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Dorset / Sheriff's Hill near Up Cerne
« on: Sunday 20 May 18 20:16 BST (UK)  »
Many years ago when my grandfather was alive, I took him back to Up Cerne in order for him to look around the village of his birth. He pointed out a close by hill with trees on the very top and advised me that his grandfather George Foot (woodman/gamekeeper), had planted them to celebrate his employer Col John Mount Batten becoming Sheriff of Dorset ( I believe in 1903). The hill was then known as Sheriff's Hill. I recall seeing it named as such on one map, but I am unable to trace the hill. I would appreciate any help with tracking it down.   

Dorset / Col John Mount Batten
« on: Monday 16 April 18 18:04 BST (UK)  »
Col John Mount Batten  was Lord Lieutenant of Dorset' and lived at Up Cerne. A book titled 'Tributes of the memory of Col John Mount Batten, Lord Lieutenant of Dorset 1905-1916' was published. The tributes were not just from the high and mighty but by his servants and estate workers. The Dorset History Centre does not have a copy and I would like to know where a copy is held or where I can find out the names of the estate workers and servants. I would also like to know if any of the estate properties are shown?

Many thanks for any help.


WW1 In Memoriam / DCLI Pte FJ Foot
« on: Thursday 12 April 18 19:43 BST (UK)  »
Frederick John Foot was a private in the 7th battalion of the DCLI regiment.His reg number was 23812. He was discharged on the 10.12.1918 because of his wounds. He died 5th May 1927 aged 32 of gangrene following movement of his plate from his injury whilst working as an estate gardener.

I do feel sad that he was not recorded on the East Coker, Somerset War Memorial or on any other memorial apart from on the gravestone with his wife Nellie.

I have been unable to find out where he was injured and would be thrilled to know more about where he served and where he was wounded.

Clifford Hoskins was born in Castle Cary in 1895. He died on the Llandovery Castle Medical ship which was sunk on the 27th June 1918. He was with the Canadian Medical Corp. I wonder if it is possible to confirm what uniform is being worn? If it is not that uniform then the picture is likely to be of his brother Arthur who served in the British Army.

Thank you for any help,

Mark Foot 

Monmouthshire / Police Records for 1889
« on: Monday 12 March 18 20:50 GMT (UK)  »
My relation George Higgins committed a murder and then killed himself at the scene of the crime, in Tredegar in 1889. I have family history and newspaper cuttings, but I have been unable to find his burial info and unable to obtain a death certificate.
I have recently seen some tv programmes that show old records and photographs and wonder if anyone knows how I could check if any records are available? I would be thrilled if I could obtain Police records and possibly a photograph of George.
Very many thanks for any help.


Dorset / George Foot of Batcombe
« on: Monday 05 March 18 21:04 GMT (UK)  »
George Foot was born in 1850 in Batcombe Dorset. I am trying to find his baptism date but the Batcombe OPC records appear to be missing for 1850. I wonder if there is another source?  Many thanks  Mark

Dorset / Sarah Higgins/Flooks/Bishop possibly Masters of Bradford Abbas
« on: Friday 02 March 18 22:00 GMT (UK)  »
I believe I have the basics of Sarah Higgins born abt 1804. Death date unknown to me.
She married James Flooks b ? d? at Bradford Abbas 19.11.1921. They had a child Alfred bapt 18.1.1824.
She then married John Bishop at Bradford Abbas 28.6.1825.
They had a number of children John 1827, Sarah 1827, Edward 1830, Alfred 1826 these dates approx as I'm unclear if correct.
I believe Sarah may have died as John Bishop, widower  married a Susan Masters at Bradford Abbas on the 26.12.1843.

Any confirmation or/and additional info would be most helpful. Many thanks  Mark

Dorset / William Foot abt 1847
« on: Thursday 01 March 18 17:52 GMT (UK)  »
A number of Foot family trees name a William Foot to be born around 1847. He would be the son of William b 1815 and Mercy Abt 1815. They would be living around the Hilfield/Batcombe area. I have searched and can't the birth or death for that William. I would like to know some info zbout him or have ghose trees made a mistake.  Manh thanks  Mark

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / William Foot of Ringwood
« on: Thursday 01 March 18 00:20 GMT (UK)  »
William was born in 1875 at Up Cerne and moved to West Street, Ringwood, where he ran a bakers. Married twice. Firstly 1800 to Bessie Hames who died in 1929. I have been told that he then married a Elizabeth Diamond from Cerne Abbas. I believe it was Elizabeth Jane Diment in 1931. Please kindly confirm the mame and any birth, death or other details regarding his 2nd wife.  Very many thanks,  Mark

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