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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Latin maybe/maybe not!
« on: Thursday 18 January 18 06:40 GMT (UK)  »
Having trouble with the first part of the second line of this piece of calligraphy. Latin or not?

Xenophon saith sleep not at any time Without repentance
  ?    ?      ?   me Guliel Fynney de Fynney Lane

He was William Fynney.
Do you think the horizontal line across the final ‘l’ in his name indicates the abbreviation for Gulielmus?

I’ve included the first part of the alphabet underneath to show the ‘G’ of Guliel.
He only does capital letters underneath - no lower case to try and compare those in the verse.
Many thanks.

The Common Room / Question about PCC wills on Ancestry
« on: Tuesday 16 January 18 04:07 GMT (UK)  »
I have found the will of Richard Batemen, (he was of Hartington Hall, Derbyshire), on TNA wills page. 31st May 1652.

However, try as I might, I cannot find it on Ancestry.
The only thing I can think of is, as it is available to download (at a cost) from TNA, it has not been put on Ancestry.
Anyone know if this is so - that wills available to buy from TNA are not on Ancestry?

Thanks very much

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Identification of a couple of coats of arms
« on: Monday 15 January 18 21:59 GMT (UK)  »

I have a ‘quarterings’ of the Fynney family from Staffordshire. It tells the story of the ancestry of that family, and the families they married into. (This has to be the most illustrious family in my ancestry!)
aka Finey, Fines, Fienes, Fineaux etc
The actual ancestry of the Fynney family is documented on many sites.

I have been able to put names to the majority of them, but there are a few that have me stumped.

The most puzzling one is number 8. The single black bend on a silver ground.
This is supposed to be for the Monceaux family of Herstmonceaux, but anything that comes up for them are much more elaborate affairs.
(Sir John de Fienes married Maud Monceaux about 1325. Her father was Sir John Monceaux, and her mother Olympia (nobody seems to know her name). The Monceaux family hailed from Moncheaux, near Neufchatel in Normandy)

Another one is number 5. (This is the first one in the ‘ancestry’ - the top 4 supposedly being for the Fynney families.)
The quarters 1 & 4 on number 5 are the arms of the Counts of Boulogne (3 red torteaux on a gold ground), but I can’t track down the red flag in quarters 2 & 3. any ideas?
(Ingelram de Fiennes married Sibyl de Tingree about 1170. Her father was Pharamus de Tingree, Count of Boulogne. He was nephew to Maude, Queen of England, wife of King Stephen. Her father also related to Godfrey de Boulogne, ‘King of Jerusalem’).

I have another question about numbers 1- 4, but will leave that for another day.
Any help gratefully received.
Thank you.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / A little bit of colour for the twins
« on: Sunday 14 January 18 03:58 GMT (UK)  »
Is it possible to colour just parts  of this please?
I know the little girl’s dress was pale yellow underneath with red net on the top.
And the little boy’s trousers red to match.
If they could be coloured with maybe the basket of flowers that would be wonderful.
Thank you so much.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / "Ao. Ci." abbreviations
« on: Sunday 31 December 17 06:39 GMT (UK)  »
Any ideas what looks like 'Ao. Ci' is on this? It's a brass plaque on a pew in a church.
There is more to it - I don't think the thing was necessarily written in 1667, but much later, naming all the people who had the pew.
'I Holland' was a John Holland.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Latin from 1649
« on: Saturday 23 December 17 05:31 GMT (UK)  »
This is written at the end of a court document.
I’m hoping it is the decision, but I don’t hold out much hope.
Most of it seems to be the date - I can make out the 9th of April
1649 (I think).

Thanks for any help.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 3 more words from 1611
« on: Wednesday 20 December 17 20:48 GMT (UK)  »
Another 3 words here I'm having trouble with if anyone can help.
The said
Earle and his Tennants owe  their S..... to the ? and ?
of Macclesfeild

Some more of this text here for comparison of letters

The little word looks as if it might start with the same 'L' as the first 'Lordshipp' (in the previous clip)? So possibly 'Leet' as in the Court Leet?

Many thanks

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Three words 1611
« on: Tuesday 19 December 17 20:13 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know what the abbreviation here that looks like 'Copp' is please? It appears quite often. The first time it looks more like an 'E' at the beginning of the word, but subsequent ones look more like a 'C'

Also the word starting with In....... before the Duke of Buckingham.
And the word starting with A........

William Earle of Darby holdeth to him and his heires in fee simple
the Copp    of Bosley within the Forrest of Macclesfield sometyme the
Ins........        of the Duke of Buckingham of the yearely rent of

xlv li xj s vij d to him the said Earle.  In which said Copp  the
said Earle and his A..........  have usually kept a Court Baron

Many thanks

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Date on 1611 Survey
« on: Monday 18 December 17 21:12 GMT (UK)  »
I can see this is 3d Sept, but what are the couple of squiggles after Anno Dom (Is it Dom?) and before what I think is Jacobi (James)?
It's from the 1611 survey of Macclesfield.

Thanks very much

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