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Carmarthenshire Completed Requests / Re: Old Road cemetery, felinfoel, llanelli burials
« on: Wednesday 11 January 17 12:25 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks very much. I will go and have a look !



Haven't been on this site for a while, so apologies for the very late response. Which graveyard in Felinfoel is this grave, please. Is it the church graveyard itself or one of the others.

many thanks


Hello Bonnie
Thank you for your kindness. This may sound amazing, but I have just looked at my census documents for the Trokes in 1861 and 1871......guess where they are living.....unbelievably they are living in Wick Lane !!! I can't believe the address still exists.

From my side of the Trokes : Frances Harriet Troke born in 1859 and died in 1942. She married William charles Read in 1878 in Christchurch. their son John Albert read was my great grand father.
The Reads also lived in Christchurch and I am trying to find them. In 1911 Frances Harriet was living at 2 Priory Road with her husband and children.

Frances Troke's parents were George and Caroline. George and Caroline were living in Wick road in 1861. George was a bricklayer.

I have just found a herbert Troke age 20 in  the 1911 census, occupation: driver of milk cart. He is not yet married and is living with his parents at 34 wick lane. Maybe this was John Troke's father.

My Frances Harriet had a brother called Sidney George and a sister called Susannah.

There are a lot of Troke descendants living in Hampshire and it would be very nice to  see if John Troke knows anything.

Kind regards
Hobbyhorse  (Anne)

US Lookup Requests / Re: American federal census lookup please . Elizabeth Leather
« on: Wednesday 15 October 14 11:23 BST (UK)  »
Yes Salford Lad and I are related. My great grandfather was Joseph, half brother of his Grandfather James. Both sons of Joseph Leather, greengrocer, who sadly hung himself in 1898.

However...... you mention that Joseph senior's first wife was Christine White. I do not have this person or have I traced the incorrect first marriage ??

I have the first wife as Catherine Smith, born 1844 died 13th Jan 1875. Married Joseph Leather in Witton 1st march 1863. I have found them in the 1871 census, living in Northwich with son James age 1.

Have I traced the wrong first wife, if so I apologize.

kind regards

Hello Bonnie
The  John Troke you know must be a relation. That's really amazing. I wonder if he would know any of his family history.

I have a copy marriage certificate for Caroline Eveleigh and George Troke at christchurch parish church 10 dec 1854. Her father was Stephen Troke. Unable to find a christening for Caroline.
I have found a lot on Familysearch.
kind regards

Thanks for looking. I already have the marriage for Sophia mundy. Thanks again. Hobbyhorse

I am having difficulty finding the parish records for Christchurch on line. I have found some on Familysearch and some on Ancestry, but with not much in the way of detail and some not at all.
I am looking for the ancestors of Caroline Everleigh born 1824 possibly John everleigh ( father) and Elizabeth Biddlecombe? can't find any trace of Biddlecombes ! John everleigh's mother may have been susanna Brereton ?
Also Stephen troke born 1890 married Sophia Monday/munday in Christchurch may 1813. I have found a possible father for Stephen- John Troake . Any information of possible baptisms of marriages for any of these people in Christchurch would be gratefully received. Thank you .

London and Middlesex / Re: 'Walters millions' estate. courtcase & Treasury.
« on: Monday 19 May 14 13:02 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply. I do find it really strange that I can't find any mention of it in archived newspapers or on the internet. However it it wasn't for my gran who gave my a lot of accurate information, before she passed away, I would not have been able to do my family tree. She did have a very good memory and everything else has been correct. But it is very odd that we can find nothing. According to my gran a member of the family went over to Ceylon and did make a fortune from a plantation. They died over there, intestate and another member put a claim in and ended up losing his house over court fees, when the money went to the chancery. My gran also said that the marriage records, providing the link were destroyed by fire, in Llangynog church. There was a fire in that church and records were lost. Thanks for looking, I am very grateful. hobbyhorse

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