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Can anyone help .

My GGgrandparents. James Mclaren born ireland 1828 married Catherine Conell born ireland 1833.

Catherine lived with her parents Timothy and Ellenor Connell in Johnstone .They came from Ireland.
Got them on the 1851 cencus for Johnstone .

Tried to find James Mclarens parents .BIG BRICK WALL.LOL

They married in Paisley 1855. Ive got them on the 1861 cencus for Johnstone.They have James b. 1855 ,My G GRANDFATHER  age 6  .Ellanor J  4 and Agnes  3.I know they had hellen born 1862 and Jonh b 1863.Hellen married John Mclaughlan 1884 and she died age 81 in PAISLEY.Hellen and john lived Graham street at time of marriage.

Cant find anything on Ellanor J.

John died as a baby.

agnes married Robert neville.She died Paisley .

Tried to find family of Hellen and John Mclaughlan.It was Agnes mclaren Nevilles daughter who signed her death certificate .So maybe they didnt have family.

Cant find james and Catherine Mclaren on 1871 cencus.

Their son James mclaren b 1855 married Elizabeth Gorman in 1874 .Said Father james mclaren was deceased.I have tried loads on scotlands people over the past few years to find him.Both James and Elizabeth address was for Lochwinoch at time of marriage.

Catherine connell Mclaren died 1880 in pollockshaws.Her daughter Hellen Mclaren signed her death certificate.Helen would have been 19 at the time of her  mothers death.

Could anyone help .Either finding them on 1871 cencus or  James Mclarens death.


Ayrshire / looking for Powell family from girvin.
« on: Saturday 18 January 14 22:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

My mums sister Jeanie Mclaren from kilsyth stirlingshire emmigrated to Canada 1926.She met and married a James Baden Powell who was born Glasgow 1900.James b powells father was James Powell born   girvin .Mother Georgina Forbes Sinclair,.Was wondering if theres any powell relatives still in ayrshire.


Ayrshire / Gorman family in Dalry 1861 cencus
« on: Saturday 03 August 13 17:09 BST (UK)  »

Ive been researching my family tree for a good number of years and have decided to go back over my Gorman side.

Wondering if anyone can help.My mums gran was Elizabeth Gorman born 1857 in Cadder Lanarkshire.Her father was Samuel Gorman ,mother Susan Proter.both from Ireland.

My problem is that on the 1861 cencus for Dalry  in Ayrshire Elizabeth isn't on it.Her mum susan  father Samuel and brother James Gorman age 2 are on it but she is missing.

She was born 9th January 1857, so she would have been 3 nearly four when the cencus was taken.

Wasted loads on Scotlands people .

The only Elizabeth Gorman I can get is one in Edinburgh age 3 but its not her.


Other Countries / Great grans husband James Hay left her 1868 and went to India
« on: Monday 27 August 12 15:55 BST (UK)  »

My great gran Jane Moncur married James HAY in Anderston Glasgow 1861.They had 3 boys. He left her a few times .Last time was 1868 when he was a scottish soldier and he left her to go to India.I know he was a soldier as one of his sons died age 10 and has him as soldier on his sons death certificate.

I got this info from my grans birth certificate.She was born 1876.Said that james hay was not the father of this child as he had left his wife 8 years before to go to India.My gran always signed James HAY as her father even though he wasnt.she also had a sister born 2 years later and this info was also on her birth certificate.

When my great gran died James Hay was signed as her husband so dont think they ever divorced.Just wondering if theres anyway i could find out what happened to James Hay as ive always thought of him as my
Ggrandfather .


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