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Glamorganshire / mrs jenkin
« on: Wednesday 07 March 18 12:56 GMT (UK)  »
Hello I wonder if anyone can help me,I am looking for help on a lady with the name of ada  jenkin.She used to live in cornwall road williamstown in a rather large house,and ran a shoe shop in brook street,williamstown.My mother who has recently died used to work for her years ago ,subsequently my mother bought one of her many houses off her and a man named Terry Street used to collect the money twice weekly or monthly as the fancy took him.she never married as far as I know but she had a nephew called Dennis Povey.What I need off any of you lovely people is any info ie: deaths births etc,one more bit of info,Terry Street was from the Pontygwaith area,thank you if you can help.

Anglesey / Cant make the names out
« on: Monday 27 August 12 09:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi I wonder if anyone can help me with this, I found one of my ancestors who got married  in amlwch in 1857 his name was Thomas Morton and here is what I cant make out where he was from but this is what it looks like to me TREGYNSHIG BACH and ditto for his wife Anne owens from BALLUNOD  this marriage took place on Anglesey I  cant find similar words nowhere on or near Anglesey??

Glamorganshire / location
« on: Sunday 26 August 12 19:45 BST (UK)  »
I have looked at my grandfathers birth certificate and on his place of birth it reads  as follows ;6, Stanley place cymer with one M ystradyfodwg does anyone know where this street is or was please.

Glamorganshire / james rhydyfelin
« on: Friday 05 August 11 18:34 BST (UK)  »
any info on apart from their marriage on charles james and ethel linda lewis who lived in rhydyfelin near pontypridd in the 1900,s thank you.

Anglesey Lookup Requests / mortons
« on: Wednesday 08 December 10 20:45 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking to find a mention of William Morton around amlwych around the 1800's to about 1825 .His son was Thomas Morton and he was christened in 1835.Thomas also got married in 1857 to Anne Owens .I cannot find a William Morton to match my William in any of the censuses,the only trace I got of a Wlliam Morton is a marriage in 1820 to a Jane Jones so I am stuck at the moment wondering if this is my William.Apart from actually going to Anglesey I dont know what do next,can anyone help please.

United States of America / Schenectady new york
« on: Thursday 02 December 10 13:44 GMT (UK)  »
My ancestor gwendoline may booth emigrated to America with her parents in 1923.her parents names were William Carey Booth and Violet Maud  Booth. William had come over in 1922 with a welsh choir and decided to settle and sent for his family, with Violet and baby Gwen came Violets 2 brothers William Arthur Evans and Evan Evans.They settled in Schenectady in New York,the Evans brothers settling in Rochester New York.I have since found the descendants of the Evans brothers and  am in contact with them on facebook.They seem for some reason very reluctant to give me any information on Gwen maybe a family rift I don't know.Anyway Gwen was still alive in 2006 she was 83 how I know this is  she had left a memorial for her parents on Ellis Island and mentioned a Norma ?maybe her sister again I dont know she was now Gwendoline may Owens and I have a feeling she was still living in the New York area?she may well be still alive she would be 87! what I need is an address or telephone number to contact her or members of her family, I have tried the white pages and intellius to no avail can anyone help please.

Anglesey / Marriage
« on: Tuesday 30 November 10 20:00 GMT (UK)  »

Anglesey / mortons
« on: Monday 22 November 10 00:11 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone got any info on Thomas Morton and Sarah Jones married in amlwch in 1820 AT ST ELETH. thank you.

Anglesey / names - COMPLETED
« on: Saturday 20 November 10 11:43 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help me with this please cant identify the place names other than Amlwych,also any info on William Morton thank you this is how it reads could not upload certificate..TREGYNSGIG BACH OR FREGYNRHIG BACHTHE OTHER ONE BOLLINOOL??? OR BOLTNOOL?? FULL READING THOMAS MORTON 22 ANNE OWENS 22.FATHER WILLIAM MORTON MINER.

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