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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / English or Latin?
« on: Yesterday at 21:28 »
This is about half of this document - a Final concord, written 1665.
According to TNA site, this is written in English, but I'm not convinced.

I can make out some names - on the 3rd line there is Willm Lane & Hugonem Ford.... Johem Rowley gen(t)? & Elizabeth, plus some others, then what would appear to be some indication of 'acres' and 'pasture'.

And on the 5th line are place names - Tunstall, Bagnold, Horton, Norton, Slyn alias Slyndon, Ridgway & Eccleshall (these are given on the precis on TNA).

Any help gratefully received! Thank you.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / A couple of words from an Inventory 1636
« on: Tuesday 09 October 18 06:55 BST (UK)  »
Can anybody see what these rooms are please in this Inventory?

1 cupbord in the parlor
1  pere ^of bedstockes^ in the ?parllor
2 pere in the nere Chamber
2 pere in the farre? chamber
1 pere in the ould chamber
1 pere in the ? ?
4 cheres

Many thanks

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Word in baptism register from 1634
« on: Thursday 20 September 18 11:50 BST (UK)  »
There are a few baptisms in this register from 1634 which are actually in English, but in which the writer has used a Latin phrase at the end of each entry.
'Anno p.......'.
I'm suspect some meaning like 'aforesaid', but does anybody know the exact word?
Thanks very much.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1638 letter missing words
« on: Friday 14 September 18 11:03 BST (UK)  »
I would be grateful is someone could look at this and try and fill in the gaps.
According to the precis on the Cheshire RO website, it is a letter from William Colly to the Escheator of Cheshire, requesting advice about the estate of Ralph Astley.
The note doesn’t tell me much else I don’t think, but there are a few bits I can’t make out.
Thank you very much.


Mr Escheatr, my sole (?) remembred unto you. Of
Late one Rauffe Astley of Golborne Bellowe
dy(cis?) he held some lands in Cap?    by
reason whereof his sonne Edward is to fine
fynde an office & sue lyvery. I am tuld(?)
a weitt will not be granted un[    ] you
write for it. I pray advise & d?
the [   ]  [   ]what is fitt & will be
required in that case(?) & I will see your
pa[  ] all fees and [   ] this [     ]
your favours [    ] thankfull & remayne
                       your lovaigne frende

Warwickshire / Library of Birmingham
« on: Wednesday 05 September 18 23:38 BST (UK)  »
Is there anyone who can visit the ‘Library of Birmingham’ for me to take some photographs of a few documents there please. This is one in Centennial Square I believe.

I have contacted the library and got this response
‘I regret to say that we do not have the capacity to run a copying or research service at the present time.’

So not only can they not do research there for you (it is the first time I have come across a depository of archives that have said this), but they can’t even just COPY anything.

They have web pages extolling their importance of heritage documents, then you can’t get at them if you can’t actually visit! As I’m on the other side of the world, this would prove somewhat difficult.
I suspect  ‘capacity’ means lack of funding!
What a way to support a major library.

The documents in question are Rent rolls and Court Rolls from the very early 1600s.
I can send refs etc if anyone is willing to go.
I would be happy to pay the photography fee (if there is one), plus a bit extra for your time.
(This system has worked well when other very kind Rootschatters have gone to Record Offices for me).

Many thanks indeed

I have put this on the Staffordshire Board as well just in case
Oops, Warwickshire. Thanks Carol.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Wife's name on Baptism entry
« on: Tuesday 28 August 18 05:09 BST (UK)  »
Can anybody make out the name of John Brownsord's wife please? The transcriber hasn't even made an attempt on findmypast.
(There is another entry for a child, a daughter of Thomas 'Brownsword', which must be the same family)
Starts with a 'J' the same as 'John'?

The Common Room / Good news from Familysearch
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 22:41 BST (UK)  »

At the Family History Expo in Auckland a couple of weekends ago, the very nice lady from Familysearch who had come to do a seminar, (she was ‘Vice Principal of Business Development’ no less), had some intersting statistics about Familysearch.
a) They are adding new records at the rate of 1,000,000 a day.
b) Only about 23% of the records they hold are indexed, (so that means you have to search in other places on the site other than just the ‘name’ page).
c) They are well on the way to having all the films digitised by the 2020 date they gave last year. In fact she said they will have completed them before their target date.

Good news all round!

I was looking at a film of the Court rolls from a tiny village in Staffordshire the other day. Fascinating stuff. One page was virtually a census of all the (adult) people in the village in 1691 as far as I could see.

You never know what’s out there! :D

The Common Room / Just solved a 40 year brick wall! Got to tell somebody!
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 08:46 BST (UK)  »
After 40 years I finally solved one of my big brick walls!
Got 8 generations of yeoman farmers in and around Macclesfield in Cheshire only halted by my grandfather.
But I had never been able to find the births (or marriages) of my 7 and 8 x great grandfathers. William & Richard Lane. Burials, yes, wills, yes. Baptisms no.
Tried all sorts. Got lots of images of them having ‘leases for 3 lives’ from the Earls of Derby; images of them being ‘overseer for the poor’, ‘constable’; paying for their seats in the local chapel, etc - good, hardworking men, doing their best for their families and community.
1672 is the first dated piece of evidence where I can place Richard Lane in Macclesfield Forest - he takes a lease on 46 acres there.
But where did they come from? Admittedly the records back in the early 1600s are pretty sketchy for around there, so I thought that that was the end of the line for them.

A couple of weekends ago I went the Family History Expo in Auckland. In the Familysearch seminar, the very nice lady sped through the different ways to search on the fs site. I have used it extensively for searching not only people under ‘records’, but using their ‘catalogue’ to view all sorts of films not found on the usual search websites. I’ve looked at ‘family tree’ on there briefly, but not found anything relevant, (and in fact seen erroneous information).
BUT I thought I’d give it another go, and a hit came up for Richard Lane, with the name of a wife, AND the names of her parents! Wow! No sources quoted, No actual record of  marriage, No person to contact - just ‘added by Familysearch’. How frustrating. Never ever taking anything at face value, I started to do some digging using the name suggested there. Took me quite a while, but eventually I found a will for the father of the wife which said in the middle ‘Richard Lane my son in law’! Got ya!!
(The very nice lady in the LDS Family History centre sang 'Hallelujah from Handel's Messiah for me I was so excitied!)
This turned out to be not in Cheshire, but in Staffordshire, about 18 miles away.
I’d looked at Staffordshire before of course, but Richard Lane is not an uncommon name there around the right time. Impossible to know which one would be the right one. Without the clue of the name of his wife, and getting to it that way, I would never been able to make the connection.
Now I have my Lane family rooted back another 3 generations, (not quite in the same village, but near by). Hooray!

So the moral of this story is:
a) Never give up, and b)use every avenue you can to try and find that missing clue - even if you didn’t really want to drive that 30  kms through the city to go and listen to somebody talking about something you thought you knew all about!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1623 Latin marriage licence
« on: Monday 30 July 18 10:18 BST (UK)  »
Can anybody make out any more from this Cheshire licence from 1623?
I can see ‘Rannu Astle’ (Ralph),  et Gratia Walton (?).
It seems to mention ‘Astle’ again on the next line.
Is the last word ‘Chancell?
Thanks very much

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