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Going by the girlís bobbed hairstyle Iíd say late twenties to thirties.
The heavy fringe is classic for that time.
Hope this helps.


To be truthful I have never before been aware of Calvinist Methodists,that is just my ignorance not me questioning your post.
Calvinism is usually associated with Scotland and John Knox .
How interesting,Charles and John Wesley started Methodism and Wales was
particularly strong in that branch of Christianity.
Do let us know what you find out,I know we will see what RootsChatters come up with but also from other sources.
Best of luck with your searches.

Although the body of Jesus  had gone I must say the object at the right does rather resemble a body in what look like the strips a mummy would be wound in.
The gospels speak of grave cloths,and we donít know if they were large pieces or strips.
The significance of the horn  ? may be a container for spices and anointing oils.
How fascinating  to have that in your home.

The Common Room / Re: Medieval Child Marriage in Tudor Times
« on: Wednesday 15 August 18 20:44 BST (UK)  »
Well Margaret Beaufort was married to Edmund Tudor at about twelve  or thirteen.
She quickly became pregnant and gave birth when still only thirteen.
It was such a difficult birth she was never able to have more children(for which I imagine she was extremely thankful given the damage she had sustained.)
Henry Tudor was supposedly born 1457 and his mother supposedly in 1441 making her
16 ,But it has always been held she was much younger.
Babies were betrothed as has been stated ,for political advancement.,but the actual marriage was later even though  a marriage by proxy had taken place.
Girls of noble families were just goods to be bartered.

The left hand might be holding a lit candle,and the left ,well, something twisted?
I think a lady would have her hair coiffed,mostly they covered it up,so a man is perhaps more likely.
Could thar thing at extreme left  be a barrel as has been suggested?
Gosh what a mystery.
Do you have any history of the house?
Anywhere locally, Harwich Heritage /Historical  Society that could help?

You have started something! ;D

The Gunpowder Plot was1605,the style of sleeves and pants on the image are not far off those of that period but I think a little earlier if anything.
The hat though is earlier.
How did it come into the posession of the people who have it now?
A wall painting is surely very old.
Do let us know.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: help in deciphering this image
« on: Wednesday 15 August 18 09:04 BST (UK)  »
The hat the person is wearing is very like that in the portrait of Edward the
Fourth,and Richard the Third was also painted wearing that style.
Edward  reigned 1461-83.
Richard 1483-85.
Canít make out what it is on the left side, a barrel, a tied up pig- there seems to be an ear.
The puffed up sleeves  though suggest Elizabethan times also the full pleated pants.
Are those legs in green hose on the lower border?
Wonder if the script is Welsh.?
Hope you find out more ,
It certainly looks authentic and warrants full investigation.


The Lighter Side / Re: International Left Handers Day!
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 22:10 BST (UK)  »
Interesting Victoria...when I was in the Infants School and stayed school dinners for a time, the teacher sat at the head of the table. Noticing that I was left handed, she sat me next to her and insisted that I "Use my knife and fork in the correct manner" despite me explaining that I was left handed. When I told my Mum about this, she turned up in the dining room one lunch time and approached said teacher and swapped her cutlery round telling her to "Try it this way" to which she replied that "It was foreign to her and she couldn't possibly use her cutlery that way" My Mum told her that was how it felt for me. I was never bothered by her again.
Well done your Mum!
People offer toys and food to babies and young children via their right hand,
but it is best to let the baby decide, certainly for a time they seem to be left handed but will make their choice as they get a bit older.
It must be very confusing for young children.
During  one course I was on it was said to make a child change hands was somewhat similar to us trying to do something in a mirror,it
is all back to front and very confusing.
It is a right handed world mostly but left handed manage perfectly well,better than being forced to use their non dominant hand.
People thought they were doing it for the best but bed wetting, stammering and nail biting were frequent problems.
I do feel more comfy in certain circumstances using my left hand,usually only gross motor tasks.

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