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Derry (Londonderry) / Robert Linton of Craigmore 1911
« on: Wednesday 16 August 17 13:07 BST (UK)  »
Second opinion please.

The 1911 census shows the family of Robert John Linton and Annie Kissick to be 4 children the youngest William C K aged 3. This fits with William Charles Linton born 14 Jun 1907. One child died pre 1911.

My question is, if the missing child is Matilda Kissick Linton born 14 Jan 1909, why is it that it is William Kissick Linton whose death is recorded on 24 Jan 1909?

Something doesn't add up.


Down / Thomas Holmes b c 1825
« on: Saturday 20 May 17 06:54 BST (UK)  »

I am investigating the family of Brice Henry (1773-1862) and Mary Nelson (1772-1850) of Shanrod Co Down. Although I am about to ask about a Holmes family I will list the Henry family. Bryce Henry born 1802 was my 3x gt grandfather.

James Henry      b c1798   d 1849       m Mary Nelson of Knockgorm.
Agnes Henry      b c1801
Bryce Henry      b c1802    d 1879 Dunsilly    m Eliza Ewing
Revd John Henry    b 1807   d 1885   m Eliza Porter or a unnamed daughter of Rev Sam Edgar.
Nelson Henry      b c1810   d 1881   m Margaret
Mary Henry      b c1813
Thomas Henry   b c 1815   d 1901      m Mary Jane Kirkpatrick
Isaac Henry      b c 1817   d 1884      m Mary Mulligan

James Henry, grandson of Revd John Henry originally of Benraw, married a Mary Holmes, daughter of Thomas Holmes in 1884. James Henry died in Craigantlet and I discovered a Bryce Holmes in a neighbouring property. Further searching showed Thomas Holmes moved to Craigantlet  in 1887.

Thomas Holmes and his wife Mary Jane McElroy who married 4 Nov 1853 Banbridge had among other sons; James Nelson Holmes b 1870, Isaac Holmes b 1872 and Brice Holmes born 1876.

To me that suggests that Thomas Holmes , who was born c1825 and died 1896 was related to the Henry family as listed. Alternatively it was his wife who was related. I would like to know if anyone has any information on the Holmes family that might help confirm this.

Brice Henry born 1773 was the son of James Henry (1736) and Mary Kennedy. A brother John Henry born c1766 who died 1844 married Agnes Nelson of Knockgorm. Agnes was likely a sister of the younger Mary Nelson who married Brice's son James Henry. As far as I know this couple had no children.

I only know of one other sibling, a brother Thomas but there were very likely others one of whom who could be an ancestor of Thomas Holmes or Mary Jane McElroy.


Sligo / Lindsay families of Sligo
« on: Sunday 17 January 16 02:37 GMT (UK)  »
Is anyone researching the name Lindsay in Sligo?

I am curious about Olivia Agnes Lindsay who married James Livingstone of Gortakeeran on 28 Feb 1893. Marriage registered in Dromore West (as Olive Lindsey). I was wondering if Olivia belonged to the Lindsay family of Larkhill Beltra, Ballysadare West. Robert Lindsay of Larkhill was 80 in 1901.

Would Dromore West be a bit far away to register the marriage?

I am researching the Livingston family and James' daughter Isabella Livingstone (from his first marriage) married John Lindsay of Larkhill, son of Robert. So I just want to tidy up a loose end if anyone can tell me if Olivia was perhaps John Lindsay's sister.



Technical Help / FamilyTreemaker
« on: Wednesday 06 January 16 03:43 GMT (UK)  »

I used FamilyTreemaker long before I put my tree on Ancestry (from mid 90s or even earlier maybe) and now I wonder what I can use in its place to sync with Ancestry or whatever the options are going to be to download trees.

I still have a 2012 version on a PC that I can use to sync my current tree but I don't use the PC any more as I switched to Mac a couple of years ago. I was unable to download an electronic version for Mac from Ancestry (presumably because I did not have a US address and Ancestry Australia only sold the CD-Rom version which is not much use if you don't have a CD drive) so have not sync-ed to the Mac or at all for quite a while.

What I want to be able to do is something I used to be able to do from older versions of FTM and that was create a limited descendant tree using just a few generations which I could then export as an image to a word document. So what I would like is software that is very good at creating charts and preferably that I can sync with Ancestry then generate custom made mini trees to illustrate my text documents.

What I do not want to have to do is start a new tree from scratch to create a new database. I have several thousand in each of my maternal and paternal trees.

I would be interested to hear any suggestions.

Thank you


Louth / Erasmus Smith School, Collon
« on: Wednesday 02 September 15 07:37 BST (UK)  »
Just trying to share a tunr of the century photo that may be of interest to someone. My gt uncle has dated this as as early 1900s. My grandfather and some his siblings would have attenged this school,

World War One / Henry family , cap badge ?
« on: Sunday 26 October 14 23:28 GMT (UK)  »
This is just the subject I wanted to find out more about. I have no idea of how to find out more about possible military service of a Scottish family.

I have a Glasgow WW1 photo that I think may be of members of my Henry family.

