, 6th Earl of Castlehaven, 16th Baron Audley of Heleigh (d. 1740)
    James Touchet, 7th Earl of Castlehaven, 17th Baron Audley of Heleigh (17231769)

 John Touchet, 8th Earl of Castlehaven, 18th Baron Audley of Heleigh (17241777)

The Earldom of Castlehaven and Baronies of Audley of Hely and Audley of Orier became extinct and the Barony of Audley of Heleigh passed to his nephew and heir.

Technical Help / Re: Internet Explorer stopped working
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Use Firefox and try FB.... 

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