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Technical Help / Re: FindMyPast routinely logs me out - is it me?
« on: Friday 03 August 18 05:04 BST (UK)  »
For none important browsing or does not matter if internet security is low.

I still use internet explorer with Norton security extensions for Windows 10 with the old warning ' Explains why' With Norton pop up box dialog boxes that pop up. On the to horizontal menu -ie:- File, Edit, View, Fav's, Tools , Help.

Click tools

On the down menu-Chose your options

In "Delete browsing history" a dialog box appears about website passwords


"In private browsing"


'Turn on tracking protection'


'ActiveX Filtering'


"Windows Defender SmartScreen filter"


Put curser on top of page and mouse - Right click and activate 'Command bar'.

Another cross menu pops up

Now refined options with Windows defender and Norton (If you use Norton Security for belt and braziers protection)


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Another 2 marriage records - same groom?
« on: Thursday 02 August 18 05:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi Edward

Related F H documentation to your Thomas Smith should refine info, the 1857 marriage, states the father and son ( both first name Thomas) were Plumbers, the groom was aged 23, (son Thomas the groom) born 1834 ish and the  likely be with his father (and mother) on the 1841c and 1851 c. Plumbers on trade directories would be a family small busnesses is likely, both the father and son having the same trade possible apprentice documentation. A Will/probate or administration death related info like a gravestone( with other family in the same grave named as well)/newspaper info of the father Thomas a plumber maybe help or burial records who else is buried in a same grave.

By a known year of age of George Hood 1815 aged 28 years old marriage to Sarah Russel Selby.

Thus York to Selby to Hull all connected by the river Ouse by boats or inland ships and Knottingley
/Ferrybridge connected by canal from Goole (Large Aire/Calder navigation or the small narrow canal to Selby)

John Hood, his known daughter  Mrs Maudland Turner and Russell's all buzzing about on the waterways above

A George Hood baptism (A port with Newcastle on the river Tyne - ) Gateshead 1786 son of John Hood ( a one off parish register event or only child ever baptised there by John Hood)
 A George Hood Cooper Selby 1812 land tax and later years settles in Selby for his life time.
 A George Hood 1813 Knottingley  land tax (another one off event)

1805 to 1812 George Hood would 18 years old in 1805 and 25 years old in 1812
1807 George aged 20 now coming out of his apprentice time as a skilled cooper
1807 Richard Gibson cooper to 1811/12 in some financial a mess.
1812 George aged 25 now a young man established in Wren lane in Selby from R Gibson as a cooper.

Miss Sarah Russel a Straw hat maker

I am still uncertain about these signatures, I know that those in 1828 & 1857 are the same person and feel that 1819 is as well. However I would really appreciate others thoughts



The writer in all 3 images is very precise with his dot exactly over the letter 'I' in Smith and always a twiddle above the horizontal line crossing the T as said in all 3 images.

The T in Thomas on the 1819 and 1857, though 38 years time difference, the J part of the T slopes (leans slightly forward) at a similar angle, length of the J and the horizontal line of the T ( Like a letter L on its side from the J to make the T) have similar style and at a guess the same writer.

The mas in Thomas seems to bend up slightly in comparison of the 1819 and 1828 Thomas's.
 - Tho /       (/ = mas)

Also the M in Smith also goes up on a slight angle 1819 and 1828 Smith's-infact both Smith words seem to have a slight upward bow in them, or if written on a slight curved line.

That exact dot over letter ' I ' and  'm' suggest same writer.

Technical Help / Re: FindMyPast routinely logs me out - is it me?
« on: Sunday 29 July 18 04:24 BST (UK)  »
If your on windows 10

Click 'start menu'

Then Click 'control panel'

Either a drop down menu in the start menu list will appear or a full page will come up of items to click on

Find 'System' and click on it

On the page that comes up - Top left down menu - click on 'remote settings'

A dialog small box will appear called 'System properties"

There will be a tick box called 'Remote assistance'

Make sure the tick box is empty. (meaning no tick in the little Square box")

If the box is empty ? - then their is no official remote outside interference of your computer. ( Your internet security takes care of hackers and ports or warns of an incoming access attack)

If the remote box is empty then your problem is with FindMyPast or their website sign in access time limiter (Auto shut off)

Keep digging Mark as at last your finding good info in the right time period.


Hi, Mark

A picture is forming with dates and positives of this John Hood but must not forget the obvious dates and John's status widower at time of some dates

Possible marriages post 1775

Sarah Hammond 1778 widow London

Elizabeth Gibson 1779 Newcastle

George Hood bapt 1786 Gateshead son of John Hood (this John's only child baptised there  & possible reason John was a sailor on the moved) did Ship Industry call there en-route to Russia

You have info now, that fits John Hood's birth year 1738/1739 Scarborough, residing Selby in time frame 1780 to 1819 (From death age 82 estimate born 1737/8) . - land tax info, now his maritime info, daughter Maudland Turners nee Hood's children's dades baptism info (Spencer Scarborough), John Hood marriage age born 1738 to Liz Spencer (Widow Leppington).

Liz Spencer (Hood died 1775 mother of Maudland Hood)

Sarah Hammond widow Bond Allegation to a John Hood widower of Scarborough 1778 in London

Elizabeth Gibson 1779 Newcastle  ???

Jane Hood burial 1803 wife of John Hood a mariner Selby

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: The HARPIST
« on: Tuesday 24 July 18 23:03 BST (UK)  »
What it looks like today.,-0.5120369,3a,26.6y,271.78h,89.22t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sLDSjDz1Lb-zurwGxJ3zIXA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

On the side by side maps

on the black and white left old map in link- see buildings above where it says B M 20.5 is where the Swan (Butts) hotel was.

There is a railway hotel but no Butts hotel or Swan Hotel at the location where the hotel should be above     B M 20.5.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Sarah Ann Thewlis
« on: Tuesday 24 July 18 04:06 BST (UK)  »
1851 Census - HO107/2292 folio 556, page 13
Wooldale, Mirfield  ???

James Thewliss - 45 - Plumber & Glazier employing 1 Apprentice
Sarah - 43
Elizabeth - 17 - Dressmaker and Milliner
Mary Ann - 6
James - 4

All born Kirkburton, except James (father) = Huddersfield

Wooldale is Holmfirth not Mirfield

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