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London and Middlesex / Death Registration and burial
« on: Friday 11 August 17 19:46 BST (UK)  »
Greater London Burial Index includes:
Mary Ann Lloyd, 57, Little Sutton St, 8 Jan 1854 age 56, St Thomas Charterhouse, Islington

There are three death registions in 1854 for Mary Lloyd - no Mary Ann's - Hackney, Southwark and Marylebone. None fall in the first quarter.

Any ideas?

« on: Wednesday 08 February 17 19:45 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Max, I'll give them a try, but I suspect French newspaper archives are more likely to carry a report.

« on: Wednesday 08 February 17 18:03 GMT (UK)  »
Are these papers searchable by location and/or name? If you could let me know how to find the online archives for the papers, I'd be grateful...............and if you know how I go about finding a professional researcher, preferably someone who speaks French and English..........I'd be grateful for that information too.

Donegal / Re: Leeper Family
« on: Wednesday 08 February 17 06:52 GMT (UK)  »
Yes thanks. Contact has now been made. An excellent result.

« on: Tuesday 07 February 17 14:48 GMT (UK)  »
Yes - he was working for Pamol - a subsidiary of Unilever. His job was to set up a new branch of the company and he worked closely with another male employee. I got in touch with quite a few of the men my Dad was have worked with, but unfortunately, the one person who could have told me most was in a nursing home. All the other people told me Dad must have been with French friends.......hence my belief any accident may have been recorded by the Embassy in Younde or Victoria.

« on: Tuesday 07 February 17 13:47 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, yes. I have two death certificates - one registered at the British Consul and the other a Cameroon non-native certificate. The cause of death stated on one of the certificates is "immersion".

Many years before this, in 1939, he needed to get out of occupied France and the only way he was able to do this was to join the French Army. His French Army Service record confirms this, and his service in North Africa until 1943, when the Allies won. From that time, he had no apparent involvement with the French again - but the service record shows every post-war date he went into Nigeria and/or Cameroon, as a civilian and with his family who understood he had a civilian job with no military or intellience involvement.
In 1944, he was flown into the UK and recruited by MI6.
Cameroon was a hot bed of political intrigue in 1963/64 and was being carved up by various countries. Hence my wish to confirm the nature of his hopefully obtaining an eye-witness report!

« on: Monday 06 February 17 17:56 GMT (UK)  »
Yet another door slammed in my face in my fairly hopeless attempts to find out more about my father's death in Cameroon in 1964. As he was dual French/English and apparently socialising with French friends when the purported accident occurred, I made an approach to the French Consul in Yaounde. Letter received today basically tells me : Je vous informe que la section consulaire de l'Ambassade de France au Cameroun n'est pas en mesure d'effectuer de telles recherches. En effect, la recherche dans l'interest des familles est un service qui n'est plus rendu par l'administration francaise dupuis 2013. Je vous invite donc a adresser vos demandes a des professionels de la recherche privee.

Why, why why is it necessary to get a professional researcher? .........Anyone happen to have contact with someone who would take this up?

Have a look at Legacy too - it's a good deal cheaper than Reunion and I like the way it synchs easily to my iPad and iPhone


I was under the impression that Legacy was only compatible with Windows?

Thanks very much Peter. You've certainly given me more to think about. At first glance Reunion looks good - shame about the price tag, but worth it to leave Windows behind!

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