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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Dates in C33 Court of Chancery
« on: Wednesday 09 May 18 00:24 BST (UK)  »
I have found some documents on the Waalt site in C33, but am unsure about the date of them. No date seems to appear on the actual page image - I guess it is back somewhere on another page.
Can anybody figure this out?
They are in C33/181, and for an Edward Fynney, James Fynney, William Fynney and Elizabeth Fynney.
Here is the link to the index on Waalt.
Am I right in thinking  the “T1642” and “H1642” refer to the year 1642?
Perhaps ‘Trinity’ and ‘Hilary’ terms?
(1642 would fit with the names of those Fynney names I have).

I have tried searching C33 on National Archives to cross reference, but looks as if I’m doing something wrong! - I don’t get any hits for ‘Fynney’.

Any enlightenment gratefully received!

Thanks very much

Staffordshire / Visiting Stafford RO?
« on: Sunday 29 April 18 04:29 BST (UK)  »
Is anybody going to Stafford Record Office?
I have found a document ref D4124, “Papers of the Lane family of Kings Bromley”.
The first document in it is “Notes regarding the Lane family”, and  mentions a “William Lane of Newton Hall near Macclesfield”, who appears in my Cheshire Lane tree, although I have not been able to ‘join the dots’ with him and those of Kings Bromley.

I would be very keen to get a copy of this document.

There is also a document D6584/A/241 “Summary Lane pedigree [beginning with William Lane temp. Charles II]” which would seem also worth taking a look at.

I would be happy to pay the photography fee is anybody is willing to do this.

Thank you very much.

The Common Room / Missing birth registration
« on: Saturday 14 April 18 08:39 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help in finding a birth registation please.

It is for a Florence Goddard.

She is on the 1881 Census with her grandparents Charles and Anna Goddard in Thingoe, Troston, Suffolk.
She is given as being aged 9, and born in Croyden Surrey, and is ‘Florence A C” Goddard. (so born about 1872).
Later, on her first marriage in 1894 to Stevenson Macdonald in Acton, Middlesex,   she says she is Florence Amy Cousins Goddard, aged 22. (born 1872).
On her second marriage to Alexander James Macdonald (Stevenson’s brother) in New Zealand in 1807, she is ‘aged 38’ and was ‘born at sea’.
On both marriages she says her father was ‘Charles Murray Cousins Goddard’ a naval captain (deceased in 1894).
I can find no trace of her birth, or even a registration, or any trace of a Charles Murray Cousins Goddard, either in the navy or not.

On her second marriage, she gives her mother’s name as Sarah Goddard, nee Canham.
Canham was the maiden name of her GRANDMOTHER Anna, who married her grandfather Charles (of the 1881 Census), in 1839 at Thingoe, Suffolk. They did indeed have a daughter named Sarah (Goddard), who would have been the right age to have a daughter Florence around 1872.
I have Sarah on later Censuses. She married later on and had no children.
I’m thinking Florence was Sarah’s illegitimate daughter, and it would seem this whole story about her father was just that - a made up story.

Having said that, she should still have been registered around 1872, but I can’t find it, even with the ‘maiden names’ given in the site.

Any ideas gratefully received! Many thanks.

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Tyrrell marriage look up
« on: Monday 26 March 18 22:03 BST (UK)  »
I would like to find out more about the marriage of a 'Han' Charles Tyrrell in April 1898.
(It is transcribed as 'Han' on at least 2 web sites, and as 'Henry' on another).
The marriage is registered in the Blything registration district.
I understand this district no longer exists.
I think the Tyrrells (Tyrells) were from Haughley, and I'm hoping from the 2 names given on the index, that he married Sarah Goddard.
In the 1881 and 1891, Sarah Goddard works as a cook/housekeeper in the h/h of the Tyrrells at Haughley.  I can't find her in 1901, so I suspect the above is her marriage.

I'm not sure if anybody can check marriages at this date - I realise I may just have to bite the bullet and send for the certificate!

Thanks in advance

The Common Room / Rootsweb on Ancestry - Good news!
« on: Tuesday 06 March 18 21:06 GMT (UK)  »
Message today re Rootsweb which has been off-line for some time.

Update: March 6, 2018
We have some good news on our progress to bring RootsWeb back online. As of today, the RootsWeb mailing lists are now available to use, meaning you can now send and receive email on RootsWeb email lists just like you used to in the past. In addition to making the site more secure, we’ve upgraded our backend system to provide an easier-to-use interface to manage your email list subscriptions

So they are starting to get it back on-line. It looks like not everything yet, but they have made a  start. Good news as there were some really helpful sites on there that some people had spent years putting together to help others.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Last piece of Court of Session document
« on: Friday 23 February 18 07:37 GMT (UK)  »
This is the last bit I can’t make out in this Court of Session document from 1791.
It is written on the front of the document - along with various other bits and pieces.

“I clerk to the Doer
for the charger consent
to this Be ??ing
passed on ??

“Clerk to the Doer” seems to occur later in the document too.
Anyone know if this is correct? and what it means?

Any help with the other words gratefully received!

I think the ‘squiggle’ after ‘Pain of Rebellion’ must be ‘etc’
I have looked this up, and found the full phrase is usually ‘Under Pain of rebellion and putting (him) to the horn’.

Can anyone tell me what it means!
I think a ‘pain’ was a fine, but ‘putting to the horn’?

Sounds nasty!

Many thanks

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Couple of words in a Court of Session document
« on: Tuesday 20 February 18 08:45 GMT (UK)  »
This is from a document in the Court of Session at National Records of Scotland.

Just a couple of words here .They are underlined in the document - not by me.

The case concerns a weaver who impersonated another weaver to get his work. This is an appeal by the manufacturers to not have to pay him.

...Letters in Russels name which
are ready to be produced 3tio
In all Contracts betwixt
Master and Servant there
is a De?    ?  We
accordingly chose and
engaged Russel for our
workman so that if another ..

The ‘3tio’ I take as '3rd’ - it is the third point the manufacturers have made for their case against him.

Any ideas?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Latin maybe/maybe not!
« on: Thursday 18 January 18 06:40 GMT (UK)  »
Having trouble with the first part of the second line of this piece of calligraphy. Latin or not?

Xenophon saith sleep not at any time Without repentance
  ?    ?      ?   me Guliel Fynney de Fynney Lane

He was William Fynney.
Do you think the horizontal line across the final ‘l’ in his name indicates the abbreviation for Gulielmus?

I’ve included the first part of the alphabet underneath to show the ‘G’ of Guliel.
He only does capital letters underneath - no lower case to try and compare those in the verse.
Many thanks.

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