In 1891 Census living at 114 Eaglesham, Plantation
James  HENRY    33    a commercial travellor  born Ireland
Maria HENRY   33   born Colvend, Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Herbert   8   born Ireland
Wilfred J   6   born Ireland
Earnest E   2   born Govan, Larnackshire

Oswald Ewing Henry was born at Plantation Lanarkshire on 22 Nov 1891.
Lewis G Henry born c 1900

My grandfathers WW1 diary records his visit to this family and in Sep 1918 mentions that Earnest was home on leave along with his wife and children. Earnest would have been about 21 in 1918 so just might be the young man in the photo in the sailors uniform with HMS Victory on his hat? Possibly the older man is one of the older brothers. Can anyone identify the regiment from his hat badge?

Thank you


Derry (Londonderry) / Presbyterian Doherty, Dogherty, Dougherty of Glendermott
« on: Wednesday 20 August 14 01:24 BST (UK)  »
I have been trying to expand the connected families to Henry Dougherty/Doherty of Coolkeeragh.

Henry was born c 1787 and died 1877. In 1831 he was in Killkeeraughmore with a household of 4 males, 4 females and one servant, all Presbyterian.

Also in Killkeeraughmore was a Hugh Dogherty, also Presbyterian with a household of 4 males,1 female and 1 servant.

I have to check but I am not sure this Hugh was still in Coolkeeragh by the time of the Griffiths valuations.

I have found somewhere ( I have not noted the sources so I do not know if it was online or the actual CofI church in Glendermott which I visited in 2006) a tombstone in Glendermott (my notes say Church Rd) for a Hugh Dougherty who died aged 84  and his wife Martha who died aged 83. No dates. So if anyone can identify this Hugh Dougherty or confirm the location of his tombstone I would be very grateful.

I have found another family of a Hugh Dogherty/Doherty that I know is connected to mine as Hugh's grandson Robert James Semple emigrated to Canada in 1920 and named Henry Dougherty's granddaughter Catherine Colhoun Abram nee Dougherty of London Ontario, as a cousin on the immigration record.

Robert's mother was Jane Doherty who married John Semple in 1867 at Glendermott. Jane was the daughter of one of the Hugh Dohertys I am interested in.

Robert James Semple was living with Hugh Doherty (age 64) of Cromkill in 1901. This Hugh was not married and I think from the Revaluations notations, he was the son of Walker Doherty. I believe this is the Hugh Dogherty/Doherty who died later in 1901 and left a Will.

Another Hugh Doherty was living in Cromkill in 1901 & 1911 and I believe he is the Hugh who died in 1911 and left a will. This Hugh was possibly a little younger (50 in 1901, but 77 in 1911).

Rachel Doherty, sister of this Hugh, died in 1916 and probate for her property (I think she inherited one of the Cromkill Doherty farms from Hugh Doherty son of Walker as his name is crossed out in the Revaluations and replaced with hers in 1903) was given to Matilda M F Semple, married Woman.

Matilda was the wife of Robert James Semple and was nee Doak. Matilda's parents were Robert Doak and Rebecca Doherty who married in Londonderry mid 1880. I do not know who Rebecca's father was. Again I know there is a connection to my Dougherty family as our Dougherty family knew about Tilly Doak inheriting a Doherty farm.

Neither of these Hughs alive in 1901 would be the Hugh Dogherty of Crumbkiln in 1831 whose family consisted of 2 males and 4 females. All Presbyterian. I do not know when this Hugh died or if he was the father of Jane Doherty.

Can anyone help with any information on any of these Hugh Dohertys please.



World War One / Jeremiah Livingston, badge identification please
« on: Saturday 16 August 14 08:08 BST (UK)  »
I have not been able to positively identify my gt uncles military record but now that I know how to post a photo perhaps someone can identify his regiment.

Although Jerry was a grocers assistant in Dublin in 1911, I think he moved to Londonderry before 1914 along with the most of the family. My grandfather, his brother, was in the RFA but his hat badge is different.

Staffordshire / Benison family
« on: Saturday 05 July 14 12:17 BST (UK)  »
If anyone is looking for Benisons in mid 1700s I have a list of names from the Will of John Millward a farmer of Cheddleton who was buried on 13 SEP 1761. This John Millward appeared to have property in ?Fernyhill, Oldfield, Ipstones & Leek.

I suspect this John Millward was or was connected to the John Millward who married Hannah Bennison at Cheddleton in Dec 1739. I only have my notes from viewing a microfilm of the Will many years ago and there were parts I could not read but what I have is:

In his will John leaves his property or income to his brother-in-law Ralph BENISON with several additional bequests. (Probate was claimed by Ralph BENISON  & Phoebe BENISON).
   James WHITEHALL, 
   Lydia BENISON,  sister-in-law       80
   Joshabel "      "   "         80
   Ruth SMITH, also a sister-in-law         80
      William SMITH, her son         30
      Hannah SMITH, her daughter      30
   William BENISON of H... Cheddleton      2
   Joy WILSHAW(?)   of Endon         5
      ("for her private use not her husband's" )
Ann wife of William TOFT            5
      Hannah, her daughter         1 (?)


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