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The Common Room / Trying to find information on a Maggie Forrest
« on: Tuesday 15 August 17 08:53 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

Maggie think it may be a Forrest maiden name born March 1st 1915 Hyde Stockport  UK came to county Little Falls in 1923 BOARD THE S.S. BALTIC SHIP , She was a graduate of  Little Falls  High School class of 1933 she married  to a Harold B Tim- merman  for about 42 years, May be Presbyterian
where she married or/ died, he died  Little Falls?    have got a date of July 4,1942  first Presbyterian church. Mr Timmerman or Tim-merman predeceased her on November 2,1984.  Maggie died  91  of 1178 Davis road Little falls  died  Wednesday January 24, 2007 at her residence following a brief  illness. trying to find out if Maggie was a Forrest ,got info long time ago from Sarah  israel and notice in Newspaper.   Could  Anyone  help me find exact info  for family History  appreciate thanks. Fishy

The Common Room / i was looking for second someone in a house Joel lane Hyde
« on: Thursday 13 July 17 04:26 BST (UK)  »
I have found my second cousin still alive in Joel lane thanks to my good detective work.
thanks for people who helped  i wrote to her and got a reply.


Lanarkshire / thinking of emailing or writing to a newspaper in Glasgow
« on: Thursday 29 June 17 06:50 BST (UK)  »
Thinking of emailing, or writing to a newspaper in Glasgow asking if they can print for me that I am trying to find a distant relative. could someone suggest to me which is the best paper to  contact.

 Hi Berlin bob, & Everyone,

Thanks for your help, Patients, i will do what you suggest no more names I will put up. will try writing letter to address with Name and question mark I have done it before to and have sometimes got an answer.  that was my last resort anyway.
A big thank you, However did find some names but have to pay and will try without paying by sending a letter.
regards fishy

Hi Dawnsh,

Thanks for your reply,

No I have not written a letter,  how can i have not got a number for the Lane where my second cousin lives, I feel the same feelings has you say but would still like to have someone call on the houses as i have information for her. Not good these days to do that really,

Hi Annette 7,
from Suffolk uk

Thanks for the look up and your reply. appreciate it, Have thought of snail mail, but have no number  only that it is Joel lane Hyde. You say you seen that she is still living there on the  Electroll Roll would you know what the number of the house is then, so I can snail mail her. When she emailed me from  roots chat in 2010 she gave me address but forgot to put number on. changed email address lost contact.
barbara fishy

Hi Ruskie,
Thanks for reply,
Yes i would like someone .
I do not think you can look at Electroll  rolls anymore, unless Tameside  you can. 
yes I have googled street view and saw the houses there it is a long Lane where she could be living.
Only have names.
Fishy May have to try a moderator

Hi  wondered if someone please who lives in the tameside area could go to the Lane where my second cousin lived and still may be living there.  I cannot as I live in Australia. We lost contact in 2010

Hi Stan,

Thanks for your reply, yes that could be what she was working in the shop or owned , she could have been  a little younger when she was in it, the mind  boggles  what she could have done. thanks for the times notice.


